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One speedy ride! But... steering can be tough.
— Flavor Text • Kirby Air Ride

Turbo Star is an Air Ride Machine that appears in Kirby Air Ride.

Physical Appearance

The Turbo Star is a red machine with white portions at the front of each of its three parts. It has a hood scoop and two boosters floating near its sides with the word "Turbo" written on them. Its design recalls that of a modern sports car.

General Information

The Turbo Star excels at top speed, but has below average handling due to its weak turning capabilities, middling acceleration, and the lowest charging speed from a stop. However, if it has enough momentum, it can drift superbly (much like a real-world car), and can charge much more quickly as it does so.


The Turbo Star does well in Drag Race Stadium events and is capable of excellent performance in Air Ride courses if its driver is able to keep its momentum, due to its speed mechanics.

Related Quotes

The Turbo Star's acceleration and top speed are very advanced, but it has a unique control style that takes some getting used to.
— Air Ride Machines • Kirby Air Ride Instruction Booklet