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Turbo is a minor character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, appearing in the first and second parts of the two-part episode Born to be Mild. He is a biker who, like his bad buddies Fang and Rip, also enjoys causing trouble for the Cappies. He and Rip do what Fang tells them and follow him wherever he goes.

The three bad boy bikers came to Cappy Town in their frantic search for the mysterious legendary biker, Steppenwolf, and were having fun causing trouble for everyone as they did so. Kirby destroyed both Rip and Turbo by blinding them and leading them right into roadblocks. Afterwards, neither Rip nor Turbo were seen again, but their leader, Fang, survived, and he attended Cappy Town's second race.

Physical Appearance

Turbo looks like a Cappy with a black sleeveless jumpsuit, black wristbands, a bronze front-body plate, a brown moustache, a mouse-like mouth with a single tooth in the middle, a dark green Spartan helmet, and brown sunglasses. Just like both of his friends Fang and Rip, Turbo also rides a motorcycle that resembles a Rex Wheelie. His bike is green.


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