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Toss as much ore as you can into train cars. Get more points than your rivals to win!
— Toss ore into trains • Kirby Battle Royale

The train is a vehicle in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Battle Royale.

Physical Appearance

As its name suggests, the train is a large locomotive. It is designed in King Dedede's likeness, with an evil-looking replica of his face on its front. This front car has a headlight, a smokestack, two small drills, and a stubby pilot. It pulls four cars: three ore containers and one passenger car on its caboose. Most ore cars have green exteriors decorated with ore patterns, though rare ones have gold exteriors marked with an image of Dedede holding ore and a "x2" message.

Waddle Dees and a Cappy can be seen riding the train as it passes.


Kirby Battle Royale

The train appears exclusively in the Ore Express game mode. The goal of the game is to collect ore and deliver it to the train cars in exchange for points. After some waiting, the train drives along the tracks and arrives for the competitors. If a player is hit by the vehicle, he is instantly KO'd.

Once the train arrives, its ore compartments open, allowing participants to toss their cargo. They most often open simultaneously, though in some instances the three compartments open and close at different times. Gold cars appear rarely and remain closed longer than green cars, but any ore that lands in one is doubled in value. The player must decide whether or not the gold car is worth the wait, depending on how far behind his/her score is compared to the opponents' as well as how aggressive the opponents are.

In some cases, the train speeds by without stopping, forcing players to throw their cargo quickly. The Logjam Pass stage uses pillars to block parts of the train, making it more difficult to load ore.

Related Quotes

Throw ore into a gold train car if you see one. You'll get double points for that ore!
— Double bonuses • Kirby Battle Royale


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