Kirby and the rainbow Diamonds is a fan game made by me, Deyna! It is about the rainbow diamonds of Dreamland, which got taken by the evil guy who's name I will not tell you yet.

Copy Abilities

Copy Abilities:

Weather Kirby 9/10 Boom! Crash! Splash! Use the forces of the earth! B: Tornado: Just the normal Tornado Kirby. Up B: Lightning: Kirby summons lightning from the sky. Down B: Earthquake: Kirby makes a small earthquake around him, like when stone kirby hits the ground.

Copy Scroll: Sideways B: Tsunami: A HUGE wave comes and drowns all enemies on screen, and also Kirby can swim in it. 

Movie Kirby 1/10 Wow! Kirby, you are a superstar dancer! Lots of Kirbys with video cameras come and watch Kirby dance around with two Waddle Dees. It is a bit like sleep except more exciting.

Copy Scroll: The slide and air spit while dancing can hurt enemies. Also Kirby will wear sunglasses if you press B.

Air Kirby 9/10 Whirl whirl whirl whirl. Kirby is getting dizzy. B: Air Jump: This is just like Hi-Jump except Kirby will have a blast of air under him, spinning and squishing enemies to the ground. It will kill them after a second while on the ground.

Copy Scroll:Kirby can grab enemies and put them in his blast of air.

Hook Kirby 9/10 Hang on Kirby! Kirby can hook on enemies to turn them into platforms that he can stand on. The stunned enemy can deal damage to other enemies.

Copy Scroll:Kirby can latch onto platforms. 

Yoshi Kirby 10/10 Wow. Things are getting eggy. Kirby can eat enemies and turn them into eggs, so he can throw them. Just like a yoshi.

Copy Scroll:The eggs explode.

Playable Characters

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