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  • I was born on February 10
  • I am Male
Meet Waddle Dee's parent!
Name Bestofkirby
Gender Male
Age 20
Favorite Character Kirby
Favorite Copy Ability Smash, Magic, Bomb, Ghost, Clean, Yo-yo, etc.
Favorite Game All of them
User Rank Writer
Hello great people on the Kirby Wiki! Welcome to my profile! I've been editing a lot about the recently released Kirby Mass Attack. The Kirby Wiki is a fun place to be, so fill free to join!

My Sigs

  • Cappy Hey! What are you!? Poison mash I'm your poisoned cousin. 00:33, March 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • KSSU Waddle Dee spriteBestofkirbyKSSU Waddle Dee sprite 00:49, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

Games I Have

NOTE: This article is currently under construction.

These are the games that I own and the order I got them:

My Origin on this Wiki

The first time I joined this wiki was in December 2010, as "Kirbysuperfan". At the time, I created the categories: 1990s games and 2000s games, along with others. I didn't do much on the wiki, but I was just glad to be a member! However, somtime in March 2011, I forgot my password, since I haven't logged in very often. So then, I was only a wikia constributor. In September 22, 2011, I got Kirby Mass Attack at the store. The game's fantastic game was so fun that I decided to rejoin in October 23, 2011, one day before Kirby's Return to Dream Land was released. It inspired me to create any pages that were in need of improvement and I pleadge to type all of the wonderful articles for the game. And for any other newcomers on this wiki, create any articles you think are in need of improvement and jot down everything there is to know! Have fun on the Kirby Wiki.

Other Wikis I've Joined

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  • Smash Wiki
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