Thudds fall from above and try to crush Kirby.
— Enemies • Kirby: Canvas Curse Instruction Booklet

Thudd is an enemy in the Kirby series, appearing only in Kirby: Canvas Curse.

Physical Appearance

Thudds are square, stone-like enemies that have a face similar to Kabu's. When a character goes under a Thudd, its yellow eyes will appear before falling down. They appear in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.


Kirby: Canvas Curse

Thudds sole form of attack is to fall on the character underneath it. They cannot be defeated, as putting the stylus over them merely draws a line, which makes a Thudd more of an obstacle than an enemy. It is also drawn in Paint Panic.


Thudd is named after a stylization of the onomatopoeia "thud," the onomatopoeia for a heavy object falling onto the ground, reflecting Thudd's method of attack.

Its Japanese name, Dendon, comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for thud, ドン/どん (don).


  • Thudd is similar to the Mario series enemy Thwomp, in the sense that they are both are invincible, stone-like creatures who float in mid-air and fall on the characters who get under them. They are also both named after onomatopoeias for a heavy object falling.
  • While Thudd doesn't appear as an enemy in Kirby Super Star Ultra, Stone Kirby may turn into a Thudd occasionally in that game.

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