In the Kirby series, transformations are forms that Kirby can take that change his appearance and abilities. These differ from his usual Copy Abilities in that he does not need to inhale any enemies to gain them, and rather than changing color or gaining a hat, his entire body is changed into a different form. Transformations first appeared in Kirby's Epic Yarn and have since appeared in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn as well. Transformations have so far appeared only in games where Kirby does not have access to his usual Copy Abilities.


Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Basic Transformations

Kirby can transform into these forms at will as a result of consuming Yin-Yarn's metamato. These forms do not require a Metamortex.

Form Details Appearance Control
CarKirby travels faster, and his jumps are higher and farther.KEY carCar ctrl
NoteKirby automatically assumes this form when he exits a brass instrument in the level Melody Town.KEY noteNote ctrl
ParachuteAllows Kirby to slowly fall down or ride air currents up.KEY ParachuteFormParachute ctrl
PendulumUsually allows Kirby to reach higher places and new areas.Yoyo Epic YarnPendulum ctrl
SleighReplaces the car transformation whenever on ice in Frosty Wheel. Kirby can slide up and down ramps as well as skate over water when he has enough speed built up.KEY SleighSleigh ctrl
SnakeAllows Kirby to go through narrow openings.Kirby SnakeSnake ctrl
StrengthKirby can unzip zippers and move heavy objects.KEY ZipperStrength ctrl
SubmarineKirby automatically becomes this when he enters water.KEY SubmarineFormSubmarine ctrl
TopKirby automatically enters this form while rolling enemies into yarn balls.KEY TopFormTop ctrl
WeightAllows Kirby to break blocks he couldn't using the yarn whip.KEY WeightFormWeight ctrl

Metamortex Transformations

Kirby takes on one of these forms after touching a Metamortex. The Tankbot, Off-Roader and Spin Boarder forms have two players sharing control, with the one who grabbed the Metamortex taking on the main form and the other player providing support, while all the other forms have Kirby and Prince Fluff transforming separately and giving players independent control. The train form is the one special case where players take turns drawing tracks, but Kirby and Prince Fluff share the same train. In alphabetical order:

Name Details Appearance Metamortex
DiggerKirby pilots a machine that can excavate cotton blocks, and destroy crystal blocks obscuring doorways or beads. It can cling to and move on walls and ceilings of cotton.KEY DrillFormDigger metamortex
DolphinKirby's speed underwater is unmatched while in this form, and he gains a powerful surge attack. Kirby can swim up waterfalls, jump out of the water, swim through hoops to get beads, and bounce balls on his nose.Dolphin Epic ArtDolphin metamortex
Fire EngineKirby can put out fire enemies and fires, and temporarily solidify lava to make platforms.KEY FireEngineFormFire Engine metamortex
Off-RoaderKirby is faster and can jump higher than in car form. Kirby can grab a power-up that makes him go even faster and gives the ability to break through blocks.KEY DuneBuggyFormOff-Roader metamortex
RocketKirby can fly around and destroy enemies by shooting stars at them in a manner similar to Space Invaders.KEY RocketRocket metamortex
SaucerKirby pilots a UFO that is able to absorb enemies. When 3 enemies are absorbed, he can blast out an attack destroying almost everything on-screen.UFO Epic YarnSaucer metamortex
Spin BoarderKirby surfs or snowboards, and can jump while doing so. He can grab a pair of wings that increases the height and distance of his next jump.KEY SurfForm2-0Spin Boarder metamortex
Star ShooterVirtually identical to its appearance in Kirby Super Star and Ultra, it flies and fires star shots sideways.Star ShooterStar Shooter metamortex
TankbotKirby pilots a large robotic tank with light-up eyes. It can hover a short distance, and shoots Missiles. When there are 2 players, the tank gets a boxing glove as well, which is controlled by whichever player did not grab the power-up.Robot Epic YarnTankbot metamortex
TrainKirby can travel on train tracks that lead him to new areas. The tracks are drawn by the player.KEY TrainFormTrain metamortex

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Name Details Appearance
Kirby Rocket Kirby can fly and defeat enemies (excluding invincible ones) by running into them. KatRC Rocket artwork
Kirby Submarine Kirby must remain submerged underwater and can fire torpedoes in a straight line. KatRC Submarine artwork
Kirby Tank Kirby can fire up to eight projectiles at once as a tank. KatRC Tank artwork


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