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Kirby shouldn't be learning how to do jump rope. He's a Star Warrior. He should be learning Star Warrior style.
— Tuff • A Blockbuster Battle

Tuff is the tritagonist of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is the son of Sir Ebrum and Lady Like, the younger brother of Tiff, an ally of Kirby, and often plays a large role.

Physical Appearance

Tuff is a young boy about a head taller than Kirby. His skin is a light yellow-orange color, unlike his family, as is the top of his hair. The tips are jungle green, with the colors separated by a zigzag. His hair goes down over his eyes (which are strangely never seen nor is the absence of visible eyes ever noted by anyone). He only wears a pair of purple shorts held up by a single diagonal red suspender and greenish brown shoes.


Tuff is a rowdy and mischievous young boy who has a good heart but not much in the way of intellect to go with it. He loves to play games like soccer and do other outdoor activities. He also loves to pull pranks, though usually on people like Dedede so he can easily justify it. However, sometimes his pranks cause trouble for the people of the village as well. Tuff lives for having fun and doesn't take many things seriously. However, he often falls victim to Dedede's plots like many others in Dream Land thanks to that.


Tuff is the younger brother of Tiff and the son of the Cabinet Minister Sir Ebrum and Lady Like. Despite how the two are polar opposites in many ways, he and his sister get along well, though she doesn't like when he pulls pranks and causes trouble and often tries to ruin his fun. Tuff also tends to argue with his mother when it comes to things like studying, but his father is more lenient with him. Tuff's best friends, aside from Kirby, are the three Cappy children Honey, Iro, and Spikehead, and they're often seen playing together. He doesn't usually take King Dedede and his tricks very seriously, but he tries to help his sister stop him and makes Dedede's life as difficult as he can. He and Escargoon do not normally get along, but he once bribed Tuff, Kirby and Fololo and Falala into scaring King Dedede with the reward of candy and getting back at King Dedede in Escargoon Squad. Tuff rarely interacts with Meta Knight and his followers, but when he does, he displays admiration at Meta Knight's status and skill.


You'll never know unless you try, Kirby.
— Tuff • A Dark and Stormy Knight
Kirby ought to be easy to see. The pink stands out!
— Tuff • Beware: Whispy Woods!
Rough Ranger Commandos don't tell lies. My sister's got no clue how the army works!
— Tuff • Hail to the Chief
Well, I didn't even want to come here. Why waste money on toys for Kirby when you can waste it on toys for me?
— Tuff • Kirby's Pet Peeve
I'm king of the jungle!
— Tuff • Flower Power
You guys sure are loyal to him. How'd you meet 'im?
— Tuff inquiring about how Sword Knight & Blade Knight met Meta Knight • Hour of the WolfWrath
That creep! I'd like to tear it apart with my bare hands!
— Tuff about King Dedede's plan to build an Ice Dragon Robot • Labor Daze
Wait! I like danger!
— Tuff • Junk Jam
It looks like they're holding a convention here.
— Tuff • Monster Management
Making Mabel's predictions come true is pretty easy.
— Tuff • Mabel Turns the Tables
Aw, don't worry. Look at it this way! At least everyone's making art, right, Tiff?
— Tuff • Dedede's Monsterpiece
Kirby! Hey, don't spend the whole day sleeping. We need a goalie!
— Tuff • Mumbies Madness
We're not gonna let you mess up Cappy Town!
— Tuff • Born to Be Mild - Part I
It sure is weird. But the Warp Star fits inside it so perfect. Especially since Kabu's been around for millions of years.
— Tuff • Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
Isn't there any place we can go to get away from you two?
— Tuff • Combat Kirby
The Halberd was blown away. We have to escape before our bomb goes off!
— Tuff • Fright to the Finish

Related Quotes

Mischievous little bro Tuff is always ready for an adventure with his sister, Tiff, and his new pal, Kirby.
— Character description • Nintendo Power magazines
As his name implies, Tiff's younger brother is always up for an adventure, though King Dedede and his monster minions do their best to put him down. He's almost as fast and feisty as his sister.
— Character description • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! official English website and Nintendo Power magazines


Tuff's name appears as a stylized version of the word "tough," indicative not of his physical strength, but of his ability to be strong through other means; "Tuff" is also a one letter difference from his sister's name "Tiff."

Tuff's Japanese name, ブン (Bun), appears to come from the Japanese onomatopoeia for a swinging or shaking sound, which could reference his more energetic personality.


  • Tuff appears to have a bad memory as seen in The Kirby Quiz. For example, because he says the monster Kirby defeated when he first turned into Cook Kirby is Blocky (The correct answer is Popon). Blocky is actually the monster Kirby defeated when he first turned into Stone Kirby.
  • Tuff is one of the characters least often animated with CGI, the only instance being in Hail to the Chief and in the first Japanese opening.


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