Crystal duskull

aka A FANDOM User

  • name = Crystal_lucario
  • image = Kar balloonbomber
  • caption = BOOM!
  • gender = Male
  • age = 13
  • place = My own little world
  • hair = brown
  • eyes = brown
  • height = ?'?"
  • weight = ???
  • fav char = Balloon Bomber
  • fav copy ability = Crash
  • fav game = SSBB
  • rank = N00b Basher, Gamer

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Job: Stealth Attacker

Ego: Lucario

Powers: Crystal-related attacks, Moon Related Attacks, Aura Related Attacks

Mastery: Crystal Mastery Level X Darkness Mastery Level 98 Aura Mastery Level X Soul Mastery Level 45 Fire Mastery Level 61 Dog Mastery Level 20 Moon Mastery Level 13 Ninja Master Level 23 Water Mastery Level 16

All attacks used by Crystal

Hell's Ban Hammer

Power: Special, Acc: Special

Type: Item

Requirements: Sysop Powers, Level 42 Fire Mastery

An attack that only works on n00bs, spammers, and Flamers, instantly forcing them to Banned Hell.

Hell Hounds

Power: 20, Acc: 99.99%

Type: Summon

Requirements: Level 5 Dog Mastery, Level 10 Fire Mastery

Hell Hounds are commanded to eat a person, chosen by their summoner

Crystal Crush

Power: 40, Acc: 73%

Type: Crystal

Requirements: Level 25 Crystal Mastery, 2 Bars of Crystal Power

Crystals burst out of the ground, ensnare, and forcibly smash opponent(s).

Crystal Aura Blast

Power: 70, Acc: 66.66%

Type: Aura, Crystal, Final Smash

Requirements: Be A Lucario, 3 Bars of Crystal Power, Level 40 Crystal Mastery

Crystals, Enfused with Aura, land in enemies, and bursts, creating a shockwave of emotion that damages, physically and mentally.

Aura Grab

Power: 10, Acc: 100%

Type: Aura

Requirements: Level 5 Aura Mastery

Aura holds, and throws an opponent, if the oppenent is thrown into an obstacle the damage is greater.

Crystal Dart

Power: 10, Acc: 80%

Type: Item

Requirements: Level 5 Crystal Mastery, Level 2 Ninja Mastery

A simple projectile, thrown, it deals a small amount of damage.

Pond Conjure

Power: 0, Acc: Special

Type: Summon

Requirements: Water Mastery Level 10

A small body of water appears.

Ground Grab

Power: 15, Acc: 50%

Type: Regular Attack

Requirements: None

A simple throw.

Crescent Darts, Shadow Blend, Crystal Moon, Moon Might, Aura Sphere, Aura Dart, Solid Snake Grab, Crystal Growth, Aura Drain, Aura Change, Pain Strengthening, Brutal Punch, Moon Knight Summon, Invincible Crystal Shield, HAMEAHAMEAHAA!!!

All fatalities used by Crystal

  • Headshot
  • Crystal Maelstrom
  • Hellhound Charge
  • Counter (Does not work on Soul Attacks) (Attempt failed)

Cocolate Kirby



Attack Name Controls Description Element
Chocolate Blast B Kirby shoots chocolate out of his mout that blinds and causes minimal damage to enemies. If the chocolate hits the ground (For a short while) the chocolate is sticky and enemies get stuck in it. None
Cherry Smack B (Near Enemy) Kirby takes the cherry off his head and smacks an enemy with it. None

Mix Abilities



Spinning Backdrop, Puppy

  • Animal + Backdrop = Spinning Backdrop- Looks like animal with headband- spins (digs) grabs and throws.
  • Animal + Ball = Puppy- Looks like animal but cuter- Throws ball and chases.
  • Animal + Balloon = Balloon Aniaml- Kirby with no filling, just bloons!- Pop!
  • Animal + Beam = Bird- Looks like bird- Shoots beam and flies. (IDK...)
  • Animal + Bomb = Pufferfish- Uh yeh...- Inflate then Boom
  • Animal + Bubble = Fish- Scaly, Blue- Blows bubbles
  • Animal + Burning = Turtle- Based on Gamera, (I'm a big MST3K (Don't know what it is? Ask me!) fan)- Breathes Fire and Flies by Spinning (Oh, Japan...)
  • Animal + Clean = Cockroach- Brown, Shelled- Bites (Again IDK...)
  • Animal + Copy = Parrot- Kinda like wing, but moar Bird-Like, Shoots feathers that damage/steal powers
  • Animal + Cupid = Hellhound (lol)- Black, Puppy-like- Bites, Breathes Fire
  • Animal + Cutter = Praying Mantis- Green, Blade Arms- Slashes
  • Animal + Fighter = Boxing Kangaroo- Pouch, Ears- Punches, Kicks, Bounces to Walk
  • Animal + Fire = Dragon- Scaly, Green- Shoots fire, flies like wing
  • Animal + Freeze = Penguin- Penguin-y- Belly Slide
  • Animal + Ghost = Eagle- Kinda like wing, but brown- Dive, Possesion
  • Animal + Hammer = Bonkers- Y'know...- Hammer Swing, Coconut throw
  • Animal + Hi-Jump = Cricket- Winged, Green, Bug Eyes- Multi-Jump Hi-Jump
  • Animal + Ice = Lizard Dog- Based pn Barugon (Again MST3K)- Shoot Ice from battering ram tounge (And that's not the weirdest part...)
  • Animal + Jet = Falcon- Kinda like Eagle, but even more brown- Dive bomb
  • Animal + Laser = Super Animal- Animal, Superman style A, Cape- Hi-Jump like Flight, Laser Vision
  • Animal + Metal = Elephant- Gray, Trunk, Tusks- Rams people, Heavy, No Inflate Jump when in Charging Mode
  • Animal + Mini = Flea- Very Tiny- Super High Jump, Unable to kill, but can ride on enemies
  • Animal + Mirror = Camo- Green Camo- If not moving, turns invisible/invanurable, Throws Deadly leaves
  • Animal + Missile = Mosquito- Bug Eyes, Wings, Needle- Stabs enemy, fills up on their health, and explodes, if enemy has ability Kirby has it after exploding
  • Animal + Needle = Porcupine- Brown, Spikey Cap- Can launch spikes behind himself, Stick Needles out, Stick enemies to needles (Grab)
  • Animal + Ninja = Squirrel- Brown, Furry- Leap, Wall Climb, Nut Throw (Lol)
  • Animal + Parasol = Flying Squirrel- Brown, Furry, Winged (Lol)- Falls Parasol speed, Nut Throw
  • Animal + Plasma = Rodent- Yellow, Mouse Like- Electric Based attacks (Hmmm...)
  • Animal + Smash = Monkey- Brown Fur- Spin, Punch, Clap, Slam, etc. (Lol)
  • Animal + Spark = Metalic Golem- Pieced together metal- Claps hands, Shocks nearby enemies
  • Animal + Stone = Golem- Brown- Peiced together rock- Sonic Clap, Rolling
  • Animal + Suplex = Hedgehog- Spiney, Brownish- Dashes with lightning speed (Killing enemies)
  • Animal + Sword = Lion- Hard to explain- Claws, Pounces
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