aka Capturer of all Legends

  • I live in a realm where cheesecake balls grow on trees and money is printed in 100 dollar bills
  • I was born on October 1
  • My occupation is School-goer and video gamer... doodler, eater, etc.
  • I am Hamburgers (male)

HEY-O!Its me Biospark22,and im gonna tell you a bit about me...

I am a KIRBY FAN,I have 2 out of many countless Kirby games.

I have a vizzed account,I play past Kirby games.

I edit...I made 29 in total.Someone asked me to be on thier editing team.WOOHOO!Thank you,I need your username "strange person"

I know MANY abilities in Kirby games...

I know most enimies

I love Stone,Ninja and mixed abilities.

Hope you learned a bit on me...

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