Welcome to my profile. I'll probably end up spending far more time on here viewing pages rather than editing them.

Favorite Copy Ability: Yo-yo

Least favorite Copy Ability: Sleep (for obvious reasons)

Favorite game (non spin-off): Kirby Planet Robobot

Favorite game (spin-off): Kirby Air Ride

Least favorite game (non spin-off): Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (simply because of the maze aspect)

Least favorite game (spin-off): Kirby's Block Ball (I just see it as ARKANOID with Kirby characters shoehorned in)

Favorite Right Back at Ya! episode: Cartoon Buffoon (for obvious reasons)

Least favorite Right Back at Ya! episode: Prediction Predicament - Part I (simply because it starts Samo's obnoxiously sappy relationship with Mabel)

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