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Thornletummy is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Thornletummy is a cylindrical green turtle. It has beady black eyes, orange lips, and stubby green arms. It wears a black helmet covered in three retractable spikes. It is unknown if the enemy has a shell as it is only seen directly from the front.


Kirby Mass Attack

Thornletummy appears exclusively in Stage 5 of Dedede Resort as a minion of the mid-boss Tortletummy. If the Kirbys fail to deal enough damage to the mid-boss after he finishes sending out jellyfish enemies, he summons six Thornletummys. These enemies line either the leftmost wall or the ground with their spikes ejected. The mid-boss then sends strong currents to blow the Kirbys into the prickly enemies. Any Kirby that touches one of these foes is instantly KO'd.

During Tortletummy's second phase, he first lines the wall with the enemies before taking a rest. If he still hasn't been seriously damaged after recuperating, he lines the floor with them and takes another break. During the third phase, the mid-boss summons his minions to cover the wall, floor, and wall again in quick succession. Whenever the tired Tortletummy takes a break and becomes defenseless, the Thornletummys leave altogether. Thornletummy is invincible and cannot be defeated.


  • An unused purple Thornletummy appears in Kirby Mass Attack’s data. This suggests that the green version in the final game was intended to appear in the Tortletummy fight in Stage 10 of Green Grounds while this unused palette would accompany the purple Tortletummy in Dedede Resort.