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Tulip is a character that appears in the game Kirby's Dream Land 3. They appear in the Stage 1 of Grass Land and Stage 1 of Sand Canyon, figuring into their respective Heart Star missions.

In Grass Land, the Tulips want Kirby to avoid crushing them in the third room. If Kirby avoids crushing all of the Tulips, he will earn a Heart Star from the one he encounters at the end of the level.

In Sand Canyon, Kirby must stomp on every Tulip while not stomping on a Geromazudake to earn the Heart Star.

Physical Appearance

Tulips are flowers with pink-red petals and a green stem with two leaves on each side of their bodies. They are very similar to Kamuribana aside from the petal design.


  • The first stage of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Downtown Grassland, tasks Kirby with making five tulips bloom in order to complete an optional mission. This may have been inspired by Kirby's objective to avoid crushing the Tulips in Stage 1 of Grass Land; ironically, he has to touch the tulips in Downtown Grassland to make them bloom.