• I live in Clock Town
  • My occupation is School
  • I am female
Name Not telling!
Age Still not telling!
Location Somewhere in the Solar System.
Height Tall(ish).
Weight Why no, I do not collect weights in Kirby Air Ride.
Favorite Character Meta Knight
Favorite Copy Ability Wing
Favorite Game Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

About Me

KSSU Green Kirby sprite

It's ME!

Hi! I'm Greenkirby66 and I think the Kirby series is the best video game series out there! I spend a lot of time playing Kirby games and other Nintendo games, like Mario, Pokémon, and The Legend of Zelda (and a lot more). 

Feel free to contact me on my talk page, just don't be mean! o(^_^)o

My Kirby Games (In the order I got them)

I have a Gameboy Advance SP, a Gamecube, a DS lite, a Wii, a Nintendo 64 (I got Kirby 64 on my Wii before I got an N64), a 3DS, and a Wii U.

Other games with Kirby:

..... Now in order from Favourite to Least Favourite!

I don't hate any game, just some are better than others.

My Favourites

I was just experimenting with tables, which I can't use properly. It took half an hour to do this =D

Favourite things Reason why
Ability: Wing

It's so much fun using wing! I love flying around much faster than before.

Enemy: Flapper Although I've never played any of the games it appears in, Flappers are adorable. Also, bats are my favourite animals.
Boss: Ice Dragon I haven't actually fought it (Unless you count the paintings of it), but it's so adorable!
Mid-boss: Bombar It's a good fighter and when you have no power, you can always wait until Bombar sends out two homing missiles so you can get mix and hope for UFO or Smash.
Final Boss: 0² His boss theme is epic :D and he's cool. And Zero and/or 0² could whip Magolor's butt anyways.
Game: Kirby & the Amazing Mirror I love the style of the world and how you can roam free! Also, those COMs are pretty funny!
Level/World: Nutty Noon *Sigh* This is such a beautiful level. The overworld theme and the music in the first two levels are some of my favourite pieces of music in the game. I love just flying around with Wing in the overworld. Excuse me, I have to leave. To play some Return to Dream Land, of course!

Editing goals

Make 50 edits
Make 100 edits
Make 200 edits
Make 300 edits
Make 400 edits
Make 500 edits

Other places you can find me


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