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Tornadon is a huge serpentine dragon-like monster appearing in the 22nd episode, Island of the Lost Warrior, whose special ability is, just like his name suggests, whipping up strong gales and tornadoes. He can whip up tornadoes, both large and small, or even spin in one place and therefore engulf himself inside one massive one.


Tornadon is the one responsible for creating the tornado that stranded Tiff, Tuff, Fololo & Falala, and Kirby on a deserted island. This island actually turned out to be the island home of Kit Cosmos. When King Dedede and Escargoon showed up on the island, they immediately sent Tornadon to the old soldier. Tornadon quickly beats Kit Cosmos with a well-placed whirlwind attack. Tuff takes over, but he too is no match for the monster's powerful whirlwinds. The gang decides to retreat back to the safety of the woods, but Tornadon blows all the foliage away with a powerful tornado. Thankfully, Kirby sucks up one of his tornadoes, and becomes Tornado Kirby. Naturally, Tornado Kirby gets the upper hand with his own tornadoes and blasts Tornadon to the ground. The fight rages on, but Kirby eventually wins out and completely destroys Tornadon with his Tornado breath.

Physical Appearance

Tornadon is a massive slug-like snake monster. He has a blue-green body with a peachy colored underbelly with brown stripes. Silver spikes run up his back, and he has flipper-like hands each with a sharp metal fan on it. Tornadon uses these fans to conjure his tornado attacks. Tornadon has a malicious sneering grin on his face as well as sunken-in pink eyes with darker red, demonic-looking pupils, and has a few sharp teeth in his mouth.

Powers and Abilities

True to Tornadon's name, his primary ability is being able to create tornadoes from the fans on his hands; he can fire small tornadoes that are powerful enough to both lift both Kit Cosmos and Tuff around with ease, and bigger tornadoes that cause mass deconstruction. Tornadon can also create a whirlwind around himself, accompanied by blue lightning.



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