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Up the Big Ol' Tree is the second stage in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It is the second stage of Green Valley. It succeeds The Adventure Begins and precedes Great Cave Escape.

General Information

Kirby enters a vast tree and climbs through the interior, collecting Point Stars all the while. He must face Bouncys and block cannonballs shot by Cannon Cottas on his journey to the top branches. After firing himself out of a few cannons, the pink puff reaches the sky, where he can clear away clouds that obstruct his view.


The following items are contained in this stage's Treasure Chests:


  • The last cannon in the stage fires Kirby through 13 rows of blocks and a 10-Star. These are placed in such a formation that the sound of Kirby smashing through the blocks and obtaining the star imitates the first 14 notes of "Up the Big Ol' Tree."