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Hotdog, taco, hamburger... Hotdog, taco, hamburger... Hotdog, taco, hamburger...
— Dedede • The Meal Moocher

The Meal Moocher is the 59th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


Dedede is getting tired of eating the same food at Castle Dedede, so he creates a contest for everyone to cook food for him.

Episode summary

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Meal Moocher 1

Dedede looking at his wide "variety" of food choices.

The episode starts off with King Dedede making disgusted sounds. Dedede holds up a hamburger and says to take it away because it's lousy, and he throws the burger directly into Escargoon 's mouth. Dedede says that he wants something else, and to bring him the menu and make it snappy. A Waddle Dee rushes in with a menu. Escargoon snatches the menu from the Waddle Dee's hand and scolds it for being a slowpoke. Escargoon hands the menu to the king, who proceeds to see what his next meal will be. The king opens the menu and sees a hotdog, a taco, and a hamburger. He flips the page and sees a hotdog, a taco, and a hamburger again. An irritated Dedede proceeds to flip through the pages, reading out the same three foods: a hotdog, a taco, and a hamburger. Dedede says that he won't allow a menu like this again. Escargoon grins, but Dedede is not pleased. The king holds the menu in the air. Everyone backs away as the king tears the menu in half as he claims that he wants new food, and he wants it now.

Meal Moocher 2

Waddle Doo needs Kawasaki's help.

The next day, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby stand in front of Chef Kawasaki 's restaurant where Kawasaki is cooking up a new dish. He says that his newest creation is almost ready. Tiff and Tuff look at each other in an uneasy way, but Kirby jumps for joy. Kawasaki says that he'll add some juicy pineapple to his puke fish. The dish gives off a huge cloud of steam. Tuff sticks out his tongue and says that it smells awful. Tiff says that she bets it tastes even worse, but Kirby continues to jump for joy. Tuff says that he is not sure about this and Tiff tells Kawasaki that maybe he shouldn't add this to his menu. Kawasaki looks down and says that Tiff is right, as good puke fish are tough to find. Suddenly, Kawasaki is hoisted off his feet. Many Waddle Dees led by Waddle Doo carry the chef to Castle Dedede. Tiff asks where they are taking him. Kirby, realizing they took away the food too, rushes towards the castle as well. Kawasaki is thrown to the floor, and he asks why they brought him to the castle, because he didn't do anything wrong. Waddle Doo puts his sword in its scabbard and tells the chef that they need help. Later, Kawasaki says that he might come up with food that the king will like. Waddle Doo says that Kawasaki's got a deal. Kawasaki says that his new fish dish is a palette pleaser. In the dining room, Dedede twiddles his thumbs impatiently as he waits for his lunch. Escargoon enters the room and says that luncheon is served. A Waddle Dee wheels in a cart with a tray, much to his highness' delight. Escargoon puts the puke fish with pineapple in front of Dedede and asks how it looks. The king claims that it looks pretty good and proceeds to cut a piece of the fish. Dedede licks his lips and eats a piece of Kawasaki's dish. Escargoon asks the king if the fish is to his liking. Dedede suddenly stops chewing and his eyes become bloodshot. The now enraged Dedede throws Kawasaki out of the castle window and into the moat. Kawasaki then wonders if being thrown out the window means that the king didn't like the dish. King Dedede says that he cannot take anymore of that "Kawasaki’s kooky cooking." Dedede then says he knows what he wants. Escargoon asks what it is and Dedede says that what he needs is some good ol' fashion home cooking. The king asks what do the Cappies cook while they are at home. Escagoon says that that is a good question, but he doesn't know because nobody has ever invited him for dinner. Dedede says that they'll find out; they'll do some spying.

Meal Moocher 3

Dedede eavesdrops on dinner.

That sundown, Kirby passes by Mayor Len Blustergas' house when Hana calls out to Kirby. She tells Kirby that he came just in time because she is about to serve dinner and asks Kirby if he wants to join them. Inside the house, Kirby uses a fork and knife to cut a piece of barbecued sheep. Dedede’s Grasshopper Eavesdropper then spies on the mayor's dinner, which Kirby is also enjoying. Later that evening, Kirby passes by Tuggle's shop. Tuggle puts out some trash and asks Kirby if he can borrow his stomach. Kirby runs over to Tuggle, who gives Kirby a mountain of expired meals. Tuggle says that he can always count on Kirby to eat his leftovers lickety-split. Tuggle tells Kirby to have fun and then walks away. Soon enough, Kirby finishes eating and is stuffed. He lays down for a bit before getting up and walking again. Kirby passes by Chief Bookem's house, where the chief is outside shining his badge. Bookem asks Kirby if he wants to join him for dinner. Kirby ecstatically runs inside the house. Bookem informs his family that Kirby has arrived, to which Buttercup replies that that's marvelous. The Grasshopper Eavesdropper spies on Kirby, Buttercup, and the chief's dinner of chicken cutlet curry as Escargoon and Dedede look on from the throne room eating a cup of instant noodles. Escargoon calls Kirby a freeloader. He says that the pink panhandler just hustled three dinners from those Cappies in one night. Dedede crushes his cup of instant noodles and laments the irony of how he is sitting on his throne eating instant noodles, while Kirby is eating like a king. Dedede asks why can't the Cappies couldn't just feed him too. Escargoon jokingly tells the king that it's because Kirby's nice and the king is nasty. Before Escargoon can finish his insult, however, Dedede shoves his crushed cup of noodles in Escargoon's mouth and demands him to find a way to get the Cappies cooking for him too.

Meal Moocher 4

Dedede gives the meal a five-star rating.

Later, on Channel DDD, Escargoon says that they are premiering a new game show where the Cappies can be the winners. Tiff and her family gawk as Escargoon continues to explain that the king will come to the Cappies' houses and mooch a meal from them. The king will rate the food and the Cappies' hospitality, which will give them the opportunity to win humongous cash prizes. Sir Ebrum says that that's very interesting and Lady Like says that it would be nice to win that money. Sir Ebrum says that they are above that. Escargoon continues and says that tonight, the king will stick close to home as he raids the grub of Sir Ebrum and his family. Tiff and her family jump in astonishment. Dedede tells them to remember that he likes king-sized portions. Lady Like says that they better get cooking and Sir Ebrum says that the camera might be here at any moment. The two quickly start to tidy up the place. Tuff asks why they are so excited. Tiff says that some people would do anything to be on television. Lady Like tells her kids to not stand around and to go to the store and buy the king a big T-bone steak; Tiff and Tuff sigh. Night approaches soon enough and Dedede and Escargoon comes barging in. Escargoon says that it's time to play their game and Dedede says that it's time to eat. Escargoon says that their premiere is coming live from the home of Sir Ebrum and his free-loading family who happen to live in this castle for free. Dedede says that this dump ain't bad and he should start charging rent for this place. The king laughs as he makes his way to the table. Tiff tells Kirby that they will have to eat leftovers tonight. Kirby looks down, disappointed. Dedede says that Tiff's family has a "fine-looking spread here." Escargoon says that it does indeed look good, but they still need to see if the food is tasty, or tasteless like some of the schitzy furniture they have here. Dedede tells Sir Ebrum that having dinner at his house ain't so bad and they should do it more often. Sir Ebrum quickly says no, but he takes it back and says yes even quicker. Tiff says that this is embarrassing as Dedede claims that the steak looks outstanding. He holds it in front of the camera and asks Kirby if it looks good and juicy and scrumptious. Kirby stares at the television set as Dedede eats the steak. Lady Like looks on as Dedede chews his steak. Dedede gets a dizzy look on his face and coughs. He states that the steak is just plain "awful awful awful awful awful" and continues to say that it is awful. Lady Like is horrified and Sir Ebrum just mutters oh dear. Dedede laughs and says that it's awfully tasty. Tiff then sarcastically claims that Dedede is a comedian. Escargoon then says that Sir Ebrum's daughter, Tiff, says that she hates the channel, but as can be seen, she is glued to the set. Tiff throws a pillow at Escargoon and tells him to go away. Escargoon falls back, dazed, and goes back to the main course. Tuff asks when they get to eat and Tiff says that he's not the only one with a stomach. Dedede cleans his teeth with a toothpick and says that he's done stuffed like a turkey. Kirby sadly stares at the television as Dedede gives a burp of satisfaction. Escargoon asks Dedede how he rates his dinner with the Ebrum family. Sir Ebrum and his wife hold hands as Dedede writes their score. All the Cappies also stare speechlessly as the king writes his final verdict. Dedede holds up his sign, which shows five yellow stars. Escagoon says that the king has rated this dinner as a five-star one, which means Sir Ebrum and his family win 5 million “big ones!" Sir Ebrum says that that's absolutely smashing as he hugs his wife. Escargoon then asks how they feel. Lady Like says she feels ecstatic and Sir Ebrum claims that it was such a deal for a meal.

Spikehead's dad says that the king puts the money where the mouth is as his mom says that with that money, they can build themselves a castle. The mayor says that his wife and himself can do better than that. Hana says that she can whip up a real rare dinner. Tuggle says that that's quite a jackpot as Yabui says that he can retire with that kind of dough-re-mi. Professor Curio says that maybe he should get in on this because learning how to cook cannot be that hard. Kawasaki is distraught, however, because he says that if everybody gets used to good food, he'll go out of business. Later that night, Tiff looks at the village as she mutters, "Oh boy." Tuff asks what is going to happen. Tiff says that, hopefully, they'll get tired of feeding the king. Tiff tells Kirby to not get mixed up in this mess. Kirby stares at the village and then licks his lips.

Meal Moocher 5

Dedede is impressed by the spread on the table.

The next day during the dusk hours, Dedede, Escargoon, and his crew of Waddle Dees quickly rush to an old looking house for the next meal. Dedede says to hurry it up because he's starving. Escargoon then welcomes the viewers for another episode of Millions for a Meal. Escargoon looks at the handle of the house and says that the shack looks pretty shabby. Escargoon then says to remember the old saying, “You can't judge a cook by its cover!” Escargoon enters the house and says that it seems nobody is home; they must've seen the cameras and ran off to get some pizza or take-out. Suddenly, the lights turn on and Escargoon and Dedede are surprised at what they see. There is a widespread of food that amazes the king and Escargoon. Dedede says that that's fancy and Escargoon says that it's amazing. Tuff, Tiff, Kirby, and Iro see the view of the delicacies from the window. Tuff says to look at all that food. Escargoon proceeds to name the food being served. First off its tomato soup with fresh baked parmesean croutons, ragu royale, grilled veggies, goulash, and what appears to be an intriguing selection of organic herbal teas. Everyone watches their televisions as Escargoon says that those were only the appetizers. For dessert, there is a delicious tutti fruitti ambrosia. Escargoon compliments the great menu made by Spikehead's family. Dedede is quickly off to a rapid start on the food, but Escargoon asks if he can keep up this blistering pace. Iro says that the food looks good as Kirby stares on at the spread. Dedede stops eating his soup and sarcastically asks Kirby if he wants to join him for dinner. Kirby is delighted to hear this. However, Dedede smiles and says too bad, because he can't. Dedede slurps the rest of his soup as Kirby's heart is broken. Escargoon asks the king how it tastes. Dedede says that it doesn't taste bad. Spikehead's mom is pleased to hear that he likes it. Spikehead asks his dad if they can eat, but his dad says that they'll have the leftovers if there are any. Honey says that Spikehead's family is so lucky and she wishes Dedede would come to their house and have some lunch. However, her dad and mom are not fond of the idea and just stare at each other with an uneasy look. Dedede finishes his meal and burps. Escargoon asks how many stars do the contestants earn. The king holds up a sign with four yellow stars, meaning that Spikehead's family wins 4 million denden. Spikehead rejoices as his father is happy they won "four million smackeroonies." Escargoon asks Dedede why they didn't get five stars. Dedede says that "the tutti was a little too fruity." Escargoon says that it looks like the king didn't get his just desserts and to tune in next time to Millions for a Meal. Tuggle says that he better come up with a good dessert. Gus suggests some ladyfingers.

The next day, Honey stares out of her window. She then notices a huge dust cloud with the king's laughter approaching the house. Honey says that they're coming. Honey's mom and dad are horrified at the sight as Escargoon points out that they haven't eaten at that house yet. Honey's dad quickly closes the window as Escargoon, Dedede, and his crew stops in front of the house. Escargoon opens the door and welcomes the viewers to another episode of Millions for a Meal. However, the king and Escargoon are speechless and dumbfounded at what they see. Dedede asks where his dinner is at they look at the empty house. Escargoon says that they ran off and left nothing but a lousy can of mystery meat. Sir Ebrum and his family just watch in disbelief. Escargoon says that he cannot believe the rudeness of these ingrates and the king is nice enough to barge in on them, but they don't even leave them a can of unopened food. Tiff says that Escargoon is the rude one for forcing the people to cook meals for them and wonders why anyone is playing this game. That same night, Escargoon and Dedede stop in front of Tuggle's shop. Escargoon says that he hopes this next contestant doesn't run from them like the last ones. He says where better to mooch food than from Tuggle's grocery. Dedede swallows the whole plate of spaghetti in one gulp while Tuggle cheers Dedede for doing so. Escargoon asks Dedede how he rates the meal. Tuggle says that he hopes he gets lotsa stars. Escargoon walks towards Dedede when he notices the bin of trash next to him. He notices that the food he served Dedede is sell-by dates. Dedede stares at Tuggle and asks if he fed him expired food that he couldn't sell. Tuggle says that Kirby is usually his garbage disposal, but since he dropped in... Dedede says that it filled up his tummy good. The king holds up a sign with one yellow star, which surprises and pleases Tuggle. Escargoon tells Dedede that old frozen foods do not rake in prize money, but Dedede tells Escargoon who cares. Outside the store, a dejected Kirby is watching the whole scene through the window.

That night, Dedede gets his pajamas, gets in his bed, and says that his food tank is filled up now. Escargoon runs in for an emergency. He tells the king that he paid out too much prize money and now he cannot even afford to pay for Escargoon's salary. Dedede tells Escargoon to go away. Escargoon shakes Dedede and says that he cannot him to fawn over Dedede for free. Dedede tells Escargoon to pipe down. Escargoon is thrown off and says that next payday is going to be bleak.

Meal Moocher 6

An unenthusiastic Escargoon asks Dedede how the meal is.

The next day, a very unenthusiastic Escargoon welcomes the viewers to another episode of Millions for a Meal where they are stopping by Mayor Len Blustergas' house for another episode of nibbling and noshing. Dedede laughs and says that he loves being a TV star. Escargoon asks how does the food rate. Dedede says that the meat is a little on the tough side, like shoe leather. However, the mayor says that that's the finest milk-fed lamb and that there is no finer one in the kingdom. Dedede says that this does not muster his buster and they aren't near as tasty as the hamburgers served at his castle. Dedede says that this dinner turned out to be a real downer. Escargoon says that this is an outstanding turn of events. Escargoon asks if the meal was so bad that it gets no stars. Dedede nods his head in approval. Escargoon tells the Cappies to watch their ingredients or they might not get the prize. Iro's father says that they might be next as he stares at his wife. Samo says that he should be heading to the grocery store and Gengu says that he better get cooking. Everyone heads to the grocery store where everyone is busy buying ingredients to use in their dish for the king. Other Cappies pick farm-fresh vegetables, go fishing, and even go into Whispy Woods Forest to get ingredients. Tiff is disappointed to see everyone trying to please the king.

Meal Moocher 7

Dedede is impressed by the food here.

In the evening, the king and Escargoon race across Cappy Town for the next contestant on Millions for a Meal. Escargoon says that they are going to raid the Cappy with a badge: Chief Bookem. The group runs around the corner and become awestruck at the scene that beholds them. A shishi-odishi makes a sound as Buttercup and Bookem, both dressed in kimonos, welcome the king for dinner. Escargoon says that he is amazed at the dramatic scene that has been created. Bookem tells the king to take a seat in the middle. Escargoon says that presentation is everything, but this takes the cake and to look at the stupendous spread that has been prepared for the king. Escargoon asks what is on the menu. Buttercup pulls out a long list and reads the items on the list. The first item is miso soup, which is from an old Japanese recipe Buttercup found. While speaking, Dedede is having trouble breaking apart the chopsticks. There are also twelve different varieties of sushi. Dedede manages to break apart the chopsticks, but has no idea how to use them. Bookem shows the king how to hold the chopsticks. Bookem and Buttercup have also prepared spring vegetables, many from outside of Dream Land, all steamed to perfection and sprinkled with an egg soy sauce. Along with that, there is also turkey tempura, broiled eel, and onions. Dedede is irritated with the chopsticks and breaks them in half. Buttercup says that those were only the appetizers and just wait for the main dish. Dedede demands that someone brings him a fork and spoon instead of him trying to learn to use the chopsticks. Dedede voraciously scarves down the food. Escargoon thinks to himself that he must find a way to prevent the king from giving a five-star rating or else their bank account will go belly-up. Escargoon says that he has to find some way to stop this dinner. He says "Just a dab on the crab." Escargoon removes the shell of the steamed crab and puts several shakes of red pepper inside of it. Dedede finishes his final plate of appetizers and asks for the next course. Dedede looks down and asks what that is. Buttercup says that it is today's specialty: steamed king crab. Dedede says that it looks mighty mouthwatering and Bookem tells Dedede that it's the best thing he'll ever taste. Dedede gets a spoonful of the crab and eats it. Dedede suddenly gets a burning sensation and fire appears in his eyes. Buttercup and Bookem wonder what is wrong. Dedede turns red and becomes a living flamethrower. He spins his head around and burns Bookem. Dedede says that he has to hose his mouth down. King Dedede guzzles down some tea and spits it at Bookem. Dedede demands to know why Bookem didn't warn him that the crab was crackling-hot! Bookem doesn't believe this and tries some of the crab himself. Bookem chews it and then suddenly turns red and bursts into flames. Buttercup said that there must be some mistake, but Dedede backlashes, saying that putting the food in his mouth was the mistake. Buttercup says that her dish was sabotaged and she demands an instant replay just before the main course. Escargoon starts to slowly walk away, but Dedede says to show the replay. Escargoon says yes sir and he mutters "I'm in trouble." The video shows Escargoon putting several shakes of red pepper in the dish. Buttercup says that she cannot believe and Dedede says that he is going to whoop that fool. Escargoon runs away crying, but Dedede catches up to him. Dedede asks Escargoon what the big idea is about torching his tongue. Escargoon says that he had to act quickly because they cannot afford to give away anymore prize money. Dedede then opens Escargoon's mouth and pours about ten shakes of the red pepper in his mouth, asking him how he likes it. Escargoon shoots out a pillar of flames that scorches the king. Escargoon apologizes, but now Dedede says that he has a craving for crab.

Meal Moocher 8

Escargoon sabotages the crab.

Inside the throne room, the N.M.E. Sales Guy asks Dedede what's cooking. Dedede tells the N.M.E. Sales Guy to send him a crab. The N.M.E. Sales Guy is speechless. Kirby hides behind one of the pillars as Escargoon describes the crab to the N.M.E. Sales Guy: hard shell, two claws, and a bad temper. The N.M.E. Sales Guy says that they might have something that fits the bill. The N.M.E. Sales Guy asks what size does the king want it in. Dedede says big, the biggest they got. Escargoon tells him to hurry because they are getting crabby. The N.M.E. Sales Guy warns them that the item he has in store is monster-sized. Dedede says to send it quick. Dedede and Escargoon, holding a frying pan to cook the crab, look as the teleporter delivers the food item. The item arrives, but Dedede is dumbfounded and asks what that is. Escargoon asks if that is a crab. However, Nightmare Enterprises had actually sent a monster called Crab. The mighty green crustacean holds up his claws as Dedede and Escargoon run in terror. Dedede and Escargoon run away as a Waddle Dee films the chase. Dedede says that it's not a crab and Escargoon says that it is a monster. Dedede and Escargoon move out of the way to show that Kirby has also been caught in the chase. The Waddle Dee continues to film. Tuff notices the dilemma and tells Tiff that Kirby is in trouble. The two run down the long hallway. Tuff says that Crab chased them down this way and Tiff says that she hopes they're not too late. They reach the throne door and push it open. Kirby and Escargoon run into the two and topple over, with Dedede nowhere in sight. Tiff is glad that Kirby is alright. Suddenly, Dedede comes running towards them asking his old pal Kirby to help him. Unfortunately, Crab grabs Dedede by his robe and holds him high in the air. Everyone just stares in dismay because they have no way to help the king. Crab tries to cut the king in half, but Dedede quickly lifts up his legs. Dedede dangles in the claws of Crab, scared and trying to break free of its grip. Tiff picks up the frying pan and tells Dedede that if he wants help, he'll have to cancel his Millions for a Meal show. Dedede says that it is a done deal and that he just wants to get down. Tiff throws the pan in the air and tells Kirby that he knows what to do.

Meal Moocher End

Kirby is overcome by hunger.

Kirby inhales the pan and becomes Cook Kirby. Dedede tells Kirby to hurry before the crustacean claws him in two. Kirby throws his pan like a boomerang at the claw, making Crab lose his grip on the king and dropping him. Crab retaliates by trying to claw Kirby instead. Kirby dodges and smacks Crab's leg a couple of times. However, Crab kicks him away which sends Kirby flying back. Tuff says that Kirby can beat him. Crab moves from side to side towards Kirby, which Tiff quickly points out. Kirby quickly enlarges his pan and fills it with water. He places it on the teleporter and it quickly starts to boil. Kirby approaches Crab, but is quickly stepped on by it. Everyone gasps as they see the scene. However, Kirby musters up all his energy and lifts the crustacean high in the air. He chucks Crab straight into the boiling pan of water. Crab struggles for a bit, but falls into the water, creating a giant cloud of steam. Everyone looks as the steam goes away and reveals that Crab is dead, but its shell is now red instead of green. Escargoon tells the king that he cannot complain about skimpy dishes with the size of this monstrous meal. Dedede takes a whiff of the crab and says that he decided he doesn't feel like dining on crab no more, especially if it is bigger than himself, but Escargoon can go ahead and eat it if he wants to. Escargoon says that there is no way he is going to eat a lousy monster. Crab's claw falls down and pins Escargoon to the ground. Dedede says that he's had it with fancy food and going to get himself a hamburger. Escargoon tells Dedede to hold on because his medical plan doesn't have a “claw” clause. Tiff and Tuff laugh and Tiff says that not even Kirby is hungry enough to gobble down a huge monster; however, Tiff speaks too soon. The episode ends with Kirby trying to inhale the giant Crab monster as everyone looks on in horror.

End of spoilers

Changes in the dub

  • The scene where Sir Ebrum's family prepare the dinner was taken out of the dub. The scenes include Tiff and Tuff going to Tuggle's to buy food, Lady Like setting up the table, and Sir Ebrum going down to his wine cellar and trying some wine. The last scene is probably the reason why the others were removed: for alcohol references and to keep consistency.
  • During the meal, the scene where Lady Like pours Dedede wine is removed.
    • The glass of wine's color was changed to be clear to look like it's a glass of water or clear soda instead.
  • The scene where Escargoon holds the bottle of wine is removed in the dub.
  • The Japanese food names for Spikehead's menu were changed to more American ones, such as maho tofu being called tomato soup with parmesean croutons, sweet and sour pork to goulash, and Chinese rice wine to organic herbal tea.
  • The excuse given for Dedede not giving Spikehead's family 5 stars was that "the tutti was a little too fruity" instead of Dedede detesting pickled dishes as it was in the original.
  • The yellow B on the can of mystery meat was digitally airbrushed in the dub.
    • Escargoon originally was going to have the house fined for the mystery meat can, but it was never mentioned in the dub; especially since they never put a fine on the mayor's house in the original version afterward.
  • At the mayor's house, King Dedede complains about the dishes are only made of mutton. In the dub, it's the condition of the mutton instead.
  • The stickers with the kanji during Buttercup and Chief Bookem's dinner were digitally airbrushed out.
  • In the dub, Dedede takes a whiff of the crab and says that he decided he doesn't feel like dining on crab no more, especially if it is bigger than himself, but tells Escargoon can go ahead and eat it if he wants to. Escargoon says that there is no way he is going to eat a lousy lobster. But in the original, King Dedede says that he won't eat Crab because it's creepy, and tells Escargoon to eat it. Escargoon was shocked that King Dedede suddenly speaks in Kansai accent.
  • Minor profanity was removed in the dub.


Meal Moocher Kanji Error
  • Before the screen scrolls to the right, for a split second, Chef Kawasaki's banner on his restaurant doesn't have the Kanji airbrushed out in the 4kids dub.


  • This is one of the only episodes where Kirby becomes Cook Kirby without Kawasaki's frying pan. In this episode, Kirby inhales Escargoon's frying pan.
  • This is the only episode where King Dedede doesn't worry about his money.