Hoshii no Kaabii

aka Senshi the Russian Alpaca

  • I live in a box. My alpaca buddies are jelly.
  • My occupation is being a gamer and studying video games with my alpaca pals.
  • I am an alpaca gamer.
Hoshii no Kaabii
Name Jay
Gender Male
Age 12
Location United States
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Height 5 Feet
Weight Something
Favorite Character Kirby
Favorite Copy Ability Ninja
Favorite Game Kirby's Return to Dream Land
User Rank I don't know
I am a huge Kirby and Zelda fan. There are many more people who are bigger Zelda fans than me, but I am the biggest Kirby fan in the USA.

My first Kirby game was Kirby Super Star Ultra which I got on my 11th birthday. My last Kirby game was Kirby 64 which I got on my 12th birthday. In between that time I had been getting the other games for special occasions. I now have all of the games and I have watched every episode.

Here is a link to my wiki. Kirby/Zelda Wiki.

Top 10 Copy Abilities

They are not order.

  • Ninja
  • Fighter
  • Clean
  • Beam
  • Ice
  • Master
  • Needle
  • Sword
  • Mirror
  • Bomb
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