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— Togeira • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Togeira is a monster only appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, ordered by King Dedede and makings its only appearance in the 55th episode, Sweet & Sour Puss.

Physical appearance

Togeira is a mechanical, sea urchin-like monster. It has a round purple body and is covered in extendable spikes, much like Togezo or Gordo. Its face seems to be mostly made of a transparent surface that allows its hollow interior to be seen, and it has flat gold eyes that are normally fixed in an angry glare. Running down the middle of its face is a thin, rectangular grey thermometer split into ten segments, which fills in along with a boiling red liquid (perhaps mercury) that fills Togeira's body as its host grows angrier. When it is filled completely, the liquid causes Togeira to literally boil with anger, giving off steam from its body.

When possessing its victims, Togeira mostly does not seem to influence their appearance or even leave any measurable differences on their body's condition, as shown when Escargoon took Dedede to the doctor when concerned by his oddly calm demeanor. However, when the thermometer is almost full, the host's pupils seem to glow red, and as Togeira reached maximum anger even the bumps on King Dedede's body were shown to glow a bright pink. When Togeira is completely filled with rage, it engulfs its host (and seemingly even their weapon) in a glowing red aura until it exits their body.


When released by King Dedede, Togeira refused to listen to his orders and immediately attacks him, entering his body as he yells at it to get away.

The next day, Dedede becomes incredibly docile and is forced to show the others some kindness for a change, being patient with Escargoon and the people of Cappy Town to the point of being a pushover, allowing them to vandalize his car and remaining calm even after having his brakes rigged by Gus and being sent crashing into a pond. The king undergoes a great deal of pain and punishment, but due to Togeira's influence, he is unable to fight back. Togeira simply manifests in Dedede's body, biding time as the king's anger builds within it.

Eventually, after enduring physical abuse from the people of Cappy Town and eating some of Kawasaki's most disgusting food - steamed rice with a lot of chocolate gravy - Escargoon smashes the king with his own hammer, causing Togeira to reach full capacity. Dedede screams and enters a blind rage as Togeira goes to work and controls the king, causing Dedede to go on a rampage against Kirby when he is tricked by Escargoon. Dedede comically trips on a banana peel, causing Togeira to fly out of the king's head. Now outside of the King, the rage-filled monster begins to launch hundreds of explosive spike missiles at Kirby, which allows the pink hero to inhale them to become Needle Kirby. However, Kirby's needles prove too weak to damage Togeira and it continues bombarding him. However, with the Warp Star, Kirby guides the monster's homing spikes, redirecting them right back at the sender and lodging them in Togeira's body, causing its surface to begin to crack. Togeira, now insanely mad and malfunctioning, self-destructs, leaving behind a firework-like display and completely destroying the spiked menace.

Powers and Abilities

Togeira is shown to invade the body of its victims by entering their head and storing their rage within its body, depriving its host of the ability to get angry and fight back and replacing it with a completely patient and forgiving personality instead. Togeira itself does not seem to control its host - rather, when the host is subject to things that would normally build their anger (such as Dedede being hit with hammers or forced to eat Kawasaki's cooking) their rage instead goes to Togeira, filling the monster's cavity-like body with red liquid that seems to acts as fuel for its attacks. When it reaches full capacity, the built-up anger bursts out, causing the host to enter a blind rage. Despite Dedede's personality still seeming somewhat intact while Togeira possesses him - as shown by the enraged king asking Escargoon who had been beating on him - Meta Knight still notes him to be under the monster's influence, implying it has at least some direct control of the host in this berserk state. The king himself seems to have no recollection of what happened while it was inside of him afterwards, though he does quickly suspect Escargoon to have been the reason for his wounds, implying Togeira's host may still have some recollection of what happens while possessed.

When expelled from the host's body, which seems to either happen when they are angered even further or subject to sufficient force (demonstrated by King Dedede slipping on a banana peel), Togeira floats and can attack opponents by firing its explosive needle-like missiles at them, which are shown to have homing abilities that can keep up with even the Warp Star, and it also attempts to ram Kirby with its spiky body. When pierced with its own missiles, Togeira bursts in a large explosion, possibly indicating it has the ability to self-destruct as well.

Togeira does have a voice, though its capacity for speech seems very limited. It angrily snarls and cackles menacingly shortly after emerging from Dedede's body, and in the original dub it says the first half of its name repeatedly while attacking Kirby. This was removed in the English dub of the episode, where its speech is limited to growling and laughter.


Togeira's name comes from the Japanese word for thorn, とげ/棘 (toge) referring to its spikes; and the onomatopoeia for irritating, イライラ (iraira), referencing its ability to obtain power from others' anger.

Related Quotes

The monster invades its opponents and takes away their ability to get angry or fight back.
— N.M.E. Sales Guy • Sweet & Sour Puss
Listen to what it says here! Instead of striking back, the monster stores up its host's anger for a mega-attack. When the anger power reaches maximum capacity, it bursts out!
— Tiff • Sweet & Sour Puss
Whoa, that monster's super mad!
— Tuff • Sweet & Sour Puss


  • Togeira is one of the few monsters that attacks Dedede.


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