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Thudds fall from above and try to crush Kirby.
— Enemies • Kirby: Canvas Curse Instruction Booklet

Thudd is an enemy in the Kirby series, appearing only in Kirby: Canvas Curse. Being immune to Kirby's inhale attack, they will not grant Copy Abilities.

Physical Appearance

Thudds are square, stone-like enemies that have a face similar to Kabu's. Their yellow eyes will appear before falling down if Kirby walks under them. Thudds appear in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.


Kirby: Canvas Curse

Thudds make their first appearance in the stage Contrast Cave in Iello Adventure. Their sole form of attack is to fall on Kirby when he goes under their location. They cannot be defeated, as putting the stylus over them merely draws a line, which makes a Thudd more of an obstacle than an enemy. It is also drawn in Paint Panic.


Thudd is named after a stylization of the onomatopoeia "thud," the onomatopoeia for a heavy object falling onto the ground, reflecting their method of attack.

Its Japanese name, Dendon, comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for thud, ドン/どん (don).


  • Thudd is similar to the Mario series enemy Thwomp, in the sense that they are both are invincible, stone-like creatures who float in mid-air and fall on the characters who get under them. They are also both named after onomatopoeias for a heavy object falling.
    • They are also similar to the I3.
  • While Thudd doesn't appear as an enemy in Kirby Super Star Ultra, Stone Kirby may turn into a Thudd occasionally in that game.

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