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  • I live in Auckland, New Zealand
  • I was born on February 3
  • My occupation is Kirby fan, but I love Super Smash Bros. too.
  • I am an awesome gamer, loyal minion to NONE!
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Hello! I'm 12 and I have been a Kirby fan "Since 1885" (Kidding 2008 when I was 6)! And am very pleased to contribute to the absolute BEST wiki in the universe, and I am glad to help in any way that I can! You can also rarely find me on Wikitroid and The Pokemon Wiki. I used to have SmashWiki, but I quit in favor of Miiverse.

About Me

Things I like: Kirby, swimming, running, music, and The Holy Bible

And keep in mind...

This wiki has a policy so you can't change someone else's profile page. So don't touch mine! 

Favorite Stuff (In Kirby)

What it is Favorite Second Favorite Least Favorite
Copy Ability Master Sword Kirby U.F.O. Kirby Sleep Kirby
Music 02 Battle Dream a New Dream for Tomorrow Goal in Sight (Kirby Super Star Ultra version)
Air Ride Machine Dragoon Warp Star Slick Star
Game Kirby's Return to Dream Land Kirby Air Ride Kirby's Dreamland 2
Enemy Sword Knight Waddle Dee Glunk
Midboss Bonkers Chef Kawasaki Bandana Waddle Dee (KSSU)
Helper Gooey Bio Spark Rocky
Boss Galacta Knight Shine & Bright Mega Titan
Final Boss Dark Mind Nightmare Marx Soul
Character Green Kirby (just because Kirby is so awesome and Green is better than pink) Bandana Waddle Dee (KRtDL) Waddle Dee Ball (Canvas Curse)

Gooey! My favorite Helper!

Dream a New Dream for Tomorrow

Dream a New Dream for Tomorrow

My Second Favorite Kirby Song EVER!

Zero Two Battle Theme

Zero Two Battle Theme

My favorite Kirby song ever!

Master icon

Master Sword is Awesome!

Favorite quotations

Bowser, to Wiggler: "BAH! You like compost? I'LL COMPOST YOUR FACE!" -- Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Goku, to Frieza: "You can destroy planets, but you can never destroy what I am, friend. I am the hope of the universe! I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent! I am the light in the darkness! I am truth... ALLY TO GOOD, NIGHTMARE TO YOU! -- Dragon Ball Z Episode 96, Explosion of Anger

Wigglytuff, to Skuntank and Koffing: "Dear friends! What's wrong? You've been making such scary faces at me!" -- Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness

"Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap and yet your Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" -- Matthew 6 : 26 ESV

Paint Roller: "Let me paint you a lovely portrait..." Kirby: "Oh, how sweet of yo-" Paint Roller: "Of you losing to me!" Kirby: "Paint Roller, you are the meanest art student i've ever met!" Paint Roller: "Student? HAH! I am the master!" -- Kirby's Avalanche

Anthony: "There it is! OK, so it's very important that you sprint, and then jump at just the right time to get the flag-" Ian: "Yeah whatever. *jumps* WHEEEEE! AAGH! I broke my beautiful legs! It's ok my sweet OUCH! sh shh!" Anthony: "Idiot. THIS is how it's done! *slow motion jumps, and lands skewered on flag pole*" -- Smosh WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO!

Kirby Games I Own

I have 21/31 Kirby Games. I'll put links to the ones I don't have. Here are the Kirby Games:

Important Edits I've Made

Created the Kirby and the Rainbow Curse page.

Completely redid the Kracko page.

Added some of the pictures for the Kirby and the Rainbow Curse page. 

Added the video for the Mario Kirby Masterpiece page. 

My Signature

My signature, made by NerdyBoutKirby:

GreenKirby213 Frowning Kirby What did you say?

My Gaming Story (True Story)

So, basically, my whole life (2002-2007) I had been sheltered from games, and in the blink of an eye, it seemed, mom and dad were getting divorced... So in 2007 I asked my mom if I could buy a DS. I got a silver DSlite and a copy of Pokemon Diamond for $20. It seemed like a good deal, but I soon realized I had been fooled! The DS stopped working in about a year afterwards, but by that time my dad had bought me another DSlite (black and dark blue), for $90, although not to happy about it... In 2008, mom got me Kirby Super Star Ultra, and I loved it so much I promised myself I would collect all the games in the series! Sometime around then, I read the ENTIRE page for King Dedede, and I remember being freaked out by the Kirby's Dream Land 3 section... Later that year, my DS and games case was stolen! We never knew who did it... But my DS was not in there! I was able to keep it, and Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story (in my DS at the time)! However, Kirby Super Star Ultra was in there! In 2009, (due to playing new Super Mario Bros. too much) the right button on the control pad stopped working... So I had to use my Mom's PINK DSlite! It pretty much sucked for a long time, half a year or so, until mom got me a DSi! In 2010, I saw advertisements for Kirby's Epic Yarn, and just HAD to get it! ... But ... It's a Wii game... Christmas Day, 2010, I got a Wii! A RED Wii! Mario's 25th Birthday... WOOT! (what the heck?) In 2010 I got Kirby's Epic Yarn for Christmas, and later (mid-late 2011) got another copy of Kirby Super Star Ultra! (did I mention I love that game?) Then I bought Kirby Mass Attack in 2012. Sometime around then I heard of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! so I started watching it. The show came out when I was only about 1, so who can blame me? Feb 3 2012... My 10th Birthday! Kirby's Return to Dream Land... From my dad? Cool! He's nice again! Later that year, I bought Kirby: Squeak Squad! July here on Kirby Wiki I heard that September 16 was the day Kirby's Dream Collection was released! November I finally got it! While I was working to complete Kirby's Dream Land 3, I learned of the Samus cameo. It was then I recalled seeing Metroid: Other M at Fred Meyer. Christmas 2012... My Dad looked hard on Ebay and else to get me Kirby Air Ride, Kirby Canvas Curse, and Pokemon Black 2! January 2013... I bought Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, and couldn't play it just yet because I didn't have a GBA. On my Birthday I got Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land! A little later (late Birthday gift) my Dad got me Super Smash Bros. Brawl! That is mainly what got into Metroid (because Samus is really good in SSBB). Shortly after, I got a red GBA SP! (another late gift, this one from my mom) February 13, 2013 is the day I joined Kirby Wiki. In March, I discovered Virtual Console (I had never heard of it before. But then again, I had no source of news really), and so I bought Kirby's Avalanche! April 1, 2013 I bought Kirby's Dream Course and Super Metroid, My first Metroid game! April 6, 2012 I bought Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Prime! April 29, I decided to start saving for Kirby Star Stacker. May 4, 2013: I bought Kirby Star Stacker. June 10, 2013: I saw more news on Super Smash Bros. 4, and immediately wanted a Wii U. On that very day I began saving for one. Then my Dad didn't get me a Wii U and I was like, nooooo...  


Hehe. I'm making this edit from the Wii U I got for Christmas.  

When Kirby: Triple Deluxe was announced and I was like "yes!" only I don't have a 3DS, this is 2010 all over again! But then we moved to New Zealand... I kind of started not coming on to Kirby Wiki for a while, since there's so much else going on. And I couldn't get a 3DS... Saved up all my money, worked very hard and earned enough for a 3DS, so I got a 3DS, got Triple Deluxe, got SSB3D, asking for SSBU and Pokemon Omega Ruby for Christmas and not much else is new. I still come on Kirby Wiki periodically to check on the Wiki and change minor things. 

Kirby's Ultimate Arena (Wii U)

Just a game I made up. This isn't a real game.


This game happens shortly after the anime (chronologically). King Dedede is bored, so he has all of the Waddle Dees work on something secret. Kirby is earning D-Bills to buy a Go-Kart, but once he has 100 D-Bills, Dedede announces a new Arena, and tickets cost exactly 100 D-Bills, with the prize being a lifetime supply of watermelons, naturally. Kirby enters it, and the latest Kirby adventure opens up!


In this tounament style battle game, each boss carrys a Victory Card (same function as a 1UP, but for bosses). Kirby buys 1UPs at the start of a tounament instead of a Victory Card. If Kirby is Defeated, he will have to do odd jobs (Sub-Games) around Cappy Town to earn 100 D-Bills again, which can either be spent by buying the Go-Cart, or by buying another ticket to the Arena. Whenever Kirby defeats a Boss, he gets their Victory Card (Which Kirby cannot use, he sure can collect 'em though!). But if he dies, his victory card count drops back to zero, so be careful! If he chooses to earn 200 D-Bills, you can get a 2UP! If he buys the Go-Cart at Gengu's, a new Sub-Game (Kirby Racing) opens up! All the "True" Bosses like Galacta Knight and HR-D3 can be fought on intense (True Arena Mode) mode. All of the Victory Cards in a Mode must be collected before collecting a Trophy and moving on to the next mode. Some foes power up (EX, Skull, Revenge, Soul etc. : Lady Ivy, HR-D3, Drawcia, Yin-Yarn, King Dedede etc.) instead of giving him a Victory Card when defeated. They must be defeated twice. This is the function of even more Powerful Victory Cards, known as Victory Cards EX. Kirby can buy 1UP EX's for 1000 D-Bills! They revive Kirby with more Vitality, and 3 mix abilities he can use at will. Minibosses are not fought in Arena Mode, but in Miniboss Rush. All 101 copy abilities can be unlocked after beating Intense mode and recieving the Grand TrophyOf course, just like The Arena, two random copy abilities can be obtained between battles. And since it's Tournament style, not every single boss is fought in order to recieve a Trophy. However, this is not the case with Intense Mode. Every boss must be bested on Intense Mode. Intense mode is not that impossible. It features a quicksave mode every 5 bosses defeated, but does not heal Kirby in doing so.

This Game features remixed boss and final boss themes.


Arena (Normal Mode, as explained above)

Hard Mode (True Arena-ish)

Free Mode (Wander Cappy Town Freely. Like City Trial when you're off your machine. This mode is 3D, but the battles aren't.)

Intense Mode (Harder than True Arena, making it almost impossible. Beating it grants the Grand Trophy)


Cooking Kirby (Kawasaki pays 10 D-Bills to help him cook)

Sheep Herding Kirby (Kirby rounds up the mayor's sheep)

Fotune Telling Kirby (Magic Kirby helps Mabel tell fortunes)

King Kirby (After beating the game, King Dedede is kicked out. Kirby replaces him by telling the Waddle Dees what to do in a Lego Battles type of game)

Miniboss Rush (Self explanatory)

Kirby Racing (A little like Top Ride, but on a Go-Kart. More items, which can be toggled individually. Also features new courses)

Book Rush (Kirby tries to find the right book at the Library for Tiff within 30 seconds, who pays him 10 D-Bills and researches new Copy abilities never seen before this game that he recieves after 2 real-life days of helping Tiff.)

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