Within the time limit, arrange four panels so that they all show the same picture. Clear a panel by hitting it with the ball, and replace a panel by hitting the arrow at the bottom of the screen.
— Bonus Games • Kirby's Block Ball Instruction Booklet

Up Down is a sub-game that appears in Kirby's Block Ball. To activate it, Kirby must find a Warp Star hidden in a stage and touch it. He will be taken to one of four sub-games, and the player may choose Up Down.

In Up Down, Kirby must match four cards to earn a given number of 1UPs.

There are four stacks, each with a different stack of imprinted cards, bearing images of either King Dedede, a star, or Kirby. Beneath the stack, a guide tells what matching four is worth in number of 1UPs. Dedede gives one, the star gives two, and Kirby gives three. These values remain the same in every play. The very top row of cards are all Dedede and cannot be removed from play, guaranteeing that at least one extra life will be earned.

The cards are stacked for the player to see the order of before play begins. The game is played like a regular level where Kirby is launched from the paddle and is bounced off the cards and walls. Every time a card is struck, it will vanish and reveal the card located behind it. Beneath the paddle is a series of four buttons with downward facing arrows, one for each column. If Kirby misses the paddle and strikes the buttons, that column will grow back a lost card. If all four exposed cards are the same, the game ends, and the reported amount of extra lives is rewarded to Kirby.

When the sub-game is over, Kirby mounts his Warp Star again and returns to the stage he left.

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In Up Down, you flip cards with bouncing Kirby until you get four of a kind. You can add cards by bouncing off the bottom bumper.
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #83)