aka >_<

  • I live in castle dedede ( it's a joke, get over it).
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is cleaner in Escargon's room
  • I am male
KSSU Mini Lobster Alt. Palette

dark heavy lobster o_0

KSqSq Dark Daroach sprite

Daroach ( alternate palette )

Hai. I am a huge fan of the Kirby of the stars anime. I like to compare the games with the anime. My belief is that Captain waddle doo is a rare breed of waddle doo that adapted to handling a sword. My faviourite games are : Kirby and the amazing mirror, kirby: a nightmare in dreamland and Kirby's adventure wii. I am also fond of the Golden sun games.

Kirby videos

Faviourite characters

1. Captain waddle doo 2. Tokkori 3. Metaknight 4 .silica 5 .knuckle joe 6. Blade knight 7. Sword knight 8. Kirby 9. Gooey 10. Kabu.


Say what again. I dare ya.

KSqSq Gold Waddle Dee sprite


KSqSq King Dedede sprite

Golden waddle dee?

{C To make things clear, I like pretty much every Kirby character. Everyone except Escargon's mum... 0_o . ( I make no profit of these sprites and did not design or own any of them. ) Ok, Escargon's mum isn't that bad... But Magalor is!! he...


What I do

At Kirby wiki, I look for articles that are stubs and that need cleaning up, and I look into them.

Any notable spelling mistakes, incorrect information or any irrelevent information I try to replace. I also like to add sprites now and then.
Sprite 1

Copy? What kind of an ability is "copy"?!


My faviourite creepypastas are white hand ( pokemon red ) and kirby 666. I go oncreepypasta wiki a lot, so you'll find my profile. My least favourite
  • Revenge of Metaknight ( play ).
  • Intro: Tonight we take over Dreamland. Nobody can sto- hey! it's Kirby! FIRE!
  • BOOM
  • WHAT TH-
  • And that, children, is how Meta knight took over Dreamland.
  • TELL US AGAIN! (loops)
creepypasta is Herobrines peninsula -_- . It's barely even a creepypasta!! Chainsaw waddle dee, waddle doo, copy abilites, profile pictures, fumu, Dedede and Escargoon pictures are ones I added, but all others are not mine. Rights to their respectful owners.


Note that most of this will be fan art.
Im sorry, waddle doo.

I'm sorry waddle doo! It had to be done!

I would like to thank Celebimaster897 for making my new signature:
My tree!

my tree!! noo!!

Fumutan Biospark attack right wanna battle? KMAgoldenwaddledee no thanks.

and to NerdyBoutKirby, for my latest one:

Fumutan KA Waddle Dee spriteOld school Waddle Dee. KSSU Waddle Dee spriteN00B. 11:15, September 1, 2012 (UTC)

  • Hmm, I remember this level. I just never remembered to get stone Kirby.
  • You gotta love Escargoon.
  • what episode is this from? : S
  • Galacta Knight... XD
  • This is the result of mixing the plant food with weed killer.
  • Who else is excited at the 20th anniversery? c:
  • Its a shame you can't read this. Can you? zoom in.
  • (>I_I)>


"My,aren't you cranky today Jenna"!


Kraden, Golden sun 2

"Well done Kirby! high five, low five, all that."

Magalor, Kirby's Return to Dream Land

"The name is "operation floating cola on Earth!""

Tamama, Keroro gunso

”Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong”




"Come back when you can put up a fight"

Meta Knight, Super Smash Bros Brawl

"The time has come... The time to show our power!"

Meta Knight's revenge


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