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*If Kirby is using his [[UFO]] ability while calling, the [[Cell Phone]] will be replaced by a communication dish.
*If Kirby is using his [[UFO]] ability while calling, the [[Cell Phone]] will be replaced by a communication dish.
*In ''[[Kirby Canvas Curse]]'', UFO Kirby is drawn in [[Paint Panic]].
*In ''[[Kirby Canvas Curse]]'', UFO Kirby is drawn in [[Paint Panic]].
*This is the only ability that is not intruduced in kirby's epic yarn in the game.

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This article is about the ability. For the enemy Kirby gets the ability from, see UFO (enemy).
Wow! I'm so lucky I copied a UFO! I can do four different moves. It all depends on how long you hold B!
— UFO's Flavour Text

 • Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land/Kirby and the Amazing Mirror/Kirby Squeak Squad

UFO is one of Kirby's rarest copy abilities. Allowing him to pilot a flying saucer, it is a powerful and innovative ability that offers permanent levitation and (oftentimes) four different attacks. The type of attack UFO Kirby does is based on how long the player holds down B. The longer its pressed, the stronger the attack will be. Kirby is also capable of moving around while charging, too.

The ability does have quite a few downsides, however, as it is incapable of moving down through pass-through floors and ladders. Kirby is also significantly slowed down having this ability, making him a sitting duck to some of his faster foes. But perhaps its biggest weakness it its limited properties, as Kirby only has it for only a single stage (namely in Kirby's Adventure), 10 short seconds (in Kirby's Dream Course), or disappearing when entering the main hub area (in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror). This was changed in Squeak Squad, where it could be taken to any other stage, just like any other ability. However, UFO Kirby cannot go down ladders, forcing him to forfeit this power. The player can move while charging up attacks, but can't face in another direction.

Attacks and Features

Attack Name Controls Description Element
Beam Whip B/A UFO Kirby's basic feature. It is identical to Beam's signature attack, although Kirby can move freely through the attack. Electricity
Laser Hold B/A (Low hold) Kirby fires a ricocheting laser beam. It is identical to Laser's signature attack. None (But can light cannon fuses)
UFO Laser Hold B/A (Medium hold) Kirby calls upon the power of his spaceship to strengthen his laser. It slightly stronger than his first laser attack, about equal in power to an inhaled and ejected enemy. None
UFO Wave Cannon Hold B/A (Long hold) When Kirby conjures up enough power, he unleashes an electrifying energy beam. It is the strongest of his laser attacks. It also goes through walls. In Kirby's Adventure, the blast is in the shape of a star. None
Trajectory Orb None Only available after Kirby acquires the UFO Copy Scroll, Kirby's spaceship is outfitted with a small ball of electricity. This ball orbits around him automatically, and causes minor damage to anything it comes in contact with. Electricity

Other Quotes

Hold down the B Button to charge, and then let go! You can attack four different ways!
— UFO's Flavor Text

 • Kirby's Adventure


  • Kirby's UFO is affected by Spray Paint, much like the Magic ability's hat. More specifically, the hull is the color that would be Kirby's shoes and the rest is the color that would be Kirby's body.
  • As with Ghost, if the player drags a bubble into UFO Kirby's mouth, he will fall to the floor and can not move until he spits the bubble out (or swallows it back in).
  • Though it says the player need to hold B to charge up attacks, the same results happen whenever the player holds A and release it.
  • In the original Kirby's Adventure, UFO Kirby was not affected by water. This changed in subsequent games and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, where water slows him down.
  • If Kirby is using his UFO ability while calling, the Cell Phone will be replaced by a communication dish.
  • In Kirby Canvas Curse, UFO Kirby is drawn in Paint Panic.


Other Ability Icons

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