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Favorites Least Favorites
Favorite Kirby Game: Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Ktd Least Favorite Kirby Game: none
Favorite Sub-Game: Crane Fever and Kirby Quest Least Favorite Sub-Game:
Favorite Ability: Spark Least Favorite Ability: Light
Favorite Stone Transformation: Brick Block Least Favorite Stone Transformation: Rocky
Favorite Archer Scenery: Bush Least Favorite Archer Scenery:
Favorite Circus Balloon: Press this to find out Least Favorite Circus Balloon:
Favorite Super Ability: Snow Bowl Least Favorite Super Ability: ... Flare Beam, because it's not easy to control
Favorite Ultra Sword: Giant Fish Least

Favorite Ultra Sword: the knife (I hate knives)

Favorite Metamortex Transformation: Dolphin (it's adorable) :) Least Favorite Metamortex Transformation: Rocket
Favorite Helper: Wheelie Least Favorite Helper: blade knight
Favorite Animal Friend: Nago the kitten Least Favorite Animal Friend: none
Favorite Secondary Character: Prince Fluff Least Favorite Secondary Character:
Favorite Enemy: Golem Least Favorite Enemy: Blockin
Favorite Mid-Boss: King Doo Least Favorite Mid-Boss: Hornhead. (his name is immature)
Favorite Squeak:

Storo, Daroach


Favorite Squeak: none

Favorite Boss: Heavy Mole Least Favorite Boss: Titan Head
Favorite Final Boss: Magolor Least Favorite Final Boss: Queen Sectonia
Favorite Soul Form: Magolor Soul Least Favorite Soul Form: Soul of Sectonia
Favorite Music: Invincibility candy (Kirby 64) Least Favorite Music: Lor Starcutter Halcandra
Favorite Story: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Least Favorite Story: Kirby GCN
Favorite Spray Paint: Emerald Least Favorite Spray Paint: None
Favorite Mix Ability (K64): Animal Statues Least Favorite Mix Ability (K64): Tri-Missile Attack
Favorite Bomb: Thunder Bomb Least Favorite Bomb: don't hate any, but I guess Ice Bomb
Favorite Level/World: Nutty Noon Least Favorite Level/World: i have none

My Signatures

  • KatAM Bombar sprite 2 Cosmo is a Featherman Bombar CeruleanTrans
  • Clayn KatAM Golem sprite 2 Cosmo is a Featherman KatAM Golem sprite 2 Clayn
  • Cosmo is a Featherman DocKSQSQ What's up Doc?
  • Cosmo is a Featherman KDL2 Burning Kine sprite 2 Kine doesn't like this food. It's too hot
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