• I live in a rock
  • My occupation is being a complete idiot
  • I am a four-slotted toaster

Hello you magnificent human beings, and or alien lifeforms. I am FireStavesCauseBlizzards or you can just say FireStaves, Staves, Fire, asjdhjkashdjkasdhj it doesn't matter. Aaaaaanyway, if you want to know what I do here, let's just say that I upload images every now and then (sometimes they're not accepted for valid reasons), and make other minor changes.

Also, more things to know: I am merely a simple man who enjoys the Kirby Series, along with its anime. Not to mention that my first Kirby game was Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

OH RIGHT, I ALSO MAKE MISTAKES SOMETIMES WHEN EDITING! Please don't throw me into the pit for those.

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