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Tourists are guest characters that appear in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Tourist Trap. They came to take a tour of Cappy Town and its landmarks, but they were targeted by King Dedede for a scheme to turn the village into a tourist resort.

Tourists take pictures of their surroundings (as uninteresting as the subject may be), speak a foreign language, and are generally inconsiderate of others. Their carelessness ends up causing trouble for a number of Cappy Town residents and Tiff. They ended up in danger once King Dedede tried to impress them with Flame Feeder at Booma-Dooma Volcano.

In their critique of the tour, the tourists surmised that it was a terrible experience, and that King Dedede (whom they referred to as "a blue blimp") took things too far at the Volcano. The only thing they enjoyed was Kirby.

Physical Appearances

Tourists are similar to Cappies in appearance, except they have pale white skin and different hairstyles. Each one wears travel-ready garb, complete with sunglasses, hats, and cameras. They all wear florescent red and green tropical t-shirts. The younger tourists wear yellow shirts.


  • There's a running gag where one of the tourists almost misses the tour bus.
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