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You heard it. That critter's headin' our way 'cause it's lookin' for Kirby!
— King Dedede • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Umiushii is a fictional monster that King Dedede put on display for his news bulletin not long after he introduced TVs to everyone in Cappy Town in Channel DDD's first episode, Un-Reality TV. According to Dedede, Umiushii was headed Cappy Town's way because he was looking for Kirby. Eventually, though, it turned out that Umiushii was not a real monster - he was just Escargoon wearing a suit. This was interesting, as Umiushii was nowhere to be seen outside for real.

Physical Appearance

Umiushii is a fictional monster portrayed by Escargoon wearing a costume that looks exactly like him. His appearance is like that of a blue slug with a jaw full of sharp fangs with a tongue, horns on his head and tail, and many oval-shaped yellow eyes, two on his face and the rest of them running down his back. He was shown as being huge on TV (where, strangely, the TV showed him to be able to breathe fire as well as withstand bullet attacks), but in reality, he is really just Escargoon's size, and is just the costume that Escargoon himself is wearing to help fool the Cappies.


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