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Hi, I'm Galoomba,

I don’t want to make any trouble on the Kirby Wiki, I just wanna help out because I really like Kirby (video games in general). So I hope that I don't get on anyone’s nerves. And I know my articles are to short sometimes, but I try my best to research and complete them and if I don't do that, I at least try to make the structure for it to finnish it later, if I have time, or that someone else could do that, maybe. So please don't see my short articles or some other stuff too as lazy.....

About Me

Well... *cough* ...uhm, I-I like K-Kirby? *Uff*...oh forget it... just ignore this part... I-I am sorry...

Kirby Games, that I have played

SNES (Classic Mini)

3DS & Wii U-Virtual Console

Nintendo DS & Nintendo 3DS

Wii & Nintendo Switch


The End

Thank you for reading!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)