Yay Dedede.

Umm.. Hi. Im a new editor to this site... DeDeDe Devious! I also have a youtube account of the same name. Im really not that old..but im amazing at drawing Kirby characters! (however, I cant draw Daroach or Dyna Blade to save my life...)

My fan-made Copy Abilities...

Arrow Kirby: kirby has arrows everywhere on his body. (kinda looks like Needle and Sniper Kirby.)

Poison Kirby: Turns green and zitty. (Kirby can shoot acid and make fart clouds similar to Wario.)

Electric Hammer Kirby: (same as Masked DeDeDes hammer.)

Murderer Kirby: gets a murderers knife and can teleport around. (recieved by eating Zero or Zero-Twos blood.)

Axe Kirby: gets an axe and a lumberjack hat. (gotten from Axe Knight.)

Ultra lazer Kirby: a new super ability where kirby can shoot huge lazers.

Dark Matter Kirby: has a dark matter hat and visor and shoots black lightning and those orange things on his head.

Wizard Kirby: (similar to Magic and Circus Kirby)

Psychic Kirby: gets a wizard hat and can read enemy's minds.

Robot kirby: becomes square and gains wheels and an antenna. (can transform into Tankbot and is similar to Metal Kirby.)

Eat Kirby: Same as chef but can be used 3 times, because he has a fork, a knife, and a spoon.

DeDeDe Kirby: gains DDDs hat and robe. (can blow a whistle to summon waddle dees, waddle doos, and gordos to attack enemies on-screen.)

Electric sword Kirby: same as the mix ability for K64.

Favorites/Least Favorites

Favorite Character: Bandana Waddle Dee (I love his jumping in KRtDL!)

Second Favorite Character: King DDD (hilarious in KTD and KRBaY)

Least Favorite Character: Daranza (after I found out he was a guy.)

Least Favorite Game: Kirby Tilt n Tumble (I hate it. dont ask way.)

Favorite Game: Kirby Triple Deluxe (I dig that F-L-O-W-E-R)

Favorite Boss: Grand Doomer (epic theme and that moment when he/it goes into the backround and shoots like crazy)

Least Favorite Boss: Galactic Nova Nucleus ( I always get squished between the walls o3o)

Favorite final boss: Magolor Soul (I love all the random stuff he does)

Least favorite final boss: Drawcia soul (MY EARS)

Favorite Ability: Wing (so long suckas!)

Least Favorite Ability: Hi-Jump (No.)

Favorite Mid-Boss: Mr. Frosty (Dat Bootie.)

Least Favorite Midboss: Phan-Phan (He throws me around like an elephant!)

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