Hi everyone! I am Shuff22238, and I am proud to be part of the Kirby Wiki. I enjoy making art of all kinds, and I am working in programming, animatronics and video game designing. I need help with infoboxes, just how to add links with words showing the article's subject and how to put the logos in the infoboxes. I am currently going to be helping expand the Kirby: Triple Deluxe articles. Other than this, I am glad to be working for the Kirby Wiki!

Stuff About Me

  • Favourite Hero: Kirby
  • Favourite Villain: Marx
  • Favourite Mid-Boss: Flame Galboros
  • Favourite World Boss: Coily Rattler
  • Favourite World: Old Odyssey
  • Favourite Final Boss: Zero (Two)
  • Favourite Game: Kirby Returns to Dreamland
  • Favourite Copy Ability: Beetle
  • Favourite Super Ability: Snow Bowl
  • Favourite Enemy: Ringle
  • Favourite Large Enemy: Gigant Cox

Current Pages I'm working on

I'm currently going to help expand the articles for Enemies defeated with the Hypernova ability. I've created the Pipe Worm and Maurice Brothers' pages, I want to help create the rest of them too.

Non-Kirby Stuff

I have a deviantART! It is dubbed as CherryAtTheTavern. I am also at the Community Central.

Wikis where you can find me MOST often

1. Mixels Wiki

2. Here

3. Brickipedia

4. Wikis I've created

5. Ninjago Wiki

6. Other LEGO Wikis

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