One route will lead you to Tortletummy. He's a big-bellied foe who keeps his treasure hidden. In his belly, that is. There must be some way to get it out of him.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Tortletummy is a mid-boss that appears in Kirby Mass Attack. He first appears in Stage 10 of Green Grounds and reappears in Stage 5 of Dedede Resort.

Physical Appearance

Tortletummy is a massive, green turtle with small eyes, a red pipe-shaped mouth, a smooth black shell, and a helmet on his head; coincidentally, his helmet is not unlike the helmet of a German soldier in World War II.


Tortletummy will start out sleeping and snoring. But, if one of the Kirbys hit his stomach, he'll wake up, get mad at them for disturbing his slumber, and the battle will begin.

Tortletummy has no direct form of attack, but he'll try to blow the Kirbys away from him. As this progresses, some miniature Jellifrizz will appear and horizontally try to hit the Kirbys. The currents become stronger as the battle goes on and the Jellifrizz will get slightly bigger. The Kirbys must hit Tortletummy's stomach several times in order to defeat him. When they do defeat Tortletummy, he'll burst into bubbles and the Kirbys can exit the room they just fought him in.

When fought in Dedede Resort, his behavior changes. After he is done resting after his Jellifrizz attack, Thorn Tortletummys will come out of the walls and he will direct the current towards them. The player must swim in the opposite direction of the current to avoid them. This time, after defeating Tortletummy, he gives the rainbow medal of the level, then he will burst into bubbles as before.


  • Tortletummy is one of the few characters in the Kirby series who is confirmed to have a navel. The others are Mr. Frosty and Storo.