Flare Beam

aka Hikari Shirayuki

  • I live in Dream Land!!!!!!
  • My occupation is I don't feel like writing it here.
  • I am Why should I tell?

Favorite Copy Ability: Bell

Least Favorite Copy Ability: Needle

Favorite Boss/Final Boss: Queen Sectonia

Least Favorite Boss/Final Boss: Miracle Matter

Best Kirby Game: Kirby's Return to Dream Land (got 100 percent complete on everything)

Worst Kirby Game: Kirby's Epic Yarn (It's hardly a real Kirby game! There's no Copy Abilities! So I don't even pay attention to it)

Favorite Kirby Game: Kirby Super Star

Least Favorite Kirby Game: Kirby's Avalanche

Favorite Kirby: Right Back at Ya Character: Sirica

Least Favorite Kirby: Right Back at Ya Character: Tiff

Favorite Sub Game: Milky Way Wishes

Least Favorite Sub Game: Megaton Punch

Favorite Helper: Plasma Wisp

Least Favorite Helper: Simirror

Favorite Once Use Ability: Light

Least Favorite Once Use Ability: Crash

RANDOM: Tick Tock Jr., the random being from Kirby's Star Stacker, and Kirby's Super Star Stacker, who's really odd - wut

The Alternate Story - Why Didn't You Do This Instead?!

In a lot of stories, everything HAS, absolutely HAS, to go right. Which is why I've noticed some flaws that an enemy, or Kirby himself, has has had. I'm going to list them here (this is not in any sort of order):

  • In the clip Let Me Explain Everything in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, at the end, Magolor opens a portal leading to Planet Pop Star, and goes inside. If he can open portals, then he should be able to close them. Why didn't he close it before the Landia heads woke up and helped Kirby and co.?! It's beyond me.
  • Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Taranza hypnotizes King Dedede, and he becomes Masked Dedede. Once you defeat Masked Dedede once, his Mask is half-broken. Taranza then revives him, and you have to fight him again. Once you defeat him again, Taranza freaks out. Why doesn't he hypnotize him again and he'll have another mask (if the mask is even important), and revive the king once more? Eventually, Kirby will get tired out! There. Alternate hero of the lower world.
  • Also in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Queen Sectonia can switch her scepters into swords. Oh - maybe she should have cut down the Dreamstalk with her swords. What a shame!
  • In Kirby's Epic Yarn, Yin-Yarn's needles stop fighting. No, don't stop, stupid needles. Knit a black hole (a REAL one, the one that does spaghettification), and suck Kirby up! There. Problem solved.
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