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Thanks, buddy! I can always count on you to lap up my leftovers lickety-split. Have fun!
— Tuggle • The Meal Moocher

Tuggle is a character that appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He runs the grocery store, which is one of the few places in town to get a steady flow of business. He sometimes teams up with Gengu, and like other Cappies, will let Kirby eat his leftover food. 

Physical Appearence

Tuggle is a Cappy that wears a light green apron with two small red and orange suns drawn on it, which is also the logo of his store, he also wears a white and green cap with the same symbol drawn in front of it.


Tuggle's behavior is very similar to Gengu's: he always cares about the quality of his products and will do anything to keep his store alive. He has a somewhat cranky personality, but otherwise is able to run his grocery store without any problems most of the time.


It all happened so fast, Chief. I was in the store room for a minute, and when I came out, my whole store was cleaned out!
— Tuggle • Hail to the Chief
I don't know. He rarely shops here because he doesn't have any money!
— Tuggle to Knuckle Joe • Here Comes the Son
Yo! No pigging out at my place without payin'!
— Tuggle to the Mini-Monsters • Monster Management
Hey, you're getting wool all over my merchandise, there.
— Tuggle to the Sheep • Sheepwrecked
Wow, those delivery boys sure get a workout. Hey, maybe I should try!
— Tuggle • Delivery Dilemma