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  • name=BrawlFan181
  • image=DARK Meta Knight.JPG
  • caption=Brawlfan's the name, SSBB is my game!
  • gender=the same one as that fat penguin (that means male)
  • age= I'm only 3 and a half years old (nah just kidding) :P
  • place=Here
  • hair=I
  • eyes=DON'T
  • height=CARE
  • weight=.
  • fav char=Meta Knight
  • fav copy ability=Plasma, Yo-yo, Bomb, SHOOP DA WOOP
  • fav game=Ultimate Smash Bros :P
  • rank= Loser User
  • image = DARK Meta Knight.JPG
  • full_name = BrawlFan181
  • first_appearance = Here (I guess)
  • species = Humorus Humanus (ehh...)
  • affiliation = This Wiki


I am some random guy known as BrawlFan181 (here) and I'm not this guy
PS: I finally gotz SSBB!!!!! =D =D =D

I'm back!

Stuff I am doing at this wiki:

  • Trying to make random pages better (I click on "random page", if I see something I can improve, I do)
  • Redirecting the ability flavor texts to Pause Screen Done
  • Cleaning up spam/vandalism
  • Ultimate Smash Bros.

This guy, this dude and this thingy PWN!
This is just lame -_-

Mah games

  • image = DARK Meta Knight.JPG
  • full_name = BrawlFan181
  • first_appearance = Here
  • ability = Crash (Crash Bombs)
  • category = Boss
  • image = DARK Meta Knight.JPG
  • name = BrawlFan181
  • playable_debut = USB
  • availability = Unlockable (Beat Boss Battles on Normal)


Or else: Games I own(ed) XD

For games liek KSSU
  1. X° not owned
  2. =) owned
  3. XD owned completely (unlocked everything)
For games liek SSBM
  1. =[ nothing unlocked
  2. =| few things unlocked
  3. =] most things unlocked
  4. =D everything unlocked




  • ( X. ) Secret Agent Clank
  • ( =| ) WipeOut Pulse


Super Star (Ultra) Stuff

Actually, it's Kirby Super Star Stuff, but yeah, this title just sounded better :P

Favorite Abilityz

  1. Yo-Yo
  • Appearance: Kirby wears a blue (baseball?) cap backwards and wields (of course) a yoyo.
  • Gotten From:
  • Helper: Gim
  • Reason: Far range & goes a bit up, and that's only teh standard attack!
2. Bomb
3. Plasma
  • Appearance: Kirby wears some sort of hat made of something that looks like some sort of green fire or something.
  • Gotten From:
  • Helper: Plasma Wisp
  • Reason: 4th and 5th charged attacks.


Boss Strategies


Milky Way Wishes Enemies

Smiley Collection :D

  • :)
  • :(
  • :D
  • :P
  • XD
  • XP (my favourite)
  • -_-
  • X3
  • D| (meant to be a cyclops eye without pupil with the "bored" expression on his face)

Self-Made Abilities





Copy Ability
In Games None (well duh, its my own ability!)
Type Meh...
Appearance A hat like Fire, but with smoke instead of fire.
Properties Smoke
Other Powers Makes enemies weaker (if ya know wut I mean)
Ability Icon None (yet)
Regular Enemies Cougher
Mini-bosses None
Helper Cougher
Attack Name Controls Description Element
Smoke Breath B/Y Kirby blows a stream of smoke out of his mouth to damage and blind his enemies. Smoke
Smoke Ball ↓ + B/Y See Fire Ball Inferno or Freezer Blizzard (in smoke form) for more info. Smoke

Under Construction


Attack Name Controls Description Element
Soccer Kick B/Y Kirby kicks his soccer ball. None
Super Kick Dash + B/Y Kirby kicks his soccer ball, but harder, the ball being on fire. Breaks gray blocks. Fire
Tackle ↓ + B/Y Kirby does a strong tackle. None



About me

  • I use :D too much, in fact, I'm gonna use it now :D
  • I think randomness PWNS!
  • I like to say "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" for sum weird reason XP
  • I am weird :P
  • IMA CHARGIN MAH LAZOR!! (you better run away) XP
  • I AM UR FATHER!! (sorry just had to do dat XP)
  • Pika pika pika
  • I like adding smileys to my sentences XD (see?)
  • I have a giant pen :D
  • I use XD 2 much

Fun stuff I saw or heard or something

  • Glitch: Frozen Chill Bully – In Super Mario 64 DS, when you fight against the Chill Bully, you can push him off the platform at the corner where also is the path to the platform, and he will be stuck next to the path, in midair, not moving. If you attack him (to attack him then, you must jump and kick or jump and slide, but watch out for the icy water below), he will do his "pushed back" pose, about a half second of the "walk" pose, and then stop moving again. Note: It happened to me by coincidence.
  • Glitch: Fall through the platform - In SM64DS, Whomps Fortress, second mission, as Yoshi, at the star, stand on the border (face to the wall), jump backwards and eat the star. Yoshi will fall down, through the small platform.
  • Trick: Wait, why am I holding you above my head when you're supposed to be dead? - When you defeat an enemy in Soopah Papah Malleo, and grab it with that floating hand thingy, you will hold it above your head liek normally, but it wil act differently (for example: A Goomba's eyes spin when you do tjhis to it).

Randomness :D

They'll never stop dah Kirby

Based on "They'll Never Stop the Simpsons"

Ahem... uhh... test, test, 1, 2, 3, is this mic on? It is? OK...
1, 2, 1-2-3-4
Kirby Comes to Cappy Town,
Blocky battle, Bugzzy spawn,
Thunder storm, living tree,
It's the Channel DDD,
Dyna's egg, that's no ice
Fofa Factor, police lies,
Shiitake's visit, Castle's Ghost,
New Year's Eve, Pillow dose,
Kirby's pet, A Fish Called Kine
Secret ring,
*farts and stops singing* Whoops, excuse me... *starts singing again*
Thank you, thank you! *gets anvil on his head* Owww!




<youtube>CMzcRwyNqz4</youtube> INSANE! not my bagel vid

Captain_falcon_says_yesz_for_9_04_minutes Not my vid either :P
|---| IMA FIRIN' MAH LAZAAAAAAAH!!!__________
Yeh I know it's not THAT good, but, well, yeah.

Random pages linked to randomly for random reasons

Meta Knight

A Princess in Dis-Dress

*Insert Final Fantasy Victory Music here*

Other Randomness


You will DIE! just kidding

<('.'<) kirby (>'.')>

Dinner time evryone!


Reddy Land
Arange Gorge
Iello Adventure
Neo Greo
Bloo Hills
Omarine Zone
Wonder Lilane
Da best page ever!!!!

Aww... Isn't he cute?


if u can read this ur an incredibl finder




Marx Soul
sucks RULEZ!!

Below r teh bossez of Kirby Super Star Ultra :P



{{subst:PAGENAME}} = BrawlFan181



<nowiki>Kirby </nowiki> = [[Kirby]]


Lets-a do some Air Hockey!

Wee aaall liiiiive in a yellow submarine

I'm_Blue_(Da_Ba_Dee_Da_Ba_Die)-Misheard_lyrics Sum misheard lyrics of "I'm Blue" not made by me.

Mix Ability Table

Bomb Burning Ice Cutter Spark Needle Stone From here start the unexisting ability combinations! Animal Ball Beam Bubble Clean Cook Crash Cupid Fighter Ghost Hammer Hi-Jump Jet Laser Light Magic Metal Mike Mini Mirror Missile Ninja Paint Parasol Plasma Smash Suplex Sword Throw Tornado UFO Wheel Wing Yo-yo Baton (yes, even the anime exclusives!) Iron Top Water Giant (yes, even my own!) Karate Psychic Smoke Soccer Time Wind
Bomb Missile Fireworks Exploding Snowman Shuriken Bombs Light Bulb Exploding Gordo Dynamite - Bombing Puppy Rolling Bomb Exploding Whip Bubble Bomb Boom Broom Fake Pie Crash Bomb Bomb Arrow Boom Fist Creepy Bomb Bomb Hammer Bomb Dropper Malfunctioning Jet Pack Explosive Laser View Blind Bomb Bomb Hat Time Bomb Explosive Voice Miniature Bomb Bomb Mirror Strong Missile Boom-Fu Paint Bomb Exploding Coconut Juggler Plasma Bomb Exploding Moves Bomb Grabber Exploding Sword Beam Bomb Thrower Destructive Tornado Bomb Alien Bomb Cart Bomb Wing Yo-Yo Bomb Drag and Explode Iron Bomb Slice Bomb Water Balloon Giant Bomb Hypno Bomb Smoke Bomb Soccer Bomb Time Bomb Push Away
Burning Fireworks Double Fire Ball Melting Ice Cube Fire Sword Fire Starter Fire Arrow Volcano - Furious Cat Sun Burning Beam Burning Bubble Burning Dust Superspicy Curry Fiery Destruction Fire Arrow Burn Punch Burning Ghost Fire Whack The Puffball Torch Burning Jet Pack Fire Laser Candle Torch Juggler Oven Fire Voice Mini Burner Glassblower Heated Missile Fire Shuriken Paint Magma Burning Parasol Burning Plasma Fiery Moves Burning Hands Fire Sword Fire Throw Fire Storm Burning Saucer Fire Wheel Fire Bird Burning Yo-Yo Fire Beam Hot Iron Burning Top Boiling Water On Fire Fire Soccer
Ice Exploding Snowman Melting Ice Cube Giant Snowball Ice Skating Refrigerator Snowflake Curling Stone - Polar Bear/Reindeer/Penguin Snowball Ice Beam Frozen Bubbles Icy Dust Ice Cream/Fridge Food Sudden Winter Ice Arrow Ice Punch Freezing Ghost Freeze Whack Ice Cape Frozen Turbo Freeze Laser Snow Blind Snow Hat Snow Maker Cool Singer Mini Freezer Cold Glass Snow Missile Cold Shuriken Freezy Paint Snowed Parasol Freezy Plasma Icy Moves Ice Grab Ice Sword Ice Cube Throw Snow/Hail Storm Cold Saucer Ice Wheel Antarctic Bird Cold Yo-yo Freeze Stick Cold Iron Cold Top Freezing Water Frozen Smoke Snow Soccer
Cutter Shuriken Bombs Fire Sword Ice Skating Double Cutter Light Saber Snare Stone Friends - Boomerang Panda Cutter Ball Beaming Cutter Sharp Soap Paper Broom Butcher Cutter Storm Heart Cutter Sharp Fists Cutter Ghost Axe Remote Caped Boomerang Turbo Cutter Sharp Laser Light-Giving Axe Blade Magic Cards Scissors Sharp Notes Miniature Cutter Glass Breaker Cutting Missile Super Shuriken Rainbow Cutter Blade Umbrella Plasma Cutter Sharp Spin Cut Grab Boomerang Sword Cutter Throw Blade Tornado Cutter UFO Blade Wheel Dyna Blade Blade Yo-yo Aiming Cutter Chainsaw Super Cutter Wet Cutter Sharp Smoke Blade Soccer
Spark Light Bulb Fire Starter Refrigerator Light Saber Double Spark Lightning Rod Electric Rock - Thunder Dog Spark Ball Elec Beam Electrified Bubble Superspeed Cleaner Thunder Soup Thunder Rage Spark Halo Lightning Fist Thunder Ghost Sparky Hammer Storm Man Super Jet Electrified Laser Light Bulb Thunder Hat
Needle Exploding Gordo Fire Arrow Snowflake Snare Lightning Rod Double Needle Power Drill
Stone Dynamite Volcano Curling Stone Stone Friends Electric Rock Power Drill Double Stone

Testin' (or sandbox)

    • <span style="color:red;">red</span>

red orange yellow green I'm blue, da ba dee da ba die indigo purple brown gray white black silver gold magenta cyan skyblue pink :( aliceblue aqua aquamarine azure beige etc...

    • <font color="#ff0000">Red</font>
      • In alphabetical order

Alice Blue|Alizarin|Amaranth|Amaranth Pink|Amber|Amethyst|Apricot|Aqua|Aquamarine|Army Green|Asparagus|Atomic Tangerine|Auburn|Azure (Color Wheel)|Azure (Web)|Baby Blue|Beige|Bistre|Black|Blue|Blue (Pigment)|Blue (RYB)|Blue-Green|Blue-Violet|Bondi Blue|Brass|Bright Green Bright Pink|Bronze|Brown|Buff|Burgundy|Burnt Orange|Burnt Sienna|Burnt Umber|Byzantium|Camouflage Green|Caput Mortuum|Cardinal|Carmine|Carmine Pink|Carnation Pink|Carolina Blue|Carrot Orange|Celadon|Cerise|Cerise Pink|Cerulean|Cerulean Blue|Champagne|Charcoal|Chartreuse (Traditional)|Chartreuse (Web)|Cherry Blossom Pink D:|Chestnut|Chocolate|Cinnabar|Cinnamon|Cobalt|Columbia Blue|Copper|Copper Rose|Coral|

      • Others

Kirby Gallery

<('.'<) : Poyo?
<(^.^<) : Yayz!
<(O.O<) : OMG!
<(>.<)> : D'OH!
<(T.T<) : *cries*
(>D_D)> : Dude, Srsly?
O---<('.'<) : Yoyo Kirby
|50000$|<($.$<) : OMG IM RICH!!!
<(-_-<) : Dude...
<(X_X<) : You just got pwnd...
<("@_@"<) : Note to self: Never look to the left.
<('O'<) : Oh.
<('U'<) : Squidward :P
<(.-.<) : WTH
<(U_U<) : ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz...
<('-.<): Durrrrrrrrr


  • Ultimate Smash Bros. is not a real game (as you might have known).
  • Random explosions are fun! (not in real life)

Fake Facts

  • Gim's yo-yo is made out of candy
  • The REAL reason Capsule J got replaced is because they all asploded for no reason
  • Rolling Turtle is a squid, dressed up as Kirby, dressed up as Ganon, dressed up as a turtle
  • When Nova told Meta Knight who was the most powerful being, he actually wanted to say Waddle Dee, but because MK wasn't listening, he thought it was Shadow the Hedgehog because he is such a Sonic the Hedgehog nerd fan. But then, some random Rocky fell on him, so he got to Marx, but then, he remembered Kirby already PWN'D Marx, so he got to some random weirdo who looked just like him who appeared to be floating by, and battled him instead
  • When Marx said that the sun and moon were fighting, he actually ment that Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright were fighting about who could have the TV-remote
  • Nova's name comes from: "Nevvar Ouwppun Veey, Avrywan" (Never Open Me, Everyone(which means that his original name actually had to be Nome)). The one who thought of the name is a very bad speller
  • Waddle Doos can fire lazors
  • Santa Kirby is a secret ability you get when being Sword or Bomb Kirby and then using a red Spray Paint
  • When you mix EVERY copy ability in existance, you get the Ultimate Pwnage lozer ability
  • When you yell in the mic "O RLY OMG WTH NO WAI" in Kirby Super Star Ultra, cheese falls from the sky and you get infinite invincibility