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— Meta Knight

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Username Pronunciation

  • Eye-cue-es-Kirby (true pronunciation)
  • Iks-Kirby (non-acronymous pronunciation)
  • Iquis-Kirby (friend-made pronunciation)

Screen resolution

  • NES: 256x240 (16:15)
  • SNES: 256x224 (8:7)
  • N64: 320x240 (4:3)
  • GCN: 640x480 (4:3)
  • Wii 640x480 (4:3)
  • Wii U: 800x450 (Gamepad) (16:9)
  • GB: 160x144 (10:9)
  • GBA: 240x160 (3:2)
  • DS: 256x192 (4/3)
  • 3DS: 400x240 (top screen) (5:3); 320x240 (bottom screen) (4:3)

Helper to Hero Personal Bests

Helper Best Time
Knuckle Joe 6:30:62
Parasol Waddle Dee 8:03:20
Chilly 6:41:75
Blade Knight 7:47:57
Simirror 6:40:42
Sir Kibble 8:30:34
Plasma Wisp 8:02:75
Waddle Doo 6:17:30
Poppy Bro Jr. 7:38:50
Gim 6:50:60
Birdon 6:50:62
Bio Spark 5:16:09
Bonkers 4:19:77
Burning Leo 6:31:20
Capsule J2 5:57:17
Bugzzy 7:17:04
Tac 6:33:87
Wheelie 7:21:44
Rocky 5:55:19
Sword Knight 7:34:62


  • Special Yo-Yo input: pressing down, up, then attack to perform a generally powerful move
  • Reverse Yo-Yo input: pressing up, down, then attack to perform a generally powerful move
  • Dark Matter Trilogy: Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • Flagship/Handheld/Advance Trilogy: Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Kirby: Squeak Squad (even though KNiDL isn't done by Flagship; even though Squeak Squad is not on GBA)
  • Modern Saga: Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Kirby Star Allies
  • The Scooch: When a boss/mid-boss moves forwards and damages you on contact; when a boss/mid-boss moves backwards a bit and avoids your attack
  • The Walk: When Dark Meta Knight casually walks up to you instead of keeping his distance and damages you on contact or makes a quick slash and returns to his original spacing
  • Plasma: a Copy Ability that is deemed broken regarding its ability in the arena, usually categorized by a sort of high defense while still being able to dish out relatively high/quick damage, being regarded as cheap and unskillful by some. Term originated from the Plasma Copy Ability in Kirby Super Star due to the ability to quickly charge up static charge to fire a decently strong and large projectile from a safe distance, which also acts as a shield. Other Copy Abilities that may take on this sort of title include Tornado, Archer, and ESP.
  • The Cheffening: when one of your friends in Guest Star mode ends up becoming Chef Kawasaki. Can also apply to other occasions where a Friend takes a mod-boss’ ability accidentally.
  • Roll rotation: a rotation in which an object rotates about the x axis (assuming the x axis is forward and backward relative to the object).
  • Yaw rotation: a rotation in which an object rotates about the y axis (assuming the y axis is up and down relative to the object).
  • Pitch rotation: a rotation in which an object rotates about the z axis (assuming the z axis is right and left relative to the object).
  • Remake: the redoing of an original game, generally with reworked mechanics and potentially changed, new, and/or removed content.
  • Remaster: a remake of a game that has a particular degree of accuracy/faithfulness to the original on which it is based.

Derivatives and Anti-Derivatives

F(x) f(x) f'(x)
xn+1/(n+1) xn nxn-1
ax a 0
ax axln(a)
eu/u' eu euu'
xln(x)-x ln(x) 1/x
-cos(u)/u' sin(u) cos(u)u'
ln(sec(x)) tan(x) sec2(x)
cot(x) -csc2(x)
sec(x) sec(x)tan(x)
csc(x) -csc(x)cot(x)
arcsin(x/a) 1/√(a2-x2)
acrcos(x/a) -1/√(a2-x2)
arctan(x/a) 1/(a2+x2)

Rare Hat Ideas

Ability Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Sword Blade Knight helmet Sword Knight (teal or purple)/Heavy Knight helmet Gigant Edge helmet Meta Knight mask, shoulder guards, and Galaxia
Cutter Sir Kibble helmet Yellow Poppy Bros. Jr./Boomer hat and boomerang Kapar hat and chakram Kibble Blade helmet
Beam Marx hat Mirror hat and scepter, mirror graphical effects Waddle Doo eye and hair Gemra hat(s) and similar scepter/King Doo eye and hair with Flare Beam scepter
Parasol Japanese Oil Paper umbrella Drifter umbrella Sasuke hat as umbrella Jumpershoot umbrella
Hammer Construction headband GCN construction helmet Bonkers helmet King Dedede hat (with or without mask) with hammer (standard or "new and improved")
Bomb Heart hat Poppy Bros. Jr./old Bomb hat Jungle Bomb hat GCN party hat
Whip Black hat White hat Sheriff hat Simon Belmont wig (blonde)
Archer Green Robin Hood hat Red Robin Hood hat Spynum hat Cupid laurel crown, bow, and arrows
Fighter Knuckle Joe headband Red Kirby's White headband Throw/Suplex headband Iron Mam armor
Ninja White hood Black Ninja outfit Bio Spark costume Waiu costume
Beetle Hydra helmet Atlas Beetle helmet Hercules Beetle helmet Bugzzy helmet (blue or purple)
Bell Bianzhong hat and green bells Ringle hat and bells Silver Bell hat and bells White Wafers Bell hat and bells

Team Kirby Clash Classes

  • Fighter/Knight: Sword
  • Black Belt/Grand Master: Fighter
  • Red Mage/Wizard: Hammer
  • Thief/Ninja: Ninja
  • White Mage/Wizard: Doctor
  • Black Mage/Wizard: Beam

Kirby GBA multiplayer WiiU

  • Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
    • 2-player: Player 1 uses gamepad, Player 2 uses television screen
    • 3-player/4-player: All-player split-screen; Player 1 uses gamepad, additional players use television screen (4th quadrant be occupied by KNiDL logo or something like that)
  • Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
    • Single player: Television screen for main gameplay, gamepad for map; vice versa
    • 2-player: Player 1 uses gamepad, Player 2 uses television screen
    • 3-player/4-player: All-player split-screen; Player 1 uses gamepad, additional players use television screen

Wanna See Copy Abilities (3D)

  • Throw: just for funsies, possible combine with Suplex
  • Cupid: only appeared in KatAM and KSqSq, fly and shoot, possible combine with Archer
  • Missile: a transformation Copy Ability, main appearance was in KatAM

Medal order

  • First: Platinum
  • Second: Gold
  • Third: Silver
  • Fourth: Bronze
  • Fifth: Copper
  • Sixth: Tin
  • Seventh: Iron

Fan game ideas

Kirby Air Ride Sequel

I've had the idea of making a Kirby Air Ride Wii U (originally Kirby Air Ride Wii, as the idea came to mind late 2010, early 2011) that is clearly too ambitious. Anyways, it's still like Air Ride, but with a lot more content (not that the original lacked content). It contains all Copy Abilities, and is updatable in order to include new abilities and move-set changes/additions. Every attack is included in every move-set for every ability, even some attacks that have been removed. It also features every enemy that grants a Copy Ability. It contains every level area in the game, spanning from Popstar's typical areas, other planets, or miscellaneous areas like Patch Land and the Dream Stalk. The 64 combination abilities are included, as well as the Super Smash Bros. abilities, and the anime abilities in some way. I've added every friendly character I could, including Animal Friends and Return to Dream Land's playable characters, as well as the Kirby colors ranging from all the Squeak Squad spray paints. I haven't added any new air ride machines, besides the UFO which isn't a standard machine. I've made all the abilities used on the final bosses collectable in City Trial to be used kind of like legendary air ride machines, albeit not air ride machines (save for a few, such as UFO and the Starship). Rainbow Sword is going to be updated to give it come color. I'm not sure how the Master/Galaxia ability should be obtained though, since it's used by Meta Knight. Super Abilities are included, and so are mid-bosses. As for how to obtain an ability from a mid-boss, it requires that you attack them first before inhaling. Strength may matter. Copy Abilities can be kept as long as wanted and let go manually instead of time based (may change this for a few Copy Abilities if they are considered broken). As for City Trial, there are more "cities," each being based off a common level theme in Kirby games (such as the themes the Top Ride stages are based off of), as well as the standard city. Events will occur in these cities that are unique to them. Cities can be chosen or can be random, like the other courses. As for using other playable characters in City Trial that may not have an air ride machine (like Meta Knight), they will be revived after retiring instead of being permanently "dead." New Stadium events are added, mainly boss battle ones, kind of like when fighting Dedede in Air Ride. New Checklists are added, but still having [some of] the old checklists. These will also be updatable. Because of this, there is still unlock-able content, like Scrolls, Spray Paints/color palettes, and other game-modes. These game-modes are used in Air Ride and City Trial. Here are the details:

2D ride: basically Air Ride courses but on a 2D plain, like most Kirby games. Will probably share various similarities to the Kirby's Air Grind and Kirby's Wave Ride sub-games

No abilities: making things reminecent of Kirby's Dream Land. No Copy Abilities can be obtained, so that means swallow, use Star Spit, or spin.

Small moveset: reminecent of Adventure or Nightmare in Dream Land, where most abilities had only one attack. Of course, some will have more than one, like Sword.

3 Animal Friends: instead of air ride machines, you can ride animal friends (going to need some color palettes for them) from Dream Land 2. You can only obtain abilities from said game though in order to keep it simple (no sophisticated abilities, just fire, needle, spark, cutter, ice, parasol, stone, and maybe clean).

Big moveset: reminecent of the Kirby Super Star series, every ability gets a wide move-set, going through every move that they currently have in all of the Kirby games. Some attacks will conflict with others however, so there are options for certain abilities as to what move is used (Sword's combo attack is a multi-stab in the Super Star series, but it currently is the Squeak Squad variation. Options for Sword allow one to choose the Super Star combo or the current combo, but not both).

6 Animal Friends: now we're using all the animal friends, and all the abilities stated previously. As for the abilities that changed from Dream Land 2 to Dream Land 3 (Coo's cutter was 3 feathers, now its 1 aim-able feather), those will be chosen in an options area like for the moveset conflicts in the previous gamemode.

Mixed abilities: it's back to the Kirby 64 days, with all those abilities that you can combine. This is the only mode that allows 64 mixes. Once again, it's only going to be the abilities used in 64 (fire, needle, spark, cutter, ice, bomb, and stone).

Paint/Clay: there will be a mode reminiscent of Canvas Curse/Rainbow Curse. The abilities will once again be limited to said games.

Bubble mode: I wouldn't know how to do this on a Wii console, but since this is now Wii U, it's totally possible. You can carry up to 5 bubble items on the touch screen, like Squeak Squad. In this mode, Bubble will be of more use, but the ability is still usable in other modes. This mode requires use of the gamepad and is only single player unless something else comes up, like using a 3DS or something.

Copy Essence Deluxe mode: also requiring a touch screen, this mode allows you to obtain Copy Abilities as you could in Milky Way Wishes. As for how many you can have or how to obtain them is undecided. However an idea is to make a mini City Trial which allows you to collect as many as you can in a short time.

Permanent Copy Ability: you choose one, and you keep it for the whole race. This can range from almost any Copy Ability, including 64 ones, but not Animal Friend combinations (it's still the same Copy Ability on an Animal Friend, just used differently).

Yarn: everybody is yarn, if that isn't obvious. No Copy Abilities, but you can use yarn whips and transformations, including Meta Mortexes if you find them.

Original Air Ride: just like the original for the Gamecube. No new copy abilities are added. Great for veterans.

Anime Only: maybe I let the anime control my thoughts a little too much, but I'm adding this anyways. You can only use abilities found in the anime series. So no new abilities, no beam kirby, etc.

Super Attacks: this is a little more creative than the previous ones. Adding a Meta Knightmare Ultra part to this, you can earn points in which can be used to unleash super attacks, such as using an Ultra Sword instead of Sword temporarily, like Meta Knight uses the Mach Tornado attack.

Warp Hole Short Cuts: this is a recent idea, reminiscent of Dededetour. There will be Warp Holes hidden somewhere on the race area. If you find one, you can go in. I'm undecided if each can only be used once per race or not.

Robobot Armor: players ride in Robobot armor. They can either have abilities as is, or they can be earned. Jet and Halberd (obviously) will not be included for the former option (Wheel is debatable); Halberd still won't be available for the latter option, but Jet and Wheel probably will be, albeit less common.

Customization: an amount of games have various customization options for playable characters. Since that's a thing, as are Kirby characters made by fans, I've decided to include such a thing. It will be fun.

There is one more thing I have: Kirby Kombat (alliteration, not meant to be a Mortal Kombat reference). This was an idea that has partially been made a reality. I wanted a mode where Kirbys could fight each other with a chosen Copy Ability. Kirby Fighters from Triple Deluxe made me very happy when I learned about it; but, this won't be limited to only 10 abilities. It will contain every Kirby ability. There are 3 different ways it can be played: 2D plain, like Kirby Fighters, 3D plain, like Air Ride but without machines, and 3D plain with Air Ride machines. As you can see, I've had many ideas and have yet to come up with more. However, I don't want to add any "fan fiction" or "wanna-be Kirby game" content to this, or anything that goes a little too far from Kirby. If you have any ideas to add to this, please tell me. I'll see what I think of them.

Kirby Generations

Effectively the Kirby version of Sonic Generations. We don't exactly need a "classic" Kirby, as that was just a reference to Sonic's evolution, as well as the separation of its fanbase. Basically, I want a Kirby game which make proper revisits to older levels in the series, maybe with some tweaks every here and there.

So, Kirby Star Allies accomplishes this to an extent. In addition to Dream Friends getting special stages based on the games they represent, beating Soul Melter EX grants the player a "classic" Kirby. However, should there be a Classic and Modern Kirby, I am unsure how they'd play differently (besides maybe Classic Kirby sticking to the KA formula of abilities having pretty much one move) and how stages would be changed to make them "modern" or "classic." Maybe modern could use the 3D Warp Star mechanic, while classic would be strictly on one plane. As for what stages and bosses I want to reappear, I'm not sure.

Kirby's Dream Maker

Effectively the Kirby version of Super Mario Maker. Kirby features relatively simple level structure and iconic enemies as well as various styles. There's the style of Kirby's Adventure, Kirby Super Star (Ultra), Kirby's Dream Land 3, and most of the handheld games of course. 3D Styles like Kirby 64, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and Kirby: Triple Deluxe may be more difficult to implement due to things being 3D models instead of sprites, as well as higher level complexity. Kirby also has plenty of themes: grass, sand, sky, fire, light, water, metal, ice, castle, etc.

Kirby: Star Warriors

Effectively the Kirby version of Dynasty Warriors. Would be in 3D like Kirby Air Ride, and a more beat-em-up nature instead of a standard platformer. The plot line would probably revolve around Kirby's Adventure, but may extend into the other games that follow, such as the Dark Matter Trilogy, as far as plot anyway. Not going to limit the Copy Abilities because of entering a story from a different game.

Kirby Super Star without sub-games

Basically, what if the game were styled in a level-and-stage format like most Kirby games instead of being divided into isolated sub-games (aside from perhaps Gourmet Race). Unfortunately, this would cause problems, as most sub-games have a sort of gimmick or are structurally different. Spring Breeze features 4 stages one after another; Dyna Blade features a map, allowing for replaying stages and also unlocking Trial Rooms for Copy Abilities; The Great Cave Offensive is all interconnected, although still having levels, and has the player collect 60 treasure chests; Revenge of Meta Knight features 7 chapters in a linear fashion, along with (the often ignored) time limits; Milky Way Wishes brings back a map in a way, but allows free travel for non-linearity, but also takes away Copying through normal means, instead opting to replace it with Copy Essence Deluxes, which allow Kirby to obtain collected Copy Abilities at any time. To add to the problems, Dyna Blade is the only sub-game to not have bosses on a stage basis (although ending each stage with a mid-boss; Revenge of Meta Knight lacks a boss for chapter 3, but otherwise technically has a boss for each other chapter, if including Heavy Lobster in chapter 1); considering most Kirby games have bosses at the end of the level, not stage, this causes more problems, taking 19 different bosses into account, along with some rehashes in Milky Way Wishes. A Kirby game with 19 levels? That sounds problematic. Bosses aside, Spring Breeze is short enough to be considered a level, as is Dyna Blade (more so with it having an appropriate stage number and only one boss), The Great Cave Offensive could be considered 4 levels due to the game's length, but it may not be so long if treasures aren't being collected, so this is debatable. Dividing Revenge of Meta Knight into levels is a little more challenging, given only 2 chapters take place off the Halberd, but the sub-game itself may be a little long to be considered just one level; again, up for debate. Milky Way Wishes, despite its length, I can consider a single level as levels near the ends of the games tend to get longer. Given that this adds up to 8-ish levels, that's okay with me. It may be considered a little long, since most Kirby games are 7 levels or less (not including stuff like Another Dimension) but then we have to address the bosses. If King Dedede becomes the boss of Spring Breeze, then what happens to Whispy, Lololo & Lalala, and Kracko? If bosses appear at the end of levels, how does Chameleo Arm's fight come into play, being situated in the middle of the Old Tower, which can be skipped altogether? What happens to all of the bosses of Revenge of Meta Knight besides Meta Knight himself? What happens with all of the bosses in Milky Way Wishes, which are all from the previous sub-games (and an altered Computer Virus) except Marx? Is there going to be a sort of boss-rush thing like in Royal Road? Now, to address the gimmicks. The trial rooms will likely be removed, relocated, or made more of but with less abilities per room, as having access to all of them so soon would be kinda broken. Treasure will be kept, since collectibles are a main thing in the modern Kirby games, but there will probably be some location changes and more chests altogether, as well as a greater purpose. Time will have to be left out, along with non-linearity (except for perhaps Secret Levels) and Copy Essence Deluxes, which could break the rest of the game. It's all a very complicated experience.

Non-linear Paper Mario

Paper Mario, but Chapters 1-7 can be done in any order. In order to accommodate this, every partner will be obtained after earning the action command and returning to Toad Town. The Prologue and Chapter 8 will be unchanged.
In order to visit Chapter 1, talk to Merlon to get rid of the fake Toads.
To go to Chapter 2, go to the train; the roadblock originally preventing the player from visiting southern Toad Town is no longer there, but the bomb-able rock will still be there, since the player already has Bombette.
Chapter 3 can be visited by going to Forever Forest.
Chapter 4 can be visited by going to Shy Guy's Toy Box; since there is no linear story progression, either the Shy Guy madness occurs upon entering Toad Town after the Prologue and/or the events will simply be altered (as the Shy Guy madness makes Badge shopping with Rowf, buying items from Harry, reading letters, and cooking with Tayce T. inaccessible). With the events altered, Rowf would simply have the I Spy Badge as a normal Badge instead of a reward. Harry would still sell items, in which getting his Storeroom Key would simply allow progress in the chapter. Tayce T. would still be able to cook and her Frying Pan wouldn't be stolen, but instead the chest would have the Cookbook, which would allow her to make Cake (in which using Cake Mix before giving her the Cookbook would result in a Mistake, that, or Cake would have an altered recipe that requires 2 items); giving Gourmet Guy a Cake will cause the usual, but now without dropping a Cook Book. Letters would still be readable in the post office (as collecting them does not progress the story). Russ T. would still have his Dictionary, but the Mystery Note will be the only required item. As retrieving some of the stolen items gives the player Star Pieces, some locations will have to be altered, such as perhaps holding on in the chest in the Green Station, or having Gourmet Guy drop one instead.
To go to Chapter 5, the whale will already be present at the dock, as will Kolorado, who does not appear in Chapter 2 anymore (as beating Chapter 5 prompts him to go home, to be blocked off by Kent C. Koopa); the artifact will probably be replaced with a Star Piece to compensate, as could giving him the Volcano Vase.
Chapter 6 is accessed by going into the gate in the garden; finding the Bub-ulbs is no longer required, as it'd require visiting other chapters.
Chapter 7 is accessed by going through Toad Town Tunnels; any roadblocks to Chapter 7, except the high invisible ? Blocks that require the Ultra Boots, will be removed.
The Ultra Boots and Ultra Hammer will also work differently, as obtaining them before the Super Boots and Super Hammer would seem to make the latter two upgrades pointless; instead, each Jump and Hammer upgrade increases the attack power by one instead, meaning that having both upgrades would be the equivalent of obtaining the Ultra variant. The Super Hammer will also be renamed to the Gray Hammer (or colored green and called the Green Hammer), in which the Ultra Hammer is now the Red Hammer. The Gray/Green Hammer can only break Gray/Green blocks, and the Red Hammer can only break Red blocks, but obtaining both Hammers allows both blocks to be broken. Super and Ultra Boots will also be referred to by color, but will retain their traits (although this still makes the Super Boots rather overshadowed, as the Ultra Boots give the jump boost, and can break platforms). The Ultra Stone is available at the start, similarly to the partners; Ultra Ranking isn't required, but the Ultra Stone's normal placement only fits linear Paper Mario, as by the time the player obtains it, all of the partners would likely already be Super Ranked.
Star Spirits would have to be altered, as only 2 Star Spirits use one bar, making all other Star Spirits pointless upon beating one chapter. Because of this, Star Spirits now have levels of power, 1-3. Refresh lvl 1: 5HP & 5FP; lvl 2: 9HP & 9FP; lvl 3: 12HP & 12FP. Lullaby: I'm not entirely sure how to change this, but it either increases the turns an enemy sleeps for, or the chance of an enemy sleeping; the problem with this is that both of these usually depend on the enemy, not on the method of using the status effect; lvl 1: 2 turns of enemy sleeping or 1/2 chance of inflicting sleep for 3 turns; lvl 2: 3 turns of enemy sleeping or 2/3 chance of inflicting sleep for 3 turns; lvl 3: 4 turns of enemy sleeping or 3/4 chance of inflicting sleep for 3 turns. Star Storm lvl 1: 4 damage to all enemies; lvl 2: 7 damage to all enemies; lvl 3: 9 damage to all enemies. Chill Out: I could change one of two things here: the damage reduction, or the amount of turns which this effect lasts; lvl 1: 3 turns of -2 enemy attack power/2 turns of -3 enemy attack power; lvl 2: 3 turns of -3 enemy attack power; lvl 3: 3 turns of -4 enemy attack power/4 turns of -3 enemy attack power. Smooch lvl 1: heals 8HP; lvl 2: heals 15 HP; lvl 3: heals 21HP. Time Out: basically the same as Lullaby; as mentioned earlier, the chance of being afflicted, and for how long, is usually dependent on the enemy, although this power always afflicts for one more turn than the Stop Watch item as of linear Paper Mario (usually 3 turns instead of 2). Up & Away lvl 1: enemies turn into stars; lvl 2: enemies turn into stars and grant Star Points; lvl 3: enemies turn into stars and grant double Star Points.
Merlin will also function slightly differently, since all chapters can be accessed. He'll function like the fortune teller in A Link Between Worlds, in which you ask for a fortune pertaining to a particular chapter. Merluvlee will also mostly no longer have limits on her hints, as all chapters except 8 are available.
Other chapter changes: Koopa Village is optional, as the player already has Kooper, but if the player enters, the player has to fight the Fuzzy mid-boss, although attacking the Fuzzies that stole the Koopa Shells is optional. The Bob-omb jail is optional, as the player already has Bombette, but it does contain a Heart Block. Obtaining the Letters is not required, as the player already has Paralarry. The Artifact is replaced by a Star Piece in Dry Dry Ruins. Some of Chapter 3's puzzles in the mansion can be bypassed (all of them if the player has the Ultra Boots), as the player already has Lady Bow. Chapter 4 no longer contains Mario's "weaknesses," as there are no "Peach intermissions." The Big Lantern Ghost can be skipped, as the player already has Watt, but the nearby Super Block is now located in that room as an incentive to fight him. Raphael will no longer give the Ultra Stone, as the player already has it. Almost all of the puzzles in Chapter 6 can be bypassed, as the player already has Lakilester. Blue Pipes will not appear until the player has accessed the location normally so as to not allow skipping areas like Dry Dry Desert and Forever Forest.
Enemy stats might also need to be adjusted, as I'm not sure how easy/hard it'd be to do Chapter 7 as the first chapter (Super Blooper would be extremely difficult due to how hard he hits, although Outta Sight might fix that, although the player also has no way to naturally regenerate FP). As it stands, it seems like a toss-up, as no real balancing has been added; having all partners on the earlier chapters might make them incredible easy, let alone if they're also ranked up, while going to the later chapters with a low level may have prove near impossible.

Fan-made Copy Abilities

Halberd Kirby (Axe Kirby for short)

  • Based mainly on Hammer, but also shares various qualities with Spear, and Sword to a lesser extent.
  • Hat resembles that of the Axe Knight.
  • Generally has less attack power but more reach.
  • Standard combo: a couple of axe slashes followed by a multi-stab (due to the axe having a pointed head like that of a halberd), and finishing with a quick spin and a lunging stab (similar to Masked Dedede's Revenge). This last hit can be reversed, causing Kirby to teeter on one foot before performing a longer and more powerful reverse lunge.
  • Spin attack remains the same, but with more reach and modified damage. Sour-spots at the handle.
  • Axe fury (equivalent of Hammer Flip) deals electrical damage and covers a wider area, but has a longer charge and a small delay before the flip.
  • Can perform a move similar to Final Cutter using the special Yo-Yo input; acts like the version used by Dream Collection's Smash Kirby.
  • Can be charged to be used as a helicopter blade; allows for improved horizontal movement in the air.
  • Standard midair and dash midair attacks are like Hammer's, but with more reach and more swings, similar to the Super Star version.
  • Downward aerial is a horizontal spinning axe move that causes a quick drop; acts very similar to General Grievous' double jump attack in the original Lego Star Wars (for those that have played such a game).
  • Can perform an upward stab and a backward stab; backward stab has a proper combo that still keeps Kirby completely stationary.
  • Obtained by mixing the Copy Abilities it has the greatest similarities to (first bullet point).

Copy Merges

Fire +

Fire + is Fire with additional moves from Burning during the Dark Matter Trilogy.

Move Controls Description
Fire Hat None Kirby's fire hat does minor damage to enemies that touch it, be it from above him or as a result of him falling from a height/Quick Fall.
Blazing Flare Tap B Kirby shoots a straight-going fireball from his mouth. Pressing a direction during this attack will make it arc instead, with each direction giving it a different trajectory:
  • Forward is a far, but low arc.
  • Backward is a short, but high arc.
  • Up is a far and high arc.
  • Down is a short and low arc, landing right in front of Kirby
Fire Breath Hold B Kirby breaths fire as long as the button is held. It can be aimed, extended and used in midair. Does more damage to enemies closer to Kirby.
Fireball Inferno Hold Backward during Fire Breath Kirby surrounds himself in fire.
Volcano Up + Hold B Kirby shoots fireballs from his head like a volcano. Can be aimed.
Fire Wall Down + Tap B Kirby shoots a wall of fire that gets taller before getting shorter and disappearing.
Burn Dash + B Kirby lunges forward as a fireball. Can be aimed, charged up to perform a more powerful Super Fireball, and rebounds off walls. Can be cancelled by pressing B again, causing Searing Burn. Pressing A will drop Burning Flames.
Spinning Fire Breath Tapping B in midair Kirby performs a yaw rotation in midair while breathing fire.
Fireball Spin Down + Hold B in midair Kirby performs a roll rotation, while facing the screen, in midair, surrounding himself in fire. Performing this near the ground will cause Kirby to do a Fireball Roll, or even climb up walls as Fireball Climb. Can jump while doing a Fireball Roll.
Meteor Dash + Down + B in midair Kirby flies down like a meteor at a 45° angle. Stops upon hitting the ground or being canceled with B. Can be used out of Burn.

Needle +

Needle + is Needle with additional moves from the Dark Matter Trilogy and Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Move Controls Description
Needle Gun Tap B Kirby shoots needles from his hat in the area in front of him
Needle Hold B Kirby surrounds himself in spikes for as long as the button is held. Can cling onto surfaces.
Needle Burst Needle + Control Pad Kirby shoots out needles at 45° angles. Kirby also temporarily detaches for surfaces.
Drill Forward + Hold B Kirby's hat turns into a drill, in which he points it in front of him and performs a roll rotation for as long as the button is held, dragging him forward.
Mega Needle Up + B Kirby's hat turns into a giant screw.
Falling Spine Down + Tap B Kirby flips upside-down and turns his hat into a giant screw, along with a bunch of smaller spikes. Stops momentum.
Porcupine Backward + Hold B Kirby covers his back with spikes that are more powerful than normal, but leave his frontside vulnerable. Can be used with Needle Burst to shoots spikes at 22.5° angles.
Rolling Needle Dash + B Kirby curls up and rolls forward at high speeds.
Drill Press Down + Hold B in midair Kirby flips upside-down and turns his hat into a drill, performing a roll rotation downward for as long as the button is held. Is still active when Kirby reaches the ground.


Electric is an incorporation of Beam, Laser, and Plasma into the Spark ability, as well as retaining some moves from the Dark Matter Trilogy and Kirby: Squeak Squad.

Move Controls Description
Electric hat None Kirby's electric hat does minor damage to enemies that touch it, be it from above him or as a result of him falling from a height/Quick Fall.
Charge Static Control Pad Kirby charges up static to determine the power of his next attack. Can create a barrier at medium and full charge.
Beam Whip Tap B Kirby creates a line of electricity that he swings in front of him.
  • Level 1: Beam Whip
  • Level 2: Enhanced Beam Whip
  • Level 3: Plasma Whip
  • Level 4: Zap Whip
Spark Attack Hold B Kirby surrounds himself in a field of electricity.
  • Level 1: Spark Attack
  • Level 2: Super Spark Attack
  • Level 3: Mega Spark Attack
  • Level 4: Super Electric Energy Field
Laser Blast Forward + B Kirby shoots a laser. It can be aimed while holding the button, and bounces off walls.
  • Level 1: Laser Blast
  • Level 2: Heat Beam
  • Level 3: Big Laser Blast
  • Level 4: Piercing Heat Beam
Thunderbolt Up + B Kirby shoots a thunderbolt upward.
  • Level 1: Thunderbolt
  • Level 2: Long Thunderbolt
  • Level 3: Wide Thunderbolt
  • Level 4: Triple Thunderbolt
Plasma Attack Dash + B Kirby shoots a plasma charge.
  • Level 1: Spark Needle
  • Level 2: Spark Arrow
  • Level 3: Spark Laser
  • Level 4: Spark Wave
Cycle Beam Dash + Down + B Kirby creates a rotating blast in front of him.
  • Level 1: Cycle Beam
  • Level 2: Enhanced Cycle Beam
  • Level 3: Cycle Spray
  • Level 4: Cycle Zap
Capture Beam Up/Down/Forward + B near enemy Kirby grabs an enemy and then releases them after pressing B again.
  • Level 1: Capture Beam
  • Level 2: Enhanced Capture Beam
  • Level 3: Capture Spray
  • Level 4: Capture Zap
Revolution Beam Tapping B in midair Kirby swings a line of electricity around him.
  • Level 1: Revolution Beam
  • Level 2: Enhanced Revolution Beam
  • Level 3: Revolution Spray
  • Level 4: Revolution Zap
Lightning Strike Down + B in midair Kirby shoots a lightning bolt downward.
  • Level 1: Lightning Strike
  • Level 2: Long Lightning Strike
  • Level 3: Wide Lightning Strike
  • Level 4: Triple Lightning Strike
Beam Blast Dash + Down + B in midair Kirby shoots electric projectiles down at a diagonal angle.
  • Level 1: Beam Blast
  • Level 2: Plasma Spray
  • Level 3: Plasma Zap
  • Level 4: Plasma Comets

Cutter +

Cutter + is Cutter with additional moves from the Dark Matter Trilogy and Smash Bros.

Move Controls Description
Cutter Boomerang Tap B Kirby throws a bladed boomerang from his hat. Can be aimed up or down.
Shield Cutter Hold B Kirby swings his cutter around him instead of throwing it. After releasing the button, he will throw the cutter boomerang like normal.
Hyper Boomerang Hold and release B after using Cutter Boomerang Kirby throws a larger boomerang that slices through enemies and breakable obstacles. It also bounces off walls, and can be aimed.
Crescent Beam Up to charge, B to release Kirby charges up his cutter with energy. Releasing it shoots out a fast crescent energy wave. Can be aimed, and substitutes any non-melee move.
Final Cutter Down + Up + B Kirby performs a Final Cutter without a combo beforehand, however, it is not as powerful.
Far Boomerang Dash + Tap B Kirby throws a cutter boomerang a farther distance than usual, and with more power.
Cutter Dash Dash + Hold B Kirby lunges forward with his cutter out like a sword.
Nonstop Final Cutter Up/Down/Forward + B near enemy Kirby slices with his cutter blade before ascending and descending with it outstretched, producing a shockwave on impact.
Triple Cutter Hold B in midair Kirby performs a pitch rotation, throwing out three cutters from his hat 30° from each other.
Sweep Cutter Hold B + Down in midair Kirby throws a cutter and holds another cutter as a melee attack.
Cutter Drop Down + B in midair Kirby quickly falls while holding out his cutter blade.

Ice +

Ice + is Ice with additional moves from the Dark Matter Trilogy.

Move Controls Description
Ice Kick Contact with frozen enemy Kirby kicks a frozen enemy, sending it forward.
Snow Balls Tapping B Kirby spits out arcing snowballs. They can be aimed.
Ice Breath Hold B Kirby breaths an icy blast, for as long as the button is held, that can freeze enemies. Can be aimed and extended.
Ice Storm Dash + Hold B or Hold Backward during Ice Breath Kirby surrounds himself in an blizzard.
Ice Ball Dash + Down + B Kirby encases himself in a sphere of ice and quickly slides forward before the ball falls apart.
Rolling Snowball Dash + Down + Hold B Kirby encases himself in a giant snowball and begins rolling forward, absorbing enemies it touches, for as long as the button is held. Frozen enemies are released when the button is released.
Ice Suction/Ice Ejection Up/Forward + B near enemy Kirby sucks up an enemy, and then shoots them out in a block of ice.
Icicles Tap B in midair Kirby shoots three ice crystals forward at 30° angles.
Ice Sprinkle Tapping B in midair Kirby performs a yaw rotation while breathing ice breath.
Ice Hover Down + Hold B in midair Kirby shoots ice breath downward, propelling him upward.
Super Ice Sprinkle Dash + B in midair Kirby performs a faster yaw rotation while breathing ice breath. More powerful than the Ice Sprinkle.
Ice Block/Ice Scatter R/L Kirby encases himself in ice, protecting him from enemy attacks. Releasing the guard button shatters the ice block, hitting nearby enemies.

Parasol +

Parasol + is Parasol with additional moves from the Dark Matter Trilogy and Kirby: Squeak Squad.

Move Controls Description
Parasol Shield None Kirby's Parasol does minor damage to enemies that touch it. Can also block certain projectiles.
Parasol Swing B Kirby swings his parasol in front of him, shooting off water droplets. Holding the button has Kirby use it as a shield. Holding it for a certain amount of time will cause tiny stars to shoot from it.
Parasol Spin Up + B Kirby performs a yaw rotation with his parasol above him. The spinning damages enemies that come in contact with Kirby or his parasol.
Parasol Slide Down + A Kirby slides with his parasol in front of him.
Parasol Sweep Down + Tap B Kirby swings his parasol like a golf club, hitting nearby enemies and releasing a ball of water.
Parasol Twirl Down + Hold B Kirby twirls his parasol below him, causing him to jump a bit, allowing him to move laterally while performing the move.
Parasol Drill Dash + B Kirby dashes forward with his parasol spinning in front of him like a drill.
Parasol Top Dash + Down + B Kirby rides in his parasol like a spinning teacup for as long as the button is held.
Circus Throw Up/Down/Forward + B near enemy Kirby picks up an enemy on his parasol and twirls it before tossing the enemy up or to the side.
Parasol Pogo Hold B + Down in midair Kirby holds his parasol unopened below him, using it as a pogo stick upon touching the ground.
Parasol Dive Down + Hold B in midair Kirby dives downward with his parasol below him.

Stone +

Stone + is Stone with additional moves from Metal and the Dark Matter Trilogy.

Move Controls Description
Stone Change B Kirby transforms into a rock, statue, or other heavy object. This can slide down slopes.
Change Back B after Stone Change Kirby returns to his original form, sending out rock shards.
Stone Uppercut Up + B Kirby performs an uppercut with a giant rocky fist. Can be charged up to perform Mighty Uppercut.
Stone Shift/Stone Walk Up after Stone Change Kirby can move manually while in stone form, even being able to jump slightly. Cannot be activated on a slope or in the air.
Turbo Stone Dash + B Kirby transforms into a ball of rock while sliding forward. This can roll down slopes, being faster than sliding.
Stone Roll Right/Left after Turbo Stone Kirby can move manually while in ball form. Cannot be done on slopes or in the air.
Heavy Smash Down + B in midair Kirby spins while transforming into a larger heavy object before slamming into the ground.

Bomb +

Bomb + is Bomb with additional moves from Crash, the Dark Matter Trilogy, and Kirby Super Star/Ultra.

  • Standard Bombs are black with blue stars.
  • Firework Bombs are red with orange stars.
  • Spike Bombs are black with 8 white spikes.
  • Thunder Bombs are green with yellow stars.
  • Shuriken Bombs are black four-pointed ninja stars.
  • Ice Bombs are blue with light blue stars.
  • Missiles are white with a red warhead and fins.
  • Dynamite Bombs are bundles of three red sticks of dynamite.
Move Controls Description
Bomb Choose Hold Up Kirby has the ability to choose from a variety of bombs that have their own unique properties. Activating this will act like Ready Bomb.
  • Standard Bomb: normal bomb, nothing too special.
  • Firework Bomb: explosion has more range, but less damage.
  • Spike Bomb: explosion shoots out spikes in eight directions instead of a circular explosion.
  • Thunder Bomb: deals slightly more damage and is electrical, but has a slower firing rate.
  • Shuriken Bomb: is fast and does not arc.
  • Ice Bomb: freezes enemies, but does less damage.
  • Missile: three homing missiles in single file, each with less power than a normal bomb.
  • Dynamite: most powerful bombs and with the most range, but only explode after an amount of time, or contact with an enemy; only one can be out at a time.
Ready Bomb B Kirby pulls out a bomb, carrying it with both hands. This does not apply to the Shuriken Bomb, which is thrown as soon as the button is released.
Self Destruct Nothing while holding a bomb Kirby's bomb blows up in his hands, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Bomb: creates a larger explosion
  • Firework Bomb: creates a large, multi-hit explosion.
  • Spike Bomb: shoots out its spikes like normal.
  • Thunder Bomb: creates a larger electrical explosion.
  • Shuriken Bomb: create a cross-shaped explosion.
  • Ice Bomb: creates a larger freezing explosion.
  • Missile: creates a vertical fire column.
  • Dynamite: creates a large explosion, sending rocky debris around.
Bomb Throw B after Ready Bomb Kirby throws the bomb. Can be aimed. All bombs arc except Shuriken Bombs and Missiles, which go straight and home into enemies respectively.
Bomb Slide Down + A after Ready Bomb Kirby slides forward with a bomb out in front of him. After performing the slide, he leaves the bomb in place if it hadn't exploded already. Shuriken Bombs and Missiles will keep going forward instead.
Bomb Set Down + B Kirby sets a bomb directly in front of him that explodes after a while. Shuriken Bombs and Missiles go straight down if in the air, but go straight if on the ground.
Bomb Bowl Dash + B Kirby rolls a bomb forward. Throws two Shuriken Bombs instead of one, and shoots five straight-going missiles instead of three, in a formation instead of in single file.
Straight Throw Dash + B after Ready Bomb Kirby throws a bomb straight forward at high speed. Cannot be done by Shuriken Bombs, which do not utilize Ready Bomb, and already go straight and fast anyway. Shoots a large missile and two standard missiles instead of three normal missiles
Bomb Drop B near enemy Kirby places a bomb on an enemy's head, which explode after a while. Shuriken Bombs and Missiles explode almost immediately.
Crash X after Ready Bomb Kirby enlarges his bomb a great deal before having it blow up, hitting all onscreen enemies. This discards the ability and does not change depending on the bomb that is active.


Grab is a combination of Throw and Suplex.

Move Controls Description
Inhale B Kirby inhales and grabs nearby enemies, which can then be thrown by pressing B again. Can be aimed.
Dash Grab Forward + B Kirby dashes forward to grab an enemy. Can be aimed while holding the button. Upon grabbing an enemy, he perform a suplex move on them through directional and button inputs.
Turbo Dash Grab Dash + B Kirby lunges forward faster and farther than Dash Grab. Can still be aimed and can perform suplex moves afterward.
Fury Stomp B while lifting enemy after a Dash Grab Kirby rapidly stomps on the grabbed enemy.
Rock Drop A after lifting enemy from a Dash Grab Kirby makes a massive leap before landing with the grabbed enemy beneath him, sending the grabbed enemy forward. Can collide with low ceilings, causing the move to end upon impact.
Torrent Lariat B after lifting enemy from a Dash Grab Kirby steps forward while performing an uppercut, sending the grabbed enemy behind him.
Pile Driver Forward after lifting enemy from a Dash Grab Kirby jumps forward and slams down on the grabbed enemy, sending the grabbed enemy forward.
Big Suplex Backward after lifting enemy from a Dash Grab Kirby jumps backward and slams the grabbed enemy on the ground, sending the grabbed enemy backward.
Back Breaker Up after lifting enemy from a Dash Grab Kirby does a short hop in place, slamming the grabbed enemy against his back, before tossing the grabbed enemy forward.
Body Slam Down after lifting enemy from a Dash Grab Kirby slams the grabbed enemy against the ground, sending the grabbed enemy upward.
Air Down Slam Forward after lifting enemy from a Dash Grab in midair Kirby throws the grabbed enemy at a downward angle.
Air Body Slam Up after lifting enemy from a Dash Grab in midair Kirby throws the grabbed enemy at an upward arc.
Plunge Body Slam Down after lifting enemy from a Dash Grab in midair Kirby falls downward with the grabbed enemy, smashing it against the ground, sending the grabbed enemy upward.
Pinpoint Kick Down + B in midair Kirby performs a downward kick. This can be used to compensate for when Kirby has nothing to grab.

Beetle +

Beetle + is a combination of Beetle, Throw, and Suplex.

Move Controls Description
Horn Upper B Kirby slashes using the horn on his head.
Horn Flurry B + B + B Kirby continuously slashes with his horn before ending off the combo.
Spiral Horn Up + B Kirby performs a yaw rotation, propelling himself upward by using his horn like a helicopter blade.
Rocket Horn Dash + B Kirby lunges forward with his horn in front of him, impaling enemies in his way. Pressing B again will throw any enemies on his horn, in which the throw can be aimed.
Rocket Horn Dive Up during Rocket Horn Kirby flies upwards and back until he's upside-down, slamming any captured enemies into the ground.
Catching Horn Up/Forward + B near enemy Kirby impales an enemy with his horn. He can walk around and jump with the enemy on his head, but cannot turn around.
Quick Throw B after Catching Horn Kirby sends the enemy forward. The throw can be aimed.
Horn Slam Forward + B after Catching Horn Kirby slams the enemy into the ground, causing the enemy to bounce forward.
Crown Drop Backward + B after Catching Horn Kirby performs a double backflip before slamming into the ground, sending the enemy forward.
Throw Drop Up + B after Catching Horn Kirby jumps up, turns upside down, and slams the enemy on the ground, sending it forward.
Slamming Drill Down + B after Catching Horn Kirby turns upside-down and starts spinning with the enemy attached. It sends the enemy forward.
Hover Wing A in midair Kirby flies with insect wings which do minor damage to nearby enemies.
Hardhead Slam Down + B in midair Kirby spirals quickly down to the ground.

Archer +

Archer + is Archer with some of Cupid's moves, along with other additions.

Move Controls Description
Quiver Check Hold Up Kirby has the ability to choose from a variety of arrows that have their own unique properties.
  • Magic Arrow: arrow that has a magical attack if charged all the way.
  • Fire Arrow: deals repeated hits to targets instead of a single hit; arc slightly.
  • Thunder Arrow: charges quicker and fires quicker, but does less damage.
  • Ice Arrow: freezes enemies, but does less damage.
  • Bomb Arrow: causes a powerful explosion on impact, but will always arc, regardless of charge; cannot pierce targets.
Shot B Kirby shoots an arrow. Can be aimed, but arrow will eventually fly straight. Fire Arrows will arc, Bomb Arrows more so.
Snipe Shot Hold B Kirby shoots a more powerful piercing arrow that can be aimed and does not dip. Fire Arrows and Bomb Arrows do not pierce enemies and still arc, but less so.
Magic-Star Arrow Hold B longer Kirby shoots a very powerful piercing arrow that can be aimed. Fire Arrows pierce enemies and do not arc. Bomb Arrows arc slightly, but still do not pierce.
Sky Shot Up + B Kirby shoots an arrow straight up. Bomb arrows fall back down if they don't reach a target.
Sky-Shot Shower Up + Hold B Kirby shoots an arrow upward, which then sends four magical arrows downward. Fire Arrows split into embers that last a while on the ground. Thunder Arrows shoot lightning bolts straight downward and to the sides of Kirby. Ice Arrows drop icicles. Bomb Arrows split into smaller explosive arrows, but the main arrow will still fall back down if it doesn't hit anything.
Camouflage Down Kirby hides behind fake scenery and is invincible while hiding. He can crawl by pressing Forward or Backward, but can be hurt while doing so.
Hitman B during Camouflage Kirby shoots a ground-level arrow while hiding behind camouflage, leaving him vulnerable during the time. All arrows have the same properties as when using Shot, except they cannot be aimed and Thunder Arrows are rapid fire.
Triple Shot Forward + B Kirby shoots out three arrows that go straight. Fire Arrows will still fall, but will go relatively far. Thunder Arrows shoot two Triple Shots. Bomb Arrows shoot one Bomb Arrow that has much less arc than usual.
Arrow Slash Dash + B Kirby slashes twice with his arrow while moving forward. Fire Arrows are slightly more powerful, but Kirby does not move as much. Thunder Arrows allow Kirby to move farther, but with less damage. Ice Arrows freeze most enemies, causing the second strike to hit the ice block. Bomb Arrows only slash once, but with a powerful explosion.
Leaping Quiver Dash + B in midair Kirby shoots three arrows in succession diagonally downward. Fire Arrows are each shot at slightly different angles. Thunder Arrows shoots three triple shots in the same amount of time. Ice Arrows are shot as one triple shot and slightly different angles. Bomb Arrows fall almost directly downward.

Cupid +

Cupid + is Cupid with some of Archer's moves, along with other additions.

Move Controls Description
Angel Inventory Hold Up Kirby has the ability to choose from a variety of arrows that have their own unique properties.
  • Love Arrow: arrow that has a magical attack if charged all the way.
  • Fire Arrow: deals repeated hits to targets instead of a single hit; arc slightly.
  • Thunder Arrow: charges quicker and fires quicker, but does less damage.
  • Ice Arrow: freezes enemies, but does less damage.
  • Bomb Arrow: causes a powerful explosion on impact, but will always arc, regardless of charge; cannot pierce targets.
Arrow Shot B Kirby shoots an arrow. Can be aimed, but arrow will eventually fly straight. Fire Arrows will arc, Bomb Arrows more so.
Dual Shot Hold B Kirby shoots two fast-moving arrows at the same time that can be aimed and do not dip. Fire Arrows and Bomb Arrows still arc, but less so.
Triple Shot Hold B longer Kirby shoots three powerful and fast arrows that can be aimed and do not dip. Fire Arrows pierce enemies no longer arc, but Bomb Arrows still arc slightly.
Sky Shot Up + B Kirby shoots an arrow straight up. Bomb arrows fall back down if they don't reach a target.
Sky-Shot Shower Up + Hold B Kirby shoots three arrows upward, two of which fall back down to the sides. Fire Arrows split into embers that last a while on the ground. Thunder Arrows shoot lightning bolts straight downward and to the sides of Kirby. Ice Arrows drop icicles. Bomb Arrows split into smaller explosive arrows, but the main arrow will still fall back down if it doesn't hit anything.
Invisibility Down Kirby becomes invisible and invincible. He can crawl by pressing Forward or Backward, but can be hurt while doing so, appearing transparent.
Trick shot B during Invisibility Kirby shoots a ground-level arrow while appearing transparent, leaving him vulnerable during the time. All arrows have the same properties as when using Arrow Shot, except they cannot be aimed and Thunder Arrows are rapid fire.
Quick Triple Shot Forward + B Kirby quickly shoots out three straight-going arrows, but they are less powerful than the normal Triple Shot. Thunder Arrows shoot two Triple Shots.
Arrow Slash Dash + B Kirby slashes twice with his arrow while moving forward. Fire Arrows are slightly more powerful, but Kirby does not move as much. Thunder Arrows allow Kirby to move farther, but with less damage. Ice Arrows freeze most enemies, causing the second strike to hit the ice block. Bomb Arrows only slash once, but with a powerful explosion.
Heavenly Smite Dash + Down + B in midair Kirby shoots three arrows in succession diagonally downward. Fire Arrows are each shot at slightly different angles. Thunder Arrows shoots three triple shots, instead of single shots, in the same amount of time. Ice Arrows are shot as one triple shot and slightly different angles. Bomb Arrows fall almost directly downward.
Flight Up/A in midair Kirby uses his angel wings to hover. He will not fall and can still dash while flying. Canceled by pressing A again or landing on the ground. Can perform all attacks except Angel Inventory, Invisibility, and Trick Shot.

Sword +

Sword + is Sword with additional moves from Kirby: Squeak Squad.

Move Controls Description
Sword Element Hold Up Kirby has the ability to choose from three different elements with unique properties.
  • Fire Sword: attacks are more powerful, but has delays before most attacks, and some moves have less range.
  • Thunder Sword: attacks are faster and can sometimes shoot Sword Beams, but do less damage.
  • Ice Sword: attacks can freeze enemies, but do less damage.
Chop B Kirby performs an overhead slash with his sword. Can shoot a Sword Beam if at full health. Fire Sword's Sword Beam goes half distance. Thunder Sword shoots Sword Beams regardless of health.
Multisword Attack B + B + B Kirby starts rapidly slicing with his sword before ending it with a finishing slice. Fire Sword has delay before rapid slicing and final slash. Thunder Sword can shoot a second Sword Beam from the finishing slash.
Uppercut Forward + B after Chop Kirby performs an upward slash with his sword. It's slightly more powerful than Chop. Thunder Sword shoots a Sword Beam.
Multisword Stab Forward + B after Uppercut Kirby performs a rapid sword stab with a lot of horizontal range, but less damage than Multiword Attack. Fire Sword has half range. Ice Sword will push ice blocks forward while doing this attack.
Powered Sword Beam Hold B Kirby raises his sword up before slashing, sending out a crescent-shaped sword beam. Fire Sword takes longer to charge, but maintains full distance. Thunder Sword charges in less time. Ice Sword pushes ice blocks with beam.
Up Thrust Up + Tap B Kirby stabs his sword above him.
Upward Slash Up + Hold B Kirby jumps while performing and upward slash. Thunder Sword slashes higher.
Sword Dive Down + B after Upward Slash Kirby slams downward onto foes below him.
Final Cutter Down + Up + B Kirby jumps and slices upward before falling down with his sword outstretched, which produces an energy wave after landing on the ground. Fire Sword has beam go less distance. Thunder Sword has been go farther.
Sword Slide Down + A Kirby slides forward with his sword in front of him.
Spin Slash Down + Hold B Kirby starts quickly spinning around with his sword outstretched, in which he can move left and right while spinning. Pressing Up before releasing B performs Twister Slash, in which Kirby jumps in the air while doing the spinning attack. Fire Sword takes longer to charge. Thunder Sword charges in less time.
Sword Drill Dash + B Kirby lunges forward with his sword outstretched. Fire Sword goes shorter distance. Thunder Sword goes farther distance.
Chop & Thrust B in midair Kirby slices and keeps his sword outstretched, bouncing off against any enemies he hits. Holding the button will cause him to cut through enemies as he falls instead of bouncing off. Fire Sword always bounces.
Hat Drop Down quickly after Chop & Thrust while holding B Kirby holds his sword to hit enemies below him, bouncing off of them, but still having his sword out. Fire Sword bounces higher. Thunder Sword bounces lower and has more horizontal movement.
Down Thrust Down + B in midair Kirby holds his sword below him and quickly falls downward. Thunder Sword falls faster.
Sword Spin Dash + B in midair Kirby does two flips with his sword outstretched. Fire Sword does one flip. Thunder Sword does three flips.

Fighter +

Fighter + is Fighter with additional moves from Kirby: Squeak Squad.

Move Controls Description
Vulcan Jab Tap B repeatedly Kirby unleashes many punches which release energy waves. Can be aimed or extended.
Vulcan Kick Up + Tap B Kirby jumps upward with his foot kicking upwardly.
Rising Break Up + Hold B Kirby leaps upward while doing an uppercut.
Vulcan Slam Down + B after Vulcan Kick Kirby descends as he swings his fist downward.
Smash Punch Hold B Kirby punches, sending out a large energy wave.
Leg Sweep Forward + Tap B Kirby slides forward with his leg extended diagonally downward.
Spin Kick Forward + Hold B Kirby jumps forward while quickly spinning with a leg extended.
Smash Kick Dash + Tap B Kirby quickly slides forward with his leg outstretched in front of him.
Triple Kick Dash + Hold B Kirby starts spinning forward, performing three consecutive kicks while gaining minor altitude.
Somersault Kick Dash + Up + B Kirby does a backflip while performing a kick.
Force Blast Down + B Kirby gathers up energy and shoots out a blast that has farther range than the Smash Punch. Can be charged for a Mega Force Blast and a Giga Force Blast
Instant Mega Force Blast Down + Forward + B Kirby instantly shoots a Mega Force Blast forward.
Foe Grab Up/Forward + B near enemy Kirby grabs an enemy.
Arm Throw B/Forward after Foe Grab Kirby punches or throws the enemy forward in an upward arc respectively.
Judo Throw Backward/Down after Foe Grab Kirby turns around and throws the enemy or throws the enemy backward in an upward arc respectively.
Air Drop Up after Foe Grab Kirby leaps a high distance upward before slamming his foe down onto the ground.
Aerial Spin Kick Tap B in midair Kirby quickly spins with one leg outstretched.
Kick and Blast Hold B in midair Kirby kicks forward, which is followed by an energy wave.
Double Kick Forward + Hold B in midair Kirby kicks forward with both feet simultaneously, releasing an energy wave.
Down Kick Down + Tap B in midair Kirby performs a diving kick.
Sky Kick Down + Hold B in midair Kirby dive-kicks quickly at a downward diagonal.
Moon Somersault Kick B in midair near enemy Kirby performs a backwards somersault with a kick nearby an enemy.

Ninja +

Ninja + is Ninja with additional moves from Kirby: Squeak Squad and other additions.

Water +

Water + is a combination of Water, Bubble, and Poison.

Poison +

Poison + is Poison with some of Water's moves.

Yo-Yo +

Yo-Yo + is Yo-Yo with some of Whip's moves. Whip + does not exist as it has nothing it can take from Yo-Yo without straying away from its theme.


Flying is a combination of Hi-Jump, Jet, and Missile.

Laser +

Laser + is Laser as it would presumably be in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Even though it was Burning, or Burn, in those games, that ability has been merged with Fire, and as such, its moves will be included in the Fire move set if possible. So let's actually start. When using Fire (going to be saying that instead of Burning) by itself, Kirby becomes a fireball and flies forward. This is his current dash attack. When paired with Rick, Rick breathes fire. This is his standard attack. When paired with Coo, they fly down at an angle, similarly to a meteoroid. This move does not appear in Fire's current move set. It could be added by using the same input as Wing's Condor Bomber. This could also be initiated out of the Burn attack the same way as Combo Bomber by using the Reverse Yo-Yo input. When paired with Kine, Kirby shoots a fireball. KDL2 has it disappear after hitting an enemy or block, whereas in KDL3 it only disappears after hitting an enemy. Kirby has had the ability to shoot fireballs from his mouth in Air Ride as well (Blazing Flare), but they would arc. The Poison ability has both the ability spit balls of poison and the ability to breath it (albeit briefly). This fireball attack could work the same way by tapping the button instead of holding it, while holding will allow Kirby to continuously exhale fire. Tapping it would simply shoot a straight-going fireball that will break through all Star Blocks and the like in its way, but will disappear upon hitting an enemy. Tapping a direction just after the button press will cause the fireball to arc and linger on the ground: forward is a far but low arc, backward is a high by short arc, up is a high and far arc, and down is a fireball sent by the feet (low and short). Now, when paired with Nago, Kirby shoots a wall of fire that gets taller and then shorter before disappearing. This could be added in by pressing down before attacking. This would also be utilized by tapping as the Fireball Spin is also a downward attack, in which the button would have to be held to initiate, similarly to Fighter's smash moves instead of its weaker ones. Now, for the most part (if not all instances), I'm going to ignore Pitch because his pairings are odd if there were to be used with the modern formula. Pairing with Pitch allows Kirby to shoot a "boomeranging" fireball. This would be strange for Fire, and since it can be exploited into having Pitch rotate around Kirby, like UFO's Star Guard, that's more of a reason to just ignore it. Paired with Chuchu, Kirby breathes out a focused flame; while holding the jump button, Kirby will use Chuchu as a hot-air balloon. This move can't be incorporated, as Fire Kirby pulling out a square of balloon fabric would be pretty odd (unlike Circus, where such a thing would not be unordinary given that a lot of his move set involves hammerspace and specialized acts, some which involve fire); however, having his Fire Breath do more damage up close than from afar could be a way to kind of reference it. As for Kirby 64 stuff, I'll get to that once I'm done with a animal friend stuff. Now, one more thing to mention is the Spinning Fire Breath attack. It's debatable as to whether or not this is better than being able to use the normal Fire Breath attack in the air. To try to include both, Fire Breath would still be done by holding, but Spinning Fire Breath would be done by rapidly tapping (in contrast to just tapping; yes, there is a difference).

Next in line is Needle, in which this section will probably be comparatively shorter. By itself, Kirby covers himself in spikes. This is Needle's standard attack. Paired with Rick, Rick has spikes protrude from his back like a porcupine. While this seems disadvantageous, apparently it is a quite powerful move. I haven't experienced it personally, but I'm going to believe it for now. This move would be done by pressing backward just after the button press (which should be held, not tapped). This would cover Kirby's backside with the needles, and maybe a bit above, but with none in front. This could also work in tangent with Needle Burst, with the needles being shot behind him at 22.5° intervals to shoot out 5 spikes (instead of 45°, which would only shoot 3 spikes). When paired with Coo, Kirby turns into a downward needle. This is effectively Kirby's Falling Spine move, more so with the KDL2 version. When paired with Kine, he also surrounds himself with needles, but has more range. This doesn't really say much, but I would like Needle's main attack to have more range; KNiDL I believe had the best range. When paired with Nago, Kirby shoots needles out from his mouth. This could be initiated by tapping instead of holding, and would act similarly to Wing's Feather Gun, being a rapid shoot as well as being aimable. These needles would likely shoot from his hand or hat (probably the hat as I don't like the idea of modern Needle Kirby having his hand morph into a spike that he can shoot). When paired with Pitch, Pitch performs a rapid pecking with his beak. This seems obsolete given the aforementioned attack, and again, the hand morphing thing. With Chuchu, Chuchu shoots out five spikes from her head at 45° angles. This is in Needle's current move set, although in Return to Dream Land, they shot at 36° angles, allowing 6 out while on the ground. The current one is probably better though as 45 degrees is more standardized than 36, although the ability to shoot out needles below you would be nice to bring back. Another attack I want back is Rolling Needle. I assume the only reason it was taken out is because Wheel was back. I also would like the attack to last longer maybe, because as it is normally, their is virtually no speed advantage (or disadvantage) to using it, unlike many other dash attacks.

Next is Spark. By itself, it uses its standard Spark Attack. With Rick, Rick performs the Beam attack. This could be initiated by tapping the button instead of holding it. With Coo, Kirby shoots a lightning bolt downward. This is effectively the same as Return to Dream Land's Lightning Strike. With Kine, Kine has a lightbulb in his mouth that lights dark areas and can be shot out in Dream Land 2. While not forming lightbulbs, Spark does have the ability to emit light in dark rooms with its attacks, and is capable of shooting projectiles, such as the Spark Wave. With Nago, Kirby receives static and has sparks fly off him while being allowed move. This is effectively the Spark Barrier, which also has its intermediate phase when there's enough charge for the Spark Laser. With Pitch, Pitch becomes an RC bird. No comment here. With Chuchu, Chuchu charges up a laser. It can ricochet off walls and angles as well. While there is the Spark Laser, it cannot ricochet, nor can it be charged up per se. Perhaps this special laser move can be done by having it as a forward attack (not a dash attack; Smash's Hammer is an example of a forward attack, as is Squeak Squad's Fighter's spin kick on the ground). Now, before I leave Spark, I want to also address its moves in Squeak Squad. In Squeak Squad, the Spark Wave is a dash attack. This allows the static charge to also be used to expand the Spark Attack. I would like this to return, so that the Plasma moves are now initiated by dash attacks, otherwise it'll just power up the move that's being used: the Spark Attack, the Thunderbolt/Lightning Strike, the newly implemented Laser or Beam attack now that I think about it.

Cutter. By itself, Kirby throws out a boomerang that goes straight ahead before returning. This is Cutter's main move, although now it can be aimed. With Rick, he throws Kirby as the boomerang. Nothing too special, but it does last for a while and Rick can move while Kirby's spinning. I find this difficult, if near impossible to incorporate with modern Cutter Kirby, as his cutters are fast, not slow. It'd also be weird to have a cutter's position be relative to Kirby's position for the duration it is out instead of it being relative to Kirby's position when he threw it. When paired with Coo, Coo shoots 3 spinning feathers at different angles in Dream Land 2, or an aimable feather in Dream Land 3. The aimable feature is already present, but the triple cutter isn't. This one is kind of weird to implement, as Cutter has functions for tapping and holding. Tapping shoots off a cutter, while holding either charges the Hyper Boomerang or initiates the Sweep Cutter. One idea is to have it be an aerial dash attack. Also, instead of being a standard throw, Kirby instead does a somersault in which three cutters are released from his hat while doing so, flying in their respective directions, but not coming back. This will also not allow Sweep Cutter afterward. Another idea would be that Sweep Cutter could be activated similarly to Sword's Hat Drop attack in Triple Deluxe, pressing the B button in midair and then pressing down quickly afterward, in which the triple cutter attack would be done by holding B in midair without holding downward. With Kine, Kine shoots out a wave of energy. Cutter's only energy attack is the Nonstop Final Cutter, which can only be initiated through a combo and must be grounded. The ability to perform a standard Final Cutter at will would be nice, which could be done by pressing up and then holding the B button instead of tapping it. If up is held but the B button is tapped, it will release an upward aimed cutter, and the up input will have to be reset in order to do a Final Cutter after that, otherwise it'll be a charge up for the Hyper Boomerang. As for being able to do this crescent energy beam, perhaps it could be done like Sky Energy Sword (I mean, Kirby does use his cutter like a sword, so...). With Nago, he does a backflip and creates a diagonal-going energy wave. This could be performed with the Special Yo-Yo input (i.e. down-up-attack), in which Kirby would take off his cutter and perform the backflip, creating the shockwave, before returning to his normal position and putting it back on his head. With Pitch, pitch is thrown forward quickly before returning. Again, not really going to use (especially with the orbiting exploit). However, perhaps being able to do a long throw would be nice, which would be done as a dash attack, but by tapping instead of holding the button. With Chuchu, Kirby swings her around him, covering the area in front, above, below, and behind him. This could maybe be incorporated by just holding the B button without throwing out a cutter beforehand. This would interfere with my second idea for the triple cutter attack, so that one could perhaps be modified into being only a dash move instead, but still have the Hat Drop activation for Sweep Cutter (this is bound to confuse someone. I need to think some things through).

Ice. By itself, Kirby breathes Ice. Nothing new here. With Rick, they surround them selves in falling snow and become a snowman. Basically Ice Storm. With Coo, Kirby has aimable breath in KDL2, or shoots 3 icicles in KDL3. It'd be nice for Ice to have aimable breath again like it was in Squeak Squad (surprisingly few games with aimable Ice Breath). As for the icicles, that could be done by tapping B in the air instead of holding. With Kine, in Dream Land 2, they create a blizzard around them, but are capable of moving, but keeping it out for too long will freeze them, making them vulnerable. In Dream Land 3, they simply freeze, sort of like stone, and I believe can slide. We already have an Ice Storm attack, and considering the Dream Land 2 version is quite broken by rapidly tapping the button, constantly reseting its timer and reseting Kine's momentum pattern, allowing him to move on land with ease, I don't think we need to include that. As for the Dream Land 3 variant, we have the Ice Ball attack now. With Nago, Kirby breaths ice downward, propelling them up. This could be done by pressing down and the B button in midair, and would act similarly to Water's Fountain Hover, but may be able to go up as long as it's held instead of having to be near a surface. With Pitch, it's just aimable and maybe longer range. Have that covered. With Chuchu, she creates snowballs with the ice from Kirby's mouth, and throws them. This could be done by tapping instead of holding while on the ground. Doing Ice Storm without moving would then be activated either by down and attack on the ground, or the same as Fireball Inferno except acts much faster.

Stone. Standard attack has not changed. With Rick, Kirby uses him as a ball, balancing on him as he rolls. Unfortunately cannot quite replicate this with how Stone currently works. Perhaps having a special ball transformation for stone, but even then, manual rolling seems kind of broken for Stone, as Kirby was still vulnerable with the Rick transformation. With Coo, Kirby becomes a stone, but Coo can fly while holding him in his talons. Again, cannot be replicated as it requires an additional character. With Kine, nothing new to really offer, besides maybe bigger stone objects, which Kirby can do with Heavy Smash. With Nago, Kirby is repeatedly slammed into the ground. While this can't be done as a single move, perhaps the stone transformation in the air could do more damage. With Pitch, it's an upward jump, then a slam. We just covered using an aerial attack. With Chuchu, she swings Kirby around her. Unfortunately, this can't be replicated, just like with Coo or Rick in the sense that one transforms, the other does something with the stone. One more thing I want to add is the ability to roll instead of slide. Stone could do it in Kirby's Dream Land 2, 3 and Amazing Mirror. This could perhaps be done with Turbo Stone, which turns Kirby into a round object (which may have its own unique forms), whereas the other stone attacks turn him into the default statues and still utilize sliding instead of rolling.

And lastly for both the Dream Land games, Parasol. Standard move is standard, except it didn't shoot water droplets. With Rick, he balances Kirby on the parasol. Nothing too special, but it's very similar to Circus Throw. With Coo, they spin like a tornado. While tis is rather like Tornado's signature move, it could be done by pressing up and B. With Kine, he has the parasol in front of him in KDL2 or put it above him and drifts in KDL3. Both of these already exist. With Nago, they used the parasol as a pogo stick. This could be done like Sword's Hat Drop attack again, in which touching the ground while doing it will cause them to bounces as expected (heck, Hat Drop can pogo on enemies now instead of being a slightly more damaging Chop & Thrust or going straight down like Down Thrust). With Pitch, Kirby uses the parasol like a golf club, sending Pitch a ways. This could be incorporated as a down attack on the ground, but by tapping instead of holding, in which Kirby would instead release a water projectile. With Chuchu, they spin around in the parasol like a sort of top or teacup, in which it can slide across the ground. This is somewhat similar to the Parasol Twirl. I'd like to actually incorporate the move, but I feel like that'd require weight balancing, so I suppose the Parasol Twirl will have to suffice. Now, one attack that's been pretty well forgotten is the Copy Ability scroll move, in which the parasol shoots off like energy stars. The only way I can think about how this move would work is that holding the button out for long enough will cause the stars to come out. Maybe about 2 seconds. Also, I believe Parasol had a special slide sprite in Adventure. I want that back.

Now, for Clean. It's an ability I want to come back, more so because it was slated to appear in GCN before being cancelled. This ability hasn't appeared in the "standard" format either. Let's try to build it up though from what we have (not going to add my own ideas). By itself, Kirby swings a broom. Simple as that, that's his standard move activated by tapping the B button. With Rick, it's a duster. This could be done by holding the B button. With Coo, a feather duster. This could be done as a forward attack. With Kine, a plunger. Perhaps this could activate like most grab moves, by being near an enemy and holding a direction. With Nago, Kirby becomes a sort or rug or towel and is basically dragged across the ground. This could be Clean's dash, similar to Water's Surf. With Pitch, a bucket of water. This could be the dash attack, sort of like Spear Throw. With Chuchu, a flying broomstick. This could be used as a float alternative, similar to Wing, Jet, Beetle, and Cupid. This would work most like Angel's though, activating a midair jump getting you on the broom and allowing you to fly in any direction instead of just up; it can only be done while jump is held though, and will cancel if an attack is used. Now, if Clean already had a standard move set, I'd probably deem the dusters superfluous, as they're so similar, and something that could easily be replaced with a move utilizing Clean Kirby's signature broom.

Now, we enter Kirby 64 Combo ability territory. Due to the nature of actually combining abilities to create new ones instead of just giving a new move related to an ability, I decided to get the Dream Land 2/3 stuff done with beforehand. So let's get to it. I'll start with Fire, but I will talk about the other ability in the pair as well, as well as any other relatable abilities. Still has the fireball attack. With two Fires, the Super Fireball, it has a much longer fireball attack. This could be incorporate by "charging up" the fireball attack, similarly to Smash Kick, however, if performed in the air, Kirby would hover/slowly descend while charging; this attack will probably not be on the same calibre as the Super Fireball ability, because that's really far, and that does sometimes cause problems. With Fire and Needle, Flaming Arrows. This doesn't really fit either Fire or Needle, but it would work with Archer or maybe even Cupid. Expanding upon this: ice arrows, thunder arrows, and bomb arrows. The only problem would be how to add them in as well as how to not make them explicitly better than just normal arrows, aka a trade-off of sorts. For either ability, Archer or Cupid, simply holding up could probably do it, in which the types of arrows would always be chosen in a certain order. Cupid could also do this with down and attack, like Doctor's Science Lab. With Fire and Spark, Match, in which Kirby causes static on his head before it sets on fire. I would like it if Spark and Fire, maybe Ice (but less likely), to have passive damage from their hats. Their hats can cause damage upon contact, similar to Kirby's Parasol, where simply holding it can deal minor damage to anything that it touches. Next is the Sword of Fire. This is more of a Sword related thing. It's a sword on fire, and in Squeak Squad, we have a fire sword with ice and thunder variants. The ability to bring the elements back to Sword could be done by holding up. Sky Energy Sword would instead be activated by holding the B button, but it'd just be a Sword Beam charge like with the Master ability, and maybe not a Skyward Strike. The Spin Attack would then be moved to down and hold B, like with Fighter's Force Blast moves, except it doesn't have multiple phases of charge. Again, they'd also need a sort of trade-off. One of my ideas would be that it'd work like Super Smash Bros.'s version of Shulk's Monado Arts, in which once you choose it, you can't use it again unless you use another one for its duration, or you wait long enough. Unfortunately, this would omit Sword of Fire's own moves, aka its passive damage from Kirby holding it behind or above him, the sword swing (which probably won't be missed because Sword's normal swings are pretty nice as are), and the ability to throw the sword, unless we make it similar to the Hammer Throw (that virtually no one uses), which would also omit the ability to recreate the sword, allowing for infinite projectiles (but then again, we have a chargeable Sword Beam now).

Melting Ice Block. Fire and Ice both have the ability to surround themselves in their respective elements, and the Ice Blizzard can slide for a while when used as a dash attack, so nothing really to add here. Going to skip Bomb combos and save them for last, make Bomb feel a little special (he's not special). Volcano. This could be done like Water's Geyser or Poison's Toxic Tower. However, instead of being a stream of fire, it would instead be fireballs coming from his hat, in which he can aim like Toxic Tower could, except it can go to all the way to horizontal, just like Volcano does. Now to focus on Needle. It's standard attack instead is a toggle, which has Kirby surrounded in spines temporarily instead of having them be out for as long as the button is held. With Swiss Army, it's the same deal, except it lasts longer, maybe more range, and its decorated by an assortment of sharp objects. While I find the design quite charming, I don't think it'll work well with modern Needle Kirby, not even like Stone Change. Next is Lightning Rod. Mega Needle effectively replicates this for Needle, and Thunderbolt replicates its part for Spark.

Giant Claws. That's kind of a weird one for both Needle and Cutter, so I'll pass on this one. Giant Spiny Snowflake. Nothing special here besides that it takes a while for the spines to extend all the way, and that it's incorporated with Ice. Ice already has Ice Storm, so we're fine on that front too. With Stone, Drill. We have talked about Needle with more projectiles, and this would be cool to incorporate, but I don't know how exactly. Hand morphing aside, Needle already has a downward attack, the Falling Spine. However, I haven't assigned a forward attack, so that may work, but we'd have the issue of also replicating Kirby dragging on the ground, so this may as well be left unused. With Spark, it can move sideways while performing its signature attack. Considering the Spark Barrier exists, and most people use Spark like they did Plasma, the ability to move while performing Spark Attack is rather obsolete. Super Electric Energy Field. While the lightning bolt lashing out whenever an enemy enters is a nice touch, simply dealing damage is sufficient, and that's what the Super Spark Attack does, as mentioned earlier when talking about Squeak Squad.

Double-Bladed Laser Sword. This is probably a fan favorite, and rightfully so. Given that this ability's main form of attack is a spin, and Sword has the Spin Attack, that will suffice. However, it's arguable that it could be its own ability (because two blades, and because Star Wars). Refrigerator. As cool (pun not intended) and quirky as this ability is, there isn't really a way to incorporate its function into Spark or Ice's move set (and besides, spawning in food is broken), this will have to be skipped. Lightning Boulder. This is probably the weirdest and most unorthodox ability in the game. It's basically a really awkward but fun Yo-Yo that you usually try to avoid to continue its duration. This won't work for Spark, Stone, or Yo-Yo for that matter, so I'll pass. Ice actually is a bit different this time around. Instead of simply exhaling frigid breath, he spins while he does it, and can slide along the ground while doing so. This is very similar to the Ice Sprinkle move, but it's grounded. We do have Ice Sprinkle, as I just mentioned, and there is also a Super Ice Sprinkle technique (that abuses the physics of the game by short jumping and momentum canceling, allowing for a very high damage output), but that's not quite the same. However, I'll probably just skip this one, due to its similarity. With two Ices, Rolling Snowball. We do have the Ice Ball move, which is very similar, and arguably better due to its speed (but repeated usage, but that hardly bothers anyone) and that it freezes and kicks enemies already, although sucking enemies into the snowball is probably more entertaining.

Ice and Stone is Curling Stone, everyone's favorite olympic sport. While it is kind of neat, the deceleration gets annoying after a bit. Probably the most useful part of this is that when it freezes enemies, it places the ice block above, instead of where the enemy was at that moment; this can help with hitting aerial foes with frozen ones. The only way I can think of to incorporate this is up and the B button. Alternatively, to give Ice an edge with aerial projectiles, it's be neat if Ice Ejection could have an altered trajectory (although we do have the ability to spit out snowballs now). With Stone on its own, and with Giant Stone, Kirby can actually walk while in the form. I already talked about how potentially broken this could be, having Stone Kirby able to move like that while in stone form, and in this time, Stone Kirby probably wouldn't rebound after contact with [mid-]bosses, making it more broken. Point is, we're not making Stone mobile in that form except for sliding and rolling (unless we're going to give it a sort of vulnerability, but seeing as how everyone likes Metal Kirby...). But maybe this could be added. MAYBE....

Now onto the bombs (because Bomb didn't get its own isolated section like the others). By itself, still bombs, but you had to hold the button to determine how far they'd go, which is an outdated form of aiming. With another bomb, missiles. With Fire, fireworks. With Needle, a Gordo basically. With Spark, a lightbulb. With Cutter, ninja stars. With Ice, a snowman. With Stone, dynamite. Bomb's current move set is about bomb placement, but not about different bombs. It's time to switch that up. Fireworks would be nice for increasing range and/or being a multi-hit attack. Spike bombs (we'll probably have them look more generic instead of like Gordos) could help with directional range, similarly to Needle's Needle Burst. Lightbulbs I'll probably omit, but Thunder Bombs are welcome (on the Spark side of this, Spark can still light up rooms already and the Spark Barrier is already a surround attack with mobility); they would deal electric damage, but I'm not quite sure about the down side, besides maybe slower rate of fire. Explosive Ninja Stars probably belongs more to Ninja than Bomb or Cutter (on the Ninja side of things, a forward attack by tapping I suppose); it would go straight ahead instead of being controlled by gravity, similarly to the Straight Throw before it was replaced with Bomb Bowl (which is totally cool anyway). Snowmen are also an oddity in Bomb's or Ice's move sets (although Bomb does have self destruct as an attack), so this will be left alone, aside from adding back Ice Bombs, which would probably do less damage in exchange for freezing enemies (frozen enemies do a considerable amount of damage anyway, so it's still worth it). Dynamite is clearly going to be the most powerful (it does self damage in 64) but it will also take the longest to explode if it doesn't hit a target and there can only be one out at a time. With missiles, well, they're missiles. They'll home into enemies as per usual, but will do less damage to compensate. As for how to activate these (the big question), would probably just be by holding up (like Sky Energy Sword), in which the explosives would either always be done in a certain order, or could be individually chosen (kind of like Milky Way Wishes in KSSU). As for some other bomb-related stuff, I'd like Bomb Slide back. The fact that special slide moves don't exist anymore disappoints me. We could also try to make Straight Throw and Bomb Bowl as separate moves, having Straight be tap and Bowl be hold.

Anything I missed regarding those abilities? I hope not. Moving on, let's talk about some other abilities that are missing more that can be added back.

Fighter has numerous moves from Squeak Squad that didn't make it. The aerial spin kick could be done by tapping in the air, in which double kick would still be by holding. Down Kick would instead be done by holding down and tapping while in the air, in which Sky Kick would be the "hold" version of the attack. The ground spin kick would still be a forward attack, but by holding, in which Leg Sweep would be the tap variant. The KSS(U) Spin Kick would be by tapping and dashing, while the current one is by holding. The somersault kick would be a dashing up attack (in contrast to Ice Ball, which is a dashing down attack). The kick that followed Vulcan Jab in Squeak Squad and Amazing Mirror will be done by tapping up instead of holding it (which is Rising Break), and can be followed up by the downward punch if timed accordingly (like Sword Dive). Throws: Arm Throw (KSS) is forward, Air Drop is up, Juudou Throw (KSS) is back, Judo Throw (KRtDL) is down, and Arm Throw (KRtDL) is B (or something like that). As for the longer range of the Super Star Vulcan Jab, perhaps it can be aimed like Feather Gun or Fire Breath, allowing it to be angled or extended.

Hammer has a couple of missing moves as well. Return to Dream Land had Triple Hammer, which was taken out for unknown reasons (aside from Dededetour, where charging would give Dedede a cutting projectile). Could still be done by holding long enough. Then, giant hammer, which could be done by holding longer than that. There's also that hammer beam thing that Dedede has when at full health in Dededetour. Not sure whether or not to add that, but you know the drill at this point. Also, Hammer has a special slide attack in Adventure, and I think that'd be cool to add back.

Hi-Jump just needs its multi-hit properties back, or it needs its damage numbers increased, because this ability was great in Squeak Squad, but not so great in Return to Dream Land (but I suppose it's still fun, and Rocket Dive is an improvement). Also, special.

Ninja. Talked a bit about Explosive Ninja Stars. Said it would be a forward attack. Want to add normal shurikens back from Squeak Squad. This will be done by holding instead of tapping (like Fighter). Quad Shock will instead be initiated as a forward attack (or perhaps even a close range attack like Cleaving Cutter) by holding, while the Explosive Ninja Star is just by tapping. The old dash attack will be a tap, and the new one will be by holding (preferably the Return to Dream Land one, which had a better hitbox and much less lag at the end of the move). Water walking can return, and we can still have the bamboo stick thing if he's swimming on the surface as well. Along with this, we can put back Elemental Jutsu by holding the button for longer than the shuriken.

Cupid I'll get to later, I have something special for that. Although while I'm here, make its arrows less sucky. I think they were actually better in Amazing Mirror (although that new dash attack is very much welcome).

Throw is also special, and I will get back to.

Sleep just needs its healing back, and make it better, as healing was the equivalent of 1.5 cherries in that game (a cherry was 1/6 of the base health in that game, but is 1/10 of full health). This thing needs to step it up to like a 1/3 health or something (which is usually Pep Brew).

Beam will also receive "special" treatment (maybe it's not so special anymore since I keep on doing this). It would be kind of neat to see its powered-up whip appear somehow, but I don't know how that'll work (besides Sky Energy Sword, like I haven't said that enough already). Also, put Revolution Beam back; there was no reason to get rid of it that I'm aware of.

Metal is basically part of Stone now (except the invincibility walking, which while cool, is also extremely tedious, although I suppose it could help with wind currents; will need to think about that. MAYBE...).

Magic just needs to either get rid of the roulette, or make it not so easy to accidentally do (it's happened to me more than I've wanted, and since I generally hate random...).

Sword, we want Final Cutter back because it was fabulous. Will use Special Yo-Yo input. Also, we can add back the slide attack. This is going to be a weird thing to summarize given the various references to Sword earlier on. Element can be changed in place of Sky Energy Sword. Sky Energy Sword is replaced by a chargeable Sword Beam like Master, and the Spin Attack is down and attack on the ground. Also, if we want so badly, multi-stab combo can be a forward attack combo (still ridiculous with the stab's range unless it acts more like today's Vulcan Jab).

Laser is special.

The only move missing from Wheel is the ability to slow down (and, if we add Wheelie Rider, the star shooting). Nobody cares about the slowing down as far as I'm concerned, and if you do, they have a move that allows you to stop on the spot (and I don't think the ability is as fast in these games, which is why it has that turbo boost move thing). As for the stars... that's broken, deal with it.

Crash is also special.

Spear. The ability to Triple Throw could easily be reimplemented. Basically the Triple Deluxe version with the Triple Throw (it only makes sense). Also, maybe incorporate that slide thing. It was with every ability that held a weapon (Sword, Hammer, Parasol), which is also their reason for working underwater.

Breathing underwater. It'd be nice if you could do the continuous breathing from the older games instead of just the air bubbles. Bubbles could be done by tapping, and the stream or whatever could be done by holding. Also, maybe make it so that Copy Abilities can be used underwater but with limitations, like no dash attacks and the likes.

Now, for the fun (and special treatment). We only just talked about the move sets; now it's time for the merging (also, if you managed to read all of that, you have no life). Also, for the record, most of these merges are simple ideas. I'm not necessarily saying they're desirable. More of them I'd rather have the abilities separate.

Cupid and Archer. I've talked about this quite a while back (two years ago, when Triple Deluxe was still pretty new). Both of them involve move sets with bows and arrows. Cupid can fly and shoot while doing so, has a triple shot dash attack. Archer can slash his arrow as a dash attack, as well as shoot three arrows diagonally downward as a midair dash, has better aimability, can aim directly up, can crouch to become invincible, and can even attack while crouching. It seems like Archer has it better off. If Archer were to be the superior ability, the slash could be a forward attack, with the triple shot being a dash. That or one of them could be a tap, and the other a hold. However, Archer would lose the unique ability to fly [and shoot] (he's Robin Hood, not Peter Pan) and have the same dash attack in the air, in exchange for keeping Camouflage, Crawl, and Hitman. However, we can turn this around. Cupid can have the new arrow aiming mechanics, [nearly] 360° shooting ability, have the same triple arrow/arrow slash set-up, could have the diagonal shots be done either by just simple aiming, or as a midair downward dash attack (like Condor Bomber). A Hitman-like attack could still be in, but Camouflage and Crawl are less likely to follow. I mean, I guess he could hide behind clouds and hearts and that stuff. However, if Cupid were to prevail, characters like Spynum, or even Bowby (seriously, the fact that this wasn't the enemy to grant Archer is kind of pitiful, and it only appeared in Return to Dream Land) would probably be taken out, or would just grant no Copy Ability (which is also sad). Alternatively, Cupid and Archer could both exist, but with incredibly similar move sets, but that would seem redundant. Fire and Ice as well as Water and Poison work because, while having similar moves, they can still be set apart from each other with their elemental differences, different uses in puzzles, and so forth. Cupid and Archer, not so much.

Throw, and Suplex/Backdrop, and Beetle. This was another one I talked about two years back. Aside from the former two both sporting fabulous blue headbands, they also rely on grabs and throws. Beetle also does, but to a lesser extent. The former two could be effectively merged with each other as well. Throwing could be accomplished by just pressing the B button to inhale, whereas Suplex's Lunges would be forward and dash attacks. Depending on which way you grab the enemy, inhale or lunge, will determine whether you throw or suplex respectively; simple as that. To add to that, Backdrop's downward throw in midair could be forward, Suplex's normal midair throw would be up, and the body slam would still be down. Don't have a backward throw for this one. But now it comes to Beetle. Beetle is part Sword (standard combo and can cut ropes), part Jet (better flight), part Hammer/Stone (can pound stakes) and part Suplex/Throw (lunge, and the 4 other throws). That's a lot of stuff. This ability could practically absorb Suplex and Throw if it wanted to. I love Beetle, don't get me wrong, but I also really love Suplex and Throw, more so if they were combined into one, but having them all merged would probably be saddening, more so since it could be done with relative ease. Rocket Horn could lead into the Throw moves, and Catching Horn could lead into the Suplex moves (and could still move back and forth and jump by requiring the B button to also be pressed to activate the move). Another thing is, if Beetle and Suplex were to coexist, what would Bugzzy give? Although, we do have Jukid and Phan Phan to fall back on (although Jukid could be changed to give Fighter instead, although now that I think about it, I don't recall any mid-bosses that have ability changes except for Freeze, Burning, and Crash). My ideal set-up would be to have Suplex merged with Throw, and have it be able to co-exist with Beetle, even though, as I said, it could totally contain both of their move sets (except maybe the Pinpoint Kick).

Beam, Spark, and Laser. In Spark's section regarding Dream Land 2 and 3, I mentioned how with Rick, you use one of Beam's attack, and with Chuchu, one of Laser's attacks. Let's get back to that. It's actually quite possible that all three of these abilities could be merged into one. It'll be weird, definitely, but it can happen. Let's start with Laser, which is much simpler, having only 2 moves. I said Laser would be executed as a forward attack. This will also have the new aiming mechanic, and will also be able to deflect off walls, even if they're not angled. It will have the Plasma Needle, the standard laser, the Heat Beam/chargeable one from Squeak Squad, and the Piercing Heat Beam. They will still deflect. That's Laser for you (extending into UFO's territory). Now, Beam is more complex. The standard Beam Whip will be activated by tapping, as aforementioned way earlier in this blog post. Wave Beam may be bypassed (I mean, we have Spark Wave). Revolution Beam is still the same. Cycle Beam could be a downward dash attack, or we could have one of the dash attacks be a tap while the other is a hold (you have to make a lot of complex compromises to cram as many moves into a move set as you can). Capture Beam will also be the same. Beam Blast will be a midair downward dash attack (given it's a carpet bomb attack anyway). As for some special modifications, all attacks will be upgraded by using static. With Spark Attack, the Spark field gets bigger with each charge level. The lightning bolts are more powerful and/or greater lateral range. Laser will upgrade accordingly. Beam will start as normal without charge, be the Squeak Squad Copy Ability Scroll variant with Spark Arrow charge, Plasma Spray with Spark Laser Charge, and Plasma Zap with full charge (taking Plasma's moves from Air Ride). These additional two moves will still follow the general Beam Whip Motion. Cycle Beam, Revolution Beam, and Capture Beam will be upgraded similarly, being default, Squeak Squad Scroll, Spray, and then Zap (Revolution Beam's upgrade will deplete after a single revolution or so). Beam Blast will take it a step further. It'll be default, Plasma Spray, Plasma Zap, and then Plasma Comets. These will be more accurate to their appearances in Air Ride instead of copying Beam Blast exactly. Now, just to say, I don't necessarily want all of these abilities to be merged, but I'm saying that (with hard work and determination), it can be done. Personally, I want to see Laser back in action, and I want it aimable. Seriously, how many people thought in Adventure that you could aim Laser upward like it showed in the icon?

Bomb and Crash. Something that really bothers me about Bomb is self-destruct; it's probably one of the most pointless moves in the game. You wait all this time, with Kirby in a slightly handicapped state, for the Bomb to blow up just to do a little recoil (older games did self-injury as well) and have no increase in damage whatsoever. I wish that Bomb's self-destruct would be pointful, like have more power the longer you wait, maybe a bigger blast radius, and so forth, kind of like the Balloon Bomb item. Also, perhaps if you wait all the way, Kirby will forfeit the ability in a giant explosion like Crash, but also similarly to its move in Air Ride. This is why I consider them mergeable. Do I want Crash to disappear though? No, I like them separate, but self-destruct, or at least holding the bomb a bit instead of throwing it ASAP, should do more damage.

Hi-Jump, Jet and Missile. They former two can be merged to form a new version of Jet. Jet can take Hi-Jump's main attack from it by using up and attack, and can charge them like such, and it can also take the Rocket Dive. This is in addition to the Ultra-Jet Jump and the fact that Jet can charge forward quickly as well. However, we can make it a new Hi-Jump as well. It won't store power, but it can now lunge forward, still with the chargeability of its normal attack, as well as be able to charge its Rocket Dive. It can also still be able to angle itself when doing a forward lunge, and be able to stop any of its jumps with a special shockwave, getting more powerful with more charge. Its grab will only be the Rocket Dive attack from Jet (only just found out they both had a Rocket Dive move) as a version of Jet Blow would be a little complex/awkward to add in. The Hover will also be omitted, as Hi-Jump does not have a thruster. The Somersault could perhaps be maintained. Hi-Jump's standard attacks don't require the up input, only directional input if doing a "jump" that isn't up, such as sideways or downward. Missile, which if it reappears may end up being renamed to Rocket (given Epic Yarn and Rainbow Curse both have rocket forms, but no missiles; same goes for a tank and a submarine), could probably take over. It could be chargeable like Jet and Hi-Jump, allowing for boosts before and during flight, still have its directional freedom, and have explosions on contact or upon transformation. It wouldn't have the Hover, but considering that the ability's main purpose is flying, I don't think that'll be a problem. Again, mergeable, not necessarily desirable. Probably worth having the variety.

Bubble and Water. With the likelihood of Bubble Items being Squeak Squad exclusive, it's likely Bubble can be merged with Water. The ability to blow bubbles can be done by holding the button instead of tapping, and they can be aimable as usual. The Big Bubble could be accomplished as a dash attack, but by tapping instead of holding. That, or just a forward attack.

Whip and Yo-Yo. Both are rather similar, and for Pete's sake, they both have a special Yo-Yo input attack involving a spinning leap into the air, with the most horizontal range at the top. Whip is the faster and weaker one, while Yo-Yo is the stronger but slower one. Either could prevail. If Whip prevails, then nothing really changes. Not like Whip is going to do a breakdance. If Yo-Yo prevails, the 100-Whip Dash can be a forward move, but with a Yo-Yo. The vertical range of Ceiling Strike could be achieved by holding the button instead of tapping it, which does Yo-Yo Up. Yo-Yo down will be changed a bit on the ground due to the newer formula, but will be the same when used in the air. A Jump Strike could be done as a midair downward dash attack if it need be. I don't know of a Yo-Yo move equivalent of the 100-Whip Slap, but considering how many different Yo-Yo tricks there are (and that it has its own wiki), I'm sure something can be done. Break Spin and Gazer Spiral will stay, in which Gazer Spiral is the equivalent of Whip Tornado. Hammer Drop will act a bit like Whip Grab. It will still have the turnaround (backward), pulling it behind you and then slamming it (downward), and then also have a throw upward like High Lash and a throw forward like Front Lash/Yo-Yo Throw

Modernized Laser Moveset

Move Controls Description
Laser Blast B Kirby shoots a laser blast like before
Laser Sight Hold B Kirby creates a laser sight, which can be aimed up and down and also shows the path during ricochets
Big Laser Hold and release B Kirby shoots a charged-up laser blast
Back Laser Back + B after Laser Blast Kirby shoots a laser blast behind him after shooting one in front
Laser Up Up + B Kirby shoots a laser directly up
Big Up Laser Up + hold and release B Kirby shoots a charged-up laster blast straight up
Continuous Laser Down + Hold B Kirby shoots a continuous laser forward, which can be aimed while holding the button. Acts similarly to Francisca's Soda Beam, but is not very powerful and does no knock back to balance that it can be kept out indefinitely
Laser Sweep Dash + B Kirby creates a continuous laser and sweeps upward 45°. Damage is less powerful the farther away
Laser Cycle B in midair Kirby fires twelve laser blasts around him at 30° intervals. Fires clockwise if facing right and counterclockwise if facing left
Laser Flare Dash + B in midair Kirby creates a short-ranged burst diagonally downward

Thank you Miiverse

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