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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the transformation in Kirby's Epic Yarn. For other uses, see Train (disambiguation).

When you transform into this charming steam train, you'll need to point the Wii Remote at the screen to draw tracks. Plot a route to where you want to go!
— Official European Kirby's Epic Yarn website

Train is a Transformation that both Kirby and Prince Fluff can take on in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. The two can transform into this form by getting the relevant Metamortex. It first appears in Toy Tracks, then later in Cocoa Station and Meta Melon Isle.

Physical Appearance

Kirby becomes a pink and red steam locomotive with black wheels and yellow pistons. If there is a second player, the first player to touch the Metamortex becomes the train and the second the driver. If Prince Fluff touches the Metamortex first, the train will look similar to Train Kirby, but have a blue and orange color scheme instead of pink and red.


While in this form, Kirby and Prince Fluff perpetually move, either on the ground or on rails created by the player using the A button and the Wii Remote pointer (Wii only)/C-pad (3DS only). If there are two players, they take turns drawing the tracks. The player whose character is the train can also turn it around by pressing the B button. By moving close to a train car or a pallet, Train Kirby will have it follow him from behind, and each of these are worth one star bead (100 beads) each once Kirby reaches the reel gate. Drawn train tracks collapse eventually and this can separate the pallets from Train Kirby, but they can be picked up again. Touching a type of (respawning) Metamortex power-up will cause Train Kirby to travel faster and gain the ability to plow through solid or hollow orange Cloth blocks. Moving across switches or reels is the method to manipulate the said devices.


  • Using Kirby's train ability is a lot like playing Kirby: Canvas Curse as the player has to draw a trail that Kirby can ride on.
  • Only the Train form uses the Wii Remote's IR pointer for control, besides when designing Kirby's Pad.
  • Being in Train form is the only time in gameplay when Button B is used.