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The Tilt Bowl is an item in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

The Tilt Bowl serves as a simple puzzle-solving device. When Kirby jumps into the bowl, the player will gain control over how it tilts. The item is gyro-controlled—tilting the Nintendo 3DS left or right will cause the bowl itself to tilt that direction, and therefore pour the water contained in it. Every puzzle the item is used for involves pouring out the bowl's water to put out a massive fire or grow huge flowers (which contain items such as keys or stars).

The bowl contains a limited amount of liquid. The player will more often than not have to split the water evenly between two plants in order to complete a puzzle. When the vessel is emptied, Kirby will hop out of it and the bowl will fall off the stage. In instances where Kirby must put out a fire to proceed but fails to do so, another Tilt Bowl will appear to take the original's place.

As with all the gyro-controlled objects in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, the player can reset the gyroscope by tapping a button on the touch screen.

Physical Appearance

The Tilt Bowl is a large, clear, glass bowl full of water. The bowl has silver trim around the outside and a star-shaped emblem on the front.