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"I'd make a Mary Poppins joke, but that's not in the public domain and I don't want to be sued. Again."

- The narrator from The Cave

Hi! I'm epicpokemaniac! I'm not sure why that's my username (i'm more of a kirby fan) but oh well! I also play Playstation all-stars Battle Royale, Chronotrigger, and The Cave.

The first step to greatness

So, a while ago I bought Kirby's Dream Collection and I really enjoyed the music CD that came with it. soon after we were assigned a project on microbes for science (I got an 100 by the way). I decided to do a podcast and downloaded a music program called Audacity and started experimenting on the music from the CD I mentioned earlier. Since then I've made some really awsome remixes and combonations of Kirby song