It seems the fated time is here at last. We, the three Mage-Sisters, will bring this battle to its end... ONCE AND FOR ALL!
— Zan Partizanne and her sisters • Kirby Star Allies

The Three Mage-Sisters, also titled as Repentant Retaliators and sometimes known as the Jambastion mages or the Three Generals of Magic, are a group of three individuals that serve as bosses in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies as the secondary antagonists of the game. They serve their leader, Hyness.

They are all first fought in Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion, but are fought again in Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes. They also fight collectively as a single boss in the Heroes in Another Dimension sub-game. They also appear as Dream Friends once Heroes in Another Dimension is cleared with the "Happy Ending".


The blue Mage-Sister, Francisca, fights with a snowflake labrys, a double-sided axe and uses ice sorcery. She can manipulate the size of, or throw the head like a giant disk. She can also use a soda shooter to shoot a long stream of soda that bounces off the floor and ceiling; this causes dark blue stars to appear, and swallowing them grants the Water ability. Her giant disk and icicle launch attacks make light blue stars appear, which grant the Ice ability. She is known as the Frozen General, or the Bringer of Icy Doom.

The red Mage-Sister, Flamberge, fights with a flamberge, and also uses fire sorcery. One attack includes using a cannon that shoots a long and wide stream of fire directly ahead. This attack creates red stars which grant the Fire ability when swallowed. She’s supposed to be looking for dark hearts, but Flamberge has found her way to a nice, toasty spot and is taking a bit of a break. She is known as the Blazing General, or the Bringer of Flame.

The yellow Mage-Sister, Zan Partizanne, fights with a partisan and uses electric sorcery. Her attacks with her thunder drums can create green stars which give the Plasma ability, or orange stars which give the Beam ability. She is the dutiful leader of the three Jambastion mages. At the bidding of Hyness, she hunts for dark hearts. She is known as the Lightning General, or the Bringer of Shock.


Before the events of the main story, the Three Mage-Sisters were once ordinary girls on the brink of death. Francisca nearly froze to death in a snowstorm, Flamberge nearly suffocated in a fire, and Zan Partizanne nearly died after being struck by lightning while desperately climbing a tower in an attempt to end her own life (which was made much more evident in the Japanese version of her Soul Melter EX description). However, before they could depart from the world, Hyness arrived in the nick of time and saved their lives by granting them the powers of ice, fire, and electricity, respectively. Thus, the three of them became Hyness’s followers, admiring him for rescuing them.

According to Hyness, those of his religion, as well as possibly himself and the Three Mage-Sisters, were banished and sealed away to the edge of the galaxy by an unknown race. This race is presumed to be the ancients, who were known for creating legendary and powerful treasures. Hyness exclaims that the ancients banished and sealed them away because they feared their power, and that they attempted to erase their very existence from history itself. Also according to Hyness, their religion was responsible for stopping a "galactic crisis" of sorts, however, it's unknown what this "crisis" was. Hyness also mentions a book of legend that foretold the restoration of those that are masters of a matter most dark, or those of their religion. It could be presumed that those who were part of this religion wrote this book akin to the Holy Bible and other religious books.


KSSU Kirby run
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After Kirby and friends have defeated Meta Knight, the Three Mage-Sisters land their Jambastion Fortress on Planet Popstar. Kirby and friends face them one by one, defeating first Francisca, then Flamberge, and finally Zan Partizanne, in which the latter proceeds to destroy the Jambastion Fortress. Kirby and friends then encounter Francisca and Flamberge on different planets, still on their hunt for Jamba Heart pieces. Kirby and friends defeat them once again and make their to their base, where they approach their master, Hyness, who is performing the reviving ceremony. Before Kirby and friends can interrupt, however, Zan Partizanne blocks their way, and the five engage in a fight.

Zan is defeated, and she begs Hyness for his help, but Hyness is displeased with her failure and bats her aside to face the heroes himself. Hyness was then bested by the heroes, but then proceeds to summon the Mage-Sisters to him. He then drains their life force to restore his own, rendering the Mage-Sisters unconscious. Hyness and the heroes fight again, with the former using the Mage-Sisters' unconscious bodies as living weapons. When they are defeated, Hyness throws the Three Mage-Sisters, still unconscious, into the incomplete Jamba Heart on the altar, and soon dives into it himself, reviving the Dark Lord, Void Termina.

When Kirby and friends face Void Termina, they go inside of him to battle his heart. They find the Three Mage-Sisters, along with Hyness, trapped inside internal cocoons. After releasing the core, everyone, including the Three Mage-Sisters and Hyness, are ejected out of Void Termina. It is unknown what happened to them after that, though the Mage-Sisters now had their color restored, meaning that they gained their life force back. The only confirmation to what happened to them is that the Three Mage-Sisters and Hyness survived the whole crisis.

The Three Mage-Sisters and Hyness return in Heroes in Another Dimension. At some point after the events of the Main Story, it is revealed Hyness somehow fell into a portal to Another Dimension, and the Three Mage-Sisters pursue him. They finally find him a few moments after Kirby and friends defeat him. They lament over his current state, before directing their rage towards Kirby and friends. Now calling Kirby out by name for the first time, they launch an all-out attack on him, and after a hard-fought battle, they are defeated. If the player has collected 100 or more Friend Hearts, they all merge into one giant heart, which Kirby throws at the mages. If not, Kirby and friends simply walks away. After the Friend Heart is thrown at them, the sisters wake up and are restored to their original colors. After some thinking, they then nod their heads in agreement and presumably say a prayer of sorts, which turns the dark battlefield into a brightly-lit arena. The Warp Star then descends from the sky, and the heroes hop on. Before leaving, Kirby waves goodbye to the sisters and the Warp Star takes off, leaving behind a small heart that slowly falls onto Hyness. Hyness then wakes up, restored to his former glory, and the sisters run up to him in joy and presumably tell him what had happened as the screen fades to black. It is unknown if the sisters and Hyness decided to live on Planet Popstar with Kirby afterwards, but the 100% completion picture for Heroes in Another Dimension shows that they are now on good terms with each other.

End of spoilers

As a Dream Friend

The Three Mage-Sisters also appear as Dream Friends in Kirby Star Allies’s third update, where they are paired together as a single character. The player can switch between them at will, unlike the other paired Dream Friends. Each Mage-Sister has their own unique moveset, and their moves consist of attacks from their boss fights. They are locked until the player completes Heroes in Another Dimension with at least 100 Friend Hearts collected. All of them give a certain element as indicated by the element icon when selected; Francisca gives Blizzard (unless using the Shaken Soda Blaster), Flamberge gives Sizzle, and Zan Partizanne gives Zap.


Move Controls Description
Francisca's Moveset
Cisca Slash B Francisca slashes with her labrys.
Cisca Dash Dash + B Francisca lunges forward with her labrys.
Cisca Uppercut ↑ + B Francisca strikes upward then slams down.
Cisca Slam ↓ + B after Cisca Uppercut
Deadly Ice Candy ↓ + B in midair Francisca summons three icicles to rain down on opponents.
Frozen Gelato Press and hold B, then release Francisca launches her labrys' head at opponents, catching them in it and rebounding it off walls.
Shaken Soda Blaster ↓ then press and hold ↑ + B and release Francisca grabs her soda gun, shakes it, and fires it. Can be aimed up and down while firing. Unlike all of her other attacks, this gives the Splash element.
Elegant Escape L + R then move Francisca floats a huge distance while dodging.
Flamberge's Moveset
Berge Slash B, then B again Flamberge slashes with her sword, upward on the first press and downward on the second.
Berge Rush B after Berge Slash Flamberge then thrusts her sword forward multiple times.
Berge Finish B after Berge Rush Flamberge finishes enemies off with an upward slice that sends a spreadshot of fireballs.
Flam Flambé Dash + (hold) B Flamberge digs her sword into the ground and dashes forward with it, causing flames to erupt from the ground. When the button is released, she slashes upward.
BBQ Skewer ↓ + B in midair, B to fire Flamberge stabs downward, then stays in place to fire a blazing rock when the button is pressed.
Scorching Sword Plunge ↑ + B in midair Flamberge plunges four flaming swords into the ground; two to her left, two to her right.
Mega Broiler ↓, then ↑ + B Flamberge takes out her oven cannon, the Mega Broiler, and lets it loose on her opponents. While it's firing, it can be moved around freely.
Burst Jump ↑ + B Flamberge jumps upward with a flaming burst.
Burst Step L / R + ←/→ Flamberge dodges a slightly longer distance than most Friends can. Can only do this on the ground.
Zan Partizanne's Moveset
Zan Zlash B, then B again Zan Partizanne slashes twice with her partisan. Can be repeated easily.
Zan Ztab ↓ + B in midair Zan Partizanne stabs downward, much like Spear's Moon Drop.
Zan Zkewers Dash + B Zan Partizanne thrusts her partisan multiple times, ending with an electric thrust that sends a lightning bolt.
Lightning Lemonade Hold ↑ + B Zan Partizanne summons a storm cloud which strikes to her left and right as long as the button is held. Can move freely in any direction while active.
Drum N Waste ↓ → + B repeatedly Zan Partizanne takes out her thunder drums and launches balls of electricity as long as the player is repeatedly pressing the button. Can be moved around freely.
Electro Eclair ↓ then ↑ + B Zan Partizanne tosses her partisan through her drums, creating a giant electrical laser that can be moved freely.
Lightning Dodge L / R + Move Zan Partizanne can dodge lightning-fast like her boss fights. Must start command on the ground, and can dodge up to three times.
Shared Moveset
Sister Tag ↓ + B The three Mage-Sisters high-five each other to tag in, in a set order: Francisca > Flamberge > Zan Partizanne.
Sister Circle Hold ↓ + B then release The three Mage-Sisters perform their variation on the Friend Circle to wipe out enemies on-screen. After use, it must recharge before being available again.


Example: “Zan Par…? Jaway majaja! Japologa vun.”
Translation: “Zan Par…? I forgot again! I’m very sorry.”
— VS Hyness (The Ultimate Choice, Phase 2, partial) • Kirby Star Allies
The Three Mage-Sisters, along with Hyness and possibly others of their religion, have their own language, which is shown to be used on multiple occasions. On the Pause Screen descriptions for Hyness's second phase in The Ultimate Choice and Heroes in Another Dimension, multiple phrases are translated:
  • Bonjam = Greeting
  • Jambuhbye = Goodbye
  • Jamblasted = Anger
  • Juh? = Huh?
  • Vun = Very
  • Jamanke = Thank you
  • Japologa = I’m sorry
  • Jonto = Soon
  • Jaway = I forgot
  • Majaja = Again
  • Jes = Yes
  • Janno = No
  • Jhappy = Happy
  • Majicious = Tasty
  • Jawaii = Cute
  • Mafo = Lie
  • Jif = If
  • Jaitty = Good night
  • Rigga = Painful
  • Goppoko = Surprise
  • Bastion = Heart
  • Jorrow = Sad
  • Konjy = Crazy
  • Mapop = Hope
  • Lor = Paradise

Out of these words, "jamanke," "japologa," "jonto," "jaway," and "majaja" are not spoken by any character in-game.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

The Three Mage-Sisters appear as a single Advanced-class Grab support spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Related Quotes

The fierce sisters are fired up for their final fight! Pursuit of their master has led to the border of another dimension, only to find him a shadow of his former self. Can their one wish restore him to glory? Dare they dream of the happiest ending?
— VS The Three Mage-Sisters • Kirby Star Allies
Your Friend Hearts have brought a miracle. The Three Mage-Sisters are now Dream Friends!
— The Three Mage-Sisters! • Kirby Star Allies
The Jambastion Mages, who are the boss Generals, are referred to as "three sisters" in one of the pause screens. So are they actually siblings or members of a sisterhood of mages? Just like Kirby and Meta Knight's secrets, this is another mystery that stirs the imagination! In the Japanese version of the game, a pause screen says Zan Partizanne was taken in by Hyness, and had sworn loyalty to Hyness after she had received powerful magic. Comparing Hyness's true face and hers, it looks like they're from different races though.
— Kirby Star Allies Channel Update 5


  • Unlike other bosses, when any of the Mage-Sisters are defeated, instead of the Jamba Heart floating away, they grab it and take it with them.
  • While they are called "sisters" in the pause description of Hyness's second phase, the word might not necessarily mean that they are siblings. The word could be meant in a religious term, which is typically used to refer to nuns, seeing as how they are part of a religion themselves. More evidence that this is the case is that in Heroes in Another Dimension, Francisca refers to Flamberge as “Ms. Flamberge.” It is normally unusual for siblings to use prefixes to address each other.
    • However, Nintendo published a poll asking fans which Nintendo family "would be the most fun," implying the mages as related sisters. 
  • As the Three Mage-Sisters have very similar moves to each other, some of their maneuvers become questionable due to the weapons they wield.
    • Francisca uses a thrusting attack despite wielding an axe, which is supposed to be used for chopping. A halberd would be suitable for thrusting, but it is classified as a pole-axe, not an axe.
    • Zan Partizanne uses slashing attacks despite wielding a partisan, a polearm that is designed for thrusting (although its protrusions were made to parry sword attacks).
    • As Flamberge's sword functions as both a longsword and a rapier, both slicing and thrusting moves are accurate to its usage.
  • The Three Mage-Sisters have elemental weaknesses, which can stun them while they are performing their special attacks. Francisca can be stunned when using a move with the Zap element on her soda beam attack, Flamberge can be stunned when using the Blizzard, Bluster, or Splash elements, as well as Artist or Adeleine's paint attacks, while charging her Oven Cannon, and Zan Partizanne can be stunned when using a Splash element or paint attack on her drums.
    • They can also be affected by their weakness during Hyness's second phase, although they can still hurt Kirby and co. when they are at the stage. However, they will recharge if Hyness pulls them back to him.
  • Each of the Mage-Sisters' weapons represent one of the three main weapons of the Fire Emblem weapon triangle: Francisca has an axe, Flamberge has a sword, and Zan Partizanne has a lance.
  • As of version 4.0.0, they are the second overall boss whose name in the boss splash screen is shown to have flames, which was originally exclusive to Void Termina and Void Soul.
  • When swapping between the Three Mage-Sisters as a Dream Friend, a unique animation will play. Instead of immediately turning into the Mage-Sister being swapped to, the current sister will high-five the one being swapped to before they take their place.




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