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Favorite Kirby Game:

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Favorite Copy ability: Beam
Favorite Boss Battle: Maglor
Favorite Kirby Music: Green Greens (Epic Yarn)
Favorite Anime Episode: Waddle While You Work
Favorite Sub-Game Ninja Dojo
Favorite Enemy: Scarfy

Hello! Like my name suggests I buy waddle dees hot! I like to play nintendo games, and random playstation games, on occasion.


King Dedede: "Why is he slurping all that water?"

Escargoon: "Mabey he ate something salty"

Kirby Right Back At Ya! Ep. #97: Air Ride in Style Part II

King Dedede: Huh? A dinosaur?

Escargoon: What are you waiting for sire? Steal credit will ya?

Kirby Right Back At Ya! Ep.#75: Fossil Fools-Part I


Copy Ability's:

Baton: Works just like in the anime but you are able to jump on enemy's and ride them around. Bat: Kirby gets baseball bat and is able to swing it;similar to Hammer.


Kirby RPG: Well, what the title says. Kirby's main attack is slide but can learn to inhale, and can find copy abilitys around the world.


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