• I live in the Planet Pop Star.
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is an avid Kirby fan.
  • I am human.

My Overview

Hello, everyone! I'm just a guy who loves Kirby and helping people, so this wiki is great for me because I can help people learn about and love Kirby as much as I do. I'll be happy to answer or ask anyone questions and help wherever I can. Kirby is probably my favorite series next to Mario, and I'd say my favorite game is Amazing Mirror. I've beaten that game, as well as Nightmare in Dreamland, Epic Yarn, Return to Dreamland, Canvas Curse, Mass Attack, 64, Squeak Squad, and everything in the Super Star series. I've 100%'d all of the previous games I mentioned, and I've played, but not beaten, Dreamland and Dreamland 3. I've also played Air Ride.

My Present and Future

At the time of writing this edit, or the last time this section has been editted, I'm not very well known on this wiki, since I'm fairly new. I pop on most every day, but don't always make edits. I fix little things like typos on the rare occasions that I find them, and add other things that may be necessary. I fix up things that I think may be cluttered or disorganized, even though what I think is organized may be the opposite to others. I just help out in any way I can, but right now I don't do anything huge, like create an articles for bosses (though I did that once by accident, but it turned out pretty well).

My goal, I guess you could say, is to be fondly remembered. That's my goal in real life, too. I don't like getting into arguments (though I may, like anyone, if somebody just says something stupid) or leaving a bad taste in someone's mouth. I really like the saying "the more the merrier" so I try to give every a chance to do whatever they may try to do, or become friends with them. I want people to think back on Kirpow and say, "he was a nice guy" or "what a productive edit he made". For that reason I try to and will try to do everything I can to just improve this website, this wiki, this community.

What You Should Know About Me, Personally

These are probably all going to be somewhat negative things...

  • I'm stubborn? No one's really told me that but it's probably true. Say, if you revert or write over one of my edits and either don't leave a reason or just leave a silly reason, I'll either get upset and address you directly, or just revert your reversion.
  • I probably argue a lot. If someone says something I disagree with, I'll fight them. Verbally, of course. Even if I know there's no chance of actually changing anything in the long run, I'll try to make my point as hard as I can. I can't just let the other guy win. You gotta try. Maybe, just maybe, I can change the person's mind, or at least make them consider what I said.
  • I ask lotsa questions. Maybe even silly questions, but at least then I know and it's confirmed.
  • My least favorite thing is probably a hypocrite. Worse than that, I know I'm sometimes a hypocrite, and I hate it. But don't consciously be a hypocrite, at least. It's just not cool.
  • I don't like when someone does something without a good reason, which I mentioned. For example, don't retract someone's edit just because you don't like it personally. You can change it up a bit, expand on it, but don't delete it or anything. That's just rude, you aren't the WiKing.

If you've seen me do one of the things I just said I don't like, please tell me about it. I'm sure it's happened before, and I feel terrible. I apologize for it; no one likes a hypocrite, including me.


Here, at User:Kirpow/Workshop, other than just generally fixing up anything worth fixing anywhere something needs to be fixed.

  • Clean up the Copy Ability articles (not that they're bad or anything, but there's always room for improvement)
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