Zero Two FTW!

If anyone here happens to come across English versions of the anime episodes that are on my list below, then tell me on my talk page. Also, if you find the japanese episodes of number 73, Dedede's Raw Deal/Turn! Revolving Sushi or episode 87 Waste Management/Attack! Selfish Crow Army!, please tell me links that lead to no spam websites.

Hello, my name's Gamefreak75 and I'm an administrator and a bureaucrat!:D If it's not obvious already, my favorite boss is Zero Two.

I have played almost every Kirby game and I'm a big fan of them.

I will also try to contibute to the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! articles because they have no detail whatsoever.

I usually check in everyday so if you need me to do something, just tell me.

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FC:0131-4862-2247 If you get my FC give me your FC.

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Forgotten Articles

Oh dear...

Articles that are rarely visited because of their obscure Japanese names.

Anime Stuff

I will have this template here for my own need. I occasionally tend to forget stuff, so that is why this is here. Any episode not on here means that it's complete, but any episode still on here is incomplete. Note: This only applies to the one on my page.

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