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The Kirby Derby - Part II is an episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. This episode is notable for the first appearance of the Wheel ability.


This episode continues from the last part, The Kirby Derby - Part I.

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
Spoiler alert: The following section contains plot-specific details.(Skip Section)

Lololo and Lalala as announcers

The episode starts at with a recap from the last episode. It shows that Meta Knight and Kirby are battling for position. DDD shoots the rock and it falls. Luckily Meta Knight helps him by telling him what to do. Tiff points out why she didn't want Kirby in the race. Then DDD slows down and forces them to move. Escargoon askes how are they doing back there. DDD orders Meta Knight to make sure he finishes first. And they speed along. Chief Bookem says he wants to give speeding tickets. Fololo and Falala announces which is in first who is DDD. Then Meta Knight comes fast, along with all the other racers. Then Meta Knight and Kirby go into an alley and start to bump each other. Then the 3 get into a dark place and pass Meta Knight. Then DDD tries to get them off by cutting trees. It doesn't work because Tokkori blocks the way. Then DDD uses bombs this time. Kirby dodges all of them. Then Escargoon turns on the water, splashing Tiff and Tuff. Then he sets on the  tacks and they get flat tires along with Tiff and Tuff. Meta Knight rolls around them. Then the Mayor and his wife comes along while Tiff is sweeping the tacks out. They stop and Hana offers to do the cleaning and the Mayor is surprised. Then the Mayor pleads for her to leave it. Then the other racers changes tires. After that they go along. Then Hana orders food and the Mayor zooms along while Hana is feeding him. Then Tiff is scolding Tuff to go around. Then DDD tries to stop them by pushing them in the lake. Fortunately, Kine pushes them wanting to save Tiff. Then DDD tells his crew to set up a trap and the 2 of them scream, but they make it safely again by Tokkori. They blow up a brick wall and they get past that too. Then Waddle Doo tells them that it didn't work. Then Tiff and Tuff come and DDD cheat them. The Tokkori and Kirby come and DDD sneak attacks them by a giant  Then they hammer. Then Meta Knight blocks them, but he still goes. Then they come along again and the pop their tire. Then Sword and Blade are the pit stop. Tokkori confronts them, saying, You two tinheads work for King DDD. Then they change the tires, BUT they take out the brakes. Then Meta Knight comes along and asks if they did. Then he points out that he needs to be in danger before he sees his power. Then they how on The Mayor is mad because they are in last place. Then Kirby gets off the wheel because of Tokkori. Then DDD say that they are right where they want him and they battle for position. Then DDD takes Kirby off the road and they fall. Then they blow up the other pat. Then Kirby wakes up and starts to fly. Then everyone is amazed. Then they go and DDD gets mad. Then they shoot and Meta Knight sacrifices his cars and Kirby sucks up his tire, turning into Wheel Kirby. Then he goes along in wheel form. Then everyone gets sad because DDD is winning. Then Kirby zooms along 4 times and they have one more lap. Then Kirby pounces on them and they all fall. Then Kirby goes fast and the Mayor wins. Then he tells his wife it was a token their love. Then DDD comes along and challenges them to more laps. Then Kirby opens his water bottle and it splashes DDD. The episode ends as he is sad that there is no more water.

End of spoilers


  • Even though Mayor Len wins the race by drafting behind Wheel Kirby, the leaderboard can show Kirby being two laps before Len.
  • Fololo and Falala say the name of Kirby's transformation instead of Meta Knight.
  • The scene where Kirby pushes several buttons when getting his Starship to fly was removed in the dub. This is either due to time constrains, or to make Kirby look less smarter.
  • In this episode, most of the racers are animated with CGI. These include Kirby, Tokkori, Meta Knight, Tiff, Tuff, Escargoon, and King Dedede.
  • The music from Super Smash Bros. Melee's Green Greens stage plays in this episode.
  • A sponsorship sign in the track's pit reads "Dep Nooddle," which is written in a font very similar to that of Cup Noodles, a famous brand of instant ramen made by Nissin.

    The "Dep Nooddle" advertisement above the Mayor's car in the pit.