The Great Cave Offensive menu in the original Kirby Super Star.

The Great Cave Offensive is a sub-game in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra.

In this sub-game, Kirby is taking a walk- but he accidentally falls through a hole. He ventures through what seems to be a cave, and must escape. Throughout the sub-game, he has the option of collecting treasure chest items. Each treasure has a value in Gold. The gold the player collects is their score. 100G (100 gold) is equivalent to $1 USD - this is found in the Dime item, which is worth 10G.



Kirby obtains a treasure chest item (Kirby Super Star)

As Kirby, the player walks through what one assumes is a cave. Sixty treasures are strewn throughout the cave; so too are save cabins, which contain a Maxim Tomato and a pad which will save the player's progress. These cabins mark the 'levels', although such a concept is not found in Great Cave Offensive. Rather, the player traverses regions; a lake, a forested area and a castle, among others. Most are guarded by a boss - the bosses are unique to this game (including the Active-Battle System-based computer boss called Computer Virus).

The four areas are:

The Great Cave Offensive's more adventure-based layout makes it a unique version of the classic Kirby series. It also meant that the inexperienced player would have to play through the game several times in order to find all sixty treasures. The fact that it contained a strain of the classic Dream Land-style gameplay means that the Great Cave Offensive is not too terribly far a departure from the style of play typically associated with Kirby.

In the sub-game Meta Knightmare Ultra, every piece of food disappears, and every Maxim Tomato and Treasure Chest is replaced with food. Areas that do not lead to the mine cart are also removed.

Treasure chest items in this sub-game

In Kirby Super Star

Gold Medal
Value - 10000G
Gold Coin
Value - 1000G (The oval coin seen on the item screen is a Koban, an ancient Japanese gold coin).
Value - 6800G (This item could be a reference to either the Castlevania videogame series or the Indiana Jones movie series, because both of the heroes wields a whip.)
Crystal Ball
Value - 200000G
Lucky Cat
Value - 5000G (The white cat seen on the item screen is a common Japanese luck charm, the Maneki Neko).
Seiryu Sword
Value - 142000G
Screw Ball
Value - 80000G - (The Screw Attack (incorrectly labeled as Screw Ball) is a power-up item in the Metroid video game series that allows the player to perform a jumping attack).
Echigo Candy
Value - 8000G
Zebra Mask
Value - 278000G
Star Stone
Value - 82100G
Beast's Fang
Value - 7300G
Value - 1990G
Value - 250000G
Value - 10G
Glass Slippers
Value - 120000G (This item is in reference to Cinderella.)
Value - 800G
Value - 10G
Brass Knuckle
Value - 20000G
Amber Rose
Value - 22100G
Fish Fossil
Value - 8250G
Beast Fossil
Value - 24220G
Value - 55480G
Value - 200G (The bucket is actually the same one from the Super Famicom game Mario & Wario.)
Value - 250000G
100 Dollar coin
Value - 10000G
Ancient Gem
Value - 68000G
Falcon Helmet
Value - 41000G (The helmet of Captain Falcon, one of the main characters in the F-Zero video game series.)
Value - 30G
Truth Mirror
Value - 500000G
Star Tiara
Value - 408200G
Turtle Shell
Value - 800G (The shell seen on the item screen resembles the shell of a green Koopa Troopa, a common enemy from the Mario video game series).
Value - 325000G (This is actually Marth's Falchion from the Fire Emblem series, but the English translation didn't pick up on that.)
Warrior Shield
Value - 50000G
Unicorn's Horn
Value - 80300G
Value - 250000G
Rice Bowl
Value - 50G
Tut's Mask
Value - 160000G (A reference to the mask of Tutankhamen mummy.)
Mr. Saturn
Value - 120000G (A member of a friendly species of beings - all known as Mr. Saturn - from the Mother video game series.)
Value - 212000G
Treasure Box
Value - 100000G
Value - 3000G
Gold Crown
Value - 528000G
King's Cape
Value - 508000G
Model Ship
Value - 800000G
Sun Ring
Value - 800000G
Value - 250000G
Value - 990000G
Value - 8000G (The necklace seen on the item screen holds an Ankh.)
Xmas Tree
Value - 40000G
Kong's Barrel
Value - 1500G (A "DK Barrel", from the Donkey Kong Country games.)
Ramia's Scale
Value - 12800G (The scale of a mythical creature, Lamia.)
Shiny Bamboo
Value - 600000G
Value - 1100G
Spirit Charm
Value - 78500G
Pegasus Wing
Value - 42800G (The wing of the mythical horse, Pegasus. The Wing of Pegasus was also one of the three Sacred Treasures in Kid Icarus)
Raccoon Doll
Value - 8150G
Shell Whistle
Value - 82000G
Value - 512000G (Orihalcon is a mythical stone that is incredibly hard.)
Platinum Ring
Value - 40000G
Value - 800000G (The Triforce is the most powerful and well-known artifacts in the Legend of Zelda series.)

In Kirby Super Star Ultra

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, some of the treasure chest items are different. This section details what changes have been made to the treasure Kirby can collect in the Kirby Super Star Ultra version of the Great Cave Offensive when compared to the original Kirby Super Star version.

Screw Attack
Goes by this name instead of Screw Ball. (The Screw Attack (Screw Ball) is an artifact to the Metroid series)
Phanto Mask
Goes by this name instead of Zebra Mask. The Phanto is also an enemy in Super Mario Bros. 2. In the Japanese version, it is known as the Phantom Mask.
Seasons Heart
Is a combination of Springtime, Summertime, Autumntime and Wintertime. It replaces Springtime.
Machine Parts
Value - 121,000G. These are the wings to Hydra in Kirby Air Ride. Replaces Nunchuks.
Power Paintbrush
Value - 222,000G. This object is in Kirby Canvas Curse. Replaces Summertime.
Cell Phone
Value - 40,210G. This is Kirby's well-known cell phone from Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. Replaces Dud.
Koopa Shell
Value - 800G. Goes by this name instead of Turtle Shell. This makes the reference more clear.
Value - 325,000G. Goes by this name instead of Sword. Marth from Fire Emblem uses this sword.
Three-Star Cane
Value - 222,000G. This object is in Kirby Squeak Squad. Replaces Autumntime.
Broken Bowl
Value - 50G. Goes by this name instead of Rice Bowl.
Gold Watering Can
Value - 200000G. This pops up as a hidden item in the Animal Crossing series. Replaces Wintertime.


  • The Old Tower is actually fully optional, you don't need to fight Chameleo Arm as well.
  • The song that plays in the save rooms is a remix of the second part of the Float Islands theme. This remix would be re-recorded as the All-Star Mode Rest Area music in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
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