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How I got into Kirby

I've been wanting to tell this story to my friends, but I'm sure they're not interested in hear me ramble on about something they have no interest in. It all started in 2008 (or somewhere around there) where I got a DS for my birthday. It came with a cartridge containing hundreds of games in it. Since I was familiar with Mario, I played all the available games the franchise had. After blindly playing Pokemon, perfecting Yoshi's Island, and beating Mario Kart, I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the list to find 3 Kirby games in a row. And there it was, the first Kirby game I've ever played, Kirby Super Star Ultra. I spent hours on that game, playing it over and over again.

I, of course, had to play the other games if KSSU was that good. I enjoyed Kirby: Squeak Squad a whole lot, but unfortunately, every once in a while, my save data would erase and I would have to play it over and over again, sometimes in 1 try if I wanted to defeat Dark Nebula, whom I only encountered twice. The same thing happened with Mass Attack, except this time, I never reached the final boss. When you're too busy collecting all the medals, earning gold stars, and playing Brawlball, it gets hard trying to beat the game in one siting. The farthest I've ever gotten to was the beginning of Necro Nebula. Oh yeah, it also happened with Canvas Curse. I did beat Drawica, but was never able to beat the extra mode simply because I didn't have the motivation to do so. I thought it was basically the same story mode again with the same final boss. Boy was I wrong. I never did get to defeat Drawica Soul. Unfortunately for me, I updated my DS and now the cartridge doesn't work so I can't finish the game.

2008 was when I got my Wii which came with a UBS Loader channel that also contains hundreds of games. Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the first game I played since I played it at my cousin's house. Eventually, I looked at the many selections of games and saw Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby's Epic Yarn. I love them both, but RtDL better. After playing all those games, I got hooked, but eventually stopped playing Kirby games for a few years.

It wasn't until the summer of 2017 when my cousin let me borrow Kirby: Planet Robobot during our trip to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, he borrowed it from a friend so he needed it back in two days when he had to return it at the end of our trip. Since I only had two days to play the game, I spent most of my time speed running it during the car ride home. This meant that I couldn't fully enjoy the game and take my time with it, I couldn't listen to the wonderful ost it had, and I couldn't 100% the whole game. I played as much as I could, stopping after I beat Meta Knightmare Ultra. I thought I'd never get to play it again until I got it as a surprise from my dad for some reason.

Because I missed out on listening to Planet Robobot’s ost, I listened to it on YouTube and boy, not only did I get hooked with the game's music, but Kirby music in general. I kept listening to ost after ost, reading a bunch of tidbits I didn't know while reading the comments until I craved for more information on this series I used to love. I guess that's how I found this wiki...? Whatever it was that led me here, I'm glad to be a part of it.

Smash Bros.

Kirby was a fun character to play in Brawl. At the time, I thought it was pretty cool he had 5 jumps, can copy fighters' abilities, and have a move that made him invincible (however I now know that Stone can only take up to 49% of damage I believe). I didn't really like playing other characters other than Kirby himself which is why I was so glad he had major roles in the Subspace Emissary, although I liked playing Pokemon Trainer, Ice Climbers, and Snake. When I got Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, that's when I started picking up other characters like Villager and, well, everyone else, except for the fast-fallers. I'd say I'm far better at Villager than Kirby in Smash 4. I want to say I secondary Kirby, but in reality, my Kirby sucks (ba dum tsss).

All I really know how to do with Kirby is forward throw to forward air, or forward throw to a charged copy ability at low percents. I mean, I also know up throw kills at high percents, down air to up tilt/up smash/down smash works, and use back air a lot, but I can't master the last part. I really only use Kirby in For Glory for when I want to play offensive, requiring a lot of grabs (since Villager's grab is frustratingly slow).

I've often thought about what Kirby's move set would be if he obtained copy abilities from the Kirby series. Here's my unfinished chart on every single character and what Kirby's Copy Ability would be. Neutral and Side specials will be changed. If an attack does not change the Up or Down Special, then it defaults to the default moveset provided below. Most of thee abilities you have to think about, like "Oh, I guess that makes sense."

Character Copy Ability Changed Attacks Other
Default Moveset None Neutral: Inhale: Stays the same.

Side: Air Bullet: Kirby shoots out an Air Bullet that pushes opponents and deals 3%.

Down: Slide Attack: Kirby does a Slide Attack like Mega Man.

Up: Float: Kirby floats quickly 5 times before releasing a mini Air Bullet. Puts Kirby into freefall.

Dash Attack: Kirby falls forward like King Dedede, except much faster and less powerful.

Kirby's grab acts similar to Yoshi's, pummel, throws and all. Every other move remains the same.
Mario Hi-Jump Neutral: Hi-Jump Charge: Kirby jumps the distance equivalent to Dolphin Slash and deals 5% damage on contact. Can be charged into Rocket Hi-Jump (1.5 sec) and Mega Hi-Jump (3.5 sec) and used only once in the air (obviously or he would have an infinite recovery). Rocket Hi-Jump deals 13% and sends Kirby slightly farther. Mega Hi-Jump deals 24% and sends Kirby slightly farther than Rocket Hi-Jump and creates an explosion beneath him, which meteors. This move can be angled but is stricter than the angling in the Kirby series.

Side: Side Jump: As the move implies, Kirby jumps horizontally left or right. He can only travel as far as Fox Illusion, going through opponents. This move deals 8% and does not put Kirby in freefall.

Up: Final Soar: Kirby will take one last leap shorter than Hi-Jump for that extra chance of recovery.

Down: Rocket Dive: If you're feeling extra risky, Kirby will plummet straight down at an exceptionally high speed, creating an explosion upon contact. This move devastatingly meteors opponents when hit. If the attack hits the ground or an opponent, Kirby will recoil giving him a chance to recover. Kirby will only go a certain distance and will not be put into freefall. Deals 23%.

The forcefield colors are applied to their respective moves.
Donkey Kong Suplex Neutral: Dash Grab: Kirby dashes forward and grabs an opponent only to throw them straight down. If this move is performed on stage, this move will bury opponents. This move, however, has a slow startup and high ending lag.

Side: Turbo Dash Grab: The same is Dash Grab, but is faster and throws opponents forward. Is basically Throw, but with a dash. This move is more of a horizontal recovery as it has even more ending lag when missed!

Throws are as they are in the games: Forward Throw is Pile Driver, except opponents are launched horizontally unlike K. Rool's Pile Driver; Back Throw is German Suplex; Up Throw is Back Breaker which is identical to K. Rool's Up Throw; Down Throw is Fury Stomp.

All throws listed above are the only throws Suplex has meaning there are no special inputs for different throws.
Link Sword
Samus Missile
Yoshi ???
Kirby Nothing!
Fox Animal
Pikachu Spark
Luigi Ghost Neutral: Possess: Kirby leaps forward a short distance to inhabit an opponent. If this attack connects, the victim will be stunned for a short while before being launched at a diagonal angle. Kirby will exit the body before the victim is launched meaning Kirby cannot follow up with anything once the move ends.

Side: Tackle: Kirby will rush forward to inhabit an opponent. If connected, the opponent is stunned and is launched at a horizontal angle. Like Possess, Kirby will exit the body before the launch, but jumps out a farther distance. Will not put Kirby into freefall, but has high ending lag.

Up: Spooky Flight: Kirby glows a bright light as he is able to slowly, but freely move about the air. This move lasts 3 seconds and Kirby will flicker to indicate when time is up. Does not deal any damage, but Kirby can perform one aerial before being put into freefall.

Jab is Double Attack where Kirby performs two consecutive punches, the second jab dealing the knockback.

Grab is Kirby holding the opponent under the sheet and tossing them in the desired direction.

Kirby's appearance is based on Ghost's appearance in Squeak Squad. Kirby will not show his feet unless an attack calls for it. His feet are blue, just like how they are underwater.
Ness Yo-Yo (You'd think ESP, but that's Lucas)
Captain Falcon Jet
Jigglypuff Balloon

Games I played

I have yet to play the older Kirby games, but I plan on buying the Dream Collection.

Games I own

Games I emulated



Item Favorite Least Favorite
Kirby game Kirby: Planet Robobot Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe
Helper Plasma Wisp Capsule J2
Copy Ability Poison Wing
Final Weapon Galaxia/Master Triple Star
Sub-game Brawlball Treasure Shot
Game OST Kirby's Return to Dream Land Kirby Star Stacker
Final Boss fight Marx Soul Dark Crafter
Final Boss in general Magolor Dark Nebula
Final Boss theme Star Dream (Phase 3) Dark Matter
Track of all time Sky Tower (Any version) Dunno, but Sky Tower's great