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I am Blue Ninjakoopa, otherwise known as BNK or Blue. I'm a semi-active administrator here, and a decently dedicated fan of the Kirby series. Feel free to contact me on my talk page (click the discussion tab) or via e-mail. You may also request to discuss something with me in the chat room.

Kirby games

Here, I list every Kirby game I've played, complete with box art, a comment on my experience playing it, and a rating.

Game Comments Rating
KDL2 Boxart.jpg My first game ever, and one I still enjoy today. For a game from its time, it has acceptable visuals and music, a lot of content, variety in the copy ability department thanks to Animal Friends, and is quite challenging. ★★★✰✰
KDL3 Boxart.JPG Kirby's Dream Land 3 followed in KDL2's footsteps very well, improving in the fields of content, visuals, and abilities, as well as challenge. Some requirements for completing a course correctly are extremely difficult to decipher, though, which makes playing the game somewhat tedious. Also, the Virtual Console controls took a little while to get used to. ★★★✰✰
SSB Boxart.jpg I spent a considerable amount of time playing Super Smash Bros. before Melee came out. The game is still fun to play competitively, but Free-For-Alls or matches with a bunch of items set to appear are all very laggy (the VC version fixes this). The game is moderately lacking in content; according to the official website for the game, Mewtwo, Bowser, and King Dedede were planned to be playable, but were dropped for unknown reasons. I also don't like that the most competitively viable stages aren't playable, those being Metal Mario's Stage, Battlefield, and Final Destination. For a game of its time, the graphics could have been slightly improved, though I really didn't mind that too much. Overall, Super Smash Bros. is an excellent game, with amiable visuals, an amazing soundtrack, and decent replayability. Kirby is my secondary in this game, as I love his moveset. Oh, and my favorite iteration of the Gourmet Race theme is in this game (it plays on the Dream Land stage). ★★★★✰
K64 Boxart.jpg Crystal Shards is easily one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games. It's got decent length, humor, excellent graphics, smooth controls, a fantastic set of bosses in terms of design and challenge, and a decent amount of content (I really wish this game had an extra mode). I didn't mind the recycled story thanks to the visual improvements. My favorite of this game's attributes is the dual copy ability system, which is a more than sufficient replacement of the Animal Friend powers. I also really like the soundtrack, which happens to be among my favorites overall, having very few tracks I dislike. ★★★★✰
SSBM Boxart.jpg Melee is probably the best example of a sequel done right. It's aged fairly well, with excellent visuals, a magnificent soundtrack, and tons of replayability. Its cast could have been slightly better, and I didn't like the C-stick's functions being limited to useless camera controls in all 1P Modes. Imo, Melee has the best 1P Mode so far in spite of that, with Giga Bowser being one of my favorite bosses ever. Kirby is my secondary again, despite his drastic nerfs. ★★★★★
KNiD Boxart.jpg Though I never played Kirby's Adventure, I feel Nightmare in Dream Land is a heavy improvement, having better visuals and a better soundtrack (including the absolute best version of King Dedede's theme, which strangely doesn't play when fighting him). I like that Kirby hats returned from Super Star (a game I didn't learn about until much later), but the extremely limited movement options with each copy ability are slight turn-offs, and some abilities are redundant (Freeze, Burning). I did enjoy the Meta Knightmare extra mode, but I wish it had a lot more to it aside from halved HP and an essentially permanent sword ability. This game never saw a lot of play outside of road trips or any occasion I was away from home, though. ★★★✰✰
KAR Boxart.jpg A nice spin-off that gets a lot of unnecessary flack and little recognition (at least before Smash Run in SSB4). I enjoyed Kirby Air Ride for the most part. Whenever I do get around to playing it, I spend most of my time in City Trial mode. Sometimes, I'll dabble in the stadium events trying to complete the checklist. Other times, I'll participate in Air Ride mode. KAR has a good amount of content, good visuals, and a great soundtrack, but it's still an average title (though not as bad as some make it out to be). ★★★✰✰
KatAM Boxart.jpg Thanks to the Game Boy Player, Amazing Mirror saw a lot of play within my home, and for good reason. The world in this game is quite vast. On the good side, that means a lot more areas to explore. On the bad side, it causes frustration due to ease of getting lost and difficulty picking up where you left off (flaws mitigated by the available map). Content-wise, having to unlock the maps, extra vitality, and soundtrack are nice incentives that are well worth the search. Most of all, I like the addition of spray paints to change Kirby's palette, with the Smash ability being a close second. The boss fights aside from Dark Mind and Mega Titan are painfully easy, especially thanks to Kirby's ability to call for back-up with his cell phone. The soundtrack could have been better, but Amazing Mirror is otherwise a fantastic game. ★★★★✰
KCC Boxart.jpg As with most if not all other touch screen-oriented DS games, I didn't enjoy Canvas Curse and don't regret misplacing it some time ago. While it has good visuals, the controls felt awkward. The pace of the game had to be slowed down to accommodate the wonky controls, hindering the difficulty. Copy ability variety is scarce, with none of the available abilities having much utility thanks to Kirby's limited movement. It's content is decent, but unengaging, and the soundtrack was bland (some of the remixes sound terrible, specifically the remix of the Gourmet Race theme and the butchered Factory theme from Crystal Shards). Given all this, I'm not at all excited for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. In fact, I frowned when it was announced. ★✰✰✰✰
KSqSq Boxart.jpg Another enjoyable handheld title. In comparison to Amazing Mirror, Squeak Squad is shorter and has slightly inferior content and visuals. My favorite attribute of Squeak Squad's is the addition of scrolls, which allowed Kirby to execise different techniques with each copy ability (even Sleep became useful). Magic in the game is my all-time favorite copy ability, and I really wish it would return. Metal, Animal, and Ghost have their fun little gimmicks but are for the most part useless outside specific circumstances (in fact, Ghost and Metal had no utility against bosses). The bosses imo are poorly designed, and the fight with Dark Nebula is really easy, as well as boring due to Kirby's limited movement with the Triple Star weapon. The soundtrack is also pretty bland. Overall, Squeak Squad is a great game. ★★★★✰
SSBB Boxart.jpg Super Smash Bros. Brawl is currently my second favorite game, after Paper Mario. I still play it a lot, casually and competitively, with R.O.B. as my main and Mario and Kirby as secondaries. It improved upon Melee in terms of physics and graphics, but its soundtrack and content are slightly inferior. The Subspace Emissary was an OK ordeal, but not worth cutting Mewtwo, Dr. Mario, Dixie Kong, and the several other characters that had data on Brawl's disc. The Event Matches are uninspired and boring, and the narrator sounds like a miserable old man. Despite all of that, Brawl is an amazing game to play with friends or alone. ★★★★★
KSSU Boxart.png I never played Super Star, which sucks, because it's apparently a landmark title, but upon playing Super Star Ultra, I never understood the hype beyond some really cool copy abilities. Galacta Knight is a very challenging boss, though, and the blooper reel always brings about modest laughter. ★★★✰✰
KEY Boxart.jpg Kirby's Epic Yarn is, in my opinion, a disappointing title, with unengaging worlds, bad visuals, and a poor soundtrack. It also isn't very challenging; my younger sister made progress in it quickly and is actually now under her ownership. When I saw this game at E3 2010, I had a hunch I wouldn't enjoy (especially after my experience with Canvas Curse). Kirby games of Epic Yarn's ilk just don't appeal to me. However, I do like that Kirby can turn into a tank. That's pretty cool. ★✰✰✰✰
KRtDL Box art.png In between late 2010 and late 2011 (amounting to a whole year), I suffered from a deficiency in Kirby game enjoyment, thanks mostly to the disappointment that was Epic Yarn. Upon acquiring RtDL, my spirits were once again lifted and faith in Kirby was restored. Its graphics, soundtrack, content, story (RtDL has my favorite final boss fight of any Kirby game), and challenge are all superb. I especially enjoyed the major buffs to just about every copy ability (especially Bomb), the new abilities (which were all actually universally viable (especially Water)), and the Super Abilities. This should be the model for every Kirby game, in my opinion. ★★★★★
KTD Box art.jpg An excellent follow-up to Return to Dream Land, which was well worth the wait. I found Triple Deluxe to be as enjoyable as Amazing Mirror but with the feel of RtDL, having excellent visuals, a great soundtrack, and a decent amount of content. Kirby Fighters is currently my favorite subgame because of its similarities to Super Smash Bros. (you can shield, roll, dodge, and even projectile camp!), but Dedede's Drum Dash is awful and unengaging. I didn't like fighting Queen Sectonia, and she's probably the worst final boss in the series (if not the worst boss period), with a terrible design and "voice". I also don't like that Water didn't return, though Archer and Beetle more than make up for it. ★★★★✰

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