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Explore an ancient cave and recover the 60 treasures hidden there, then make it back to the surface safely. Think of the value of each treasure in gold as your score.
— Game Modes • Kirby Super Star Ultra Instruction Booklet

The Great Cave Offensive is a sub-game in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra.

In this sub-game's intro, Kirby is seen taking a walk- but he accidentally falls through a hole. He ventures through what seems to be a cave, and must escape. Throughout the sub-game, he has the option of collecting Treasure Chest items. Each treasure has a value in Gold, which is also the player's score. 100G (100 gold) is equivalent to 1 USD - this is found in the Dime and 100-Dollar Coin items, which are worth 10G and 10,000G, respectively. The Great Cave Offensive's more adventure-based layout makes it somewhat unique within the classic Kirby series.

In the sub-game Meta Knightmare Ultra, every piece of food disappears, and every Maxim Tomato and Treasure Chest is replaced with food. Areas that do not lead to the mine cart are also removed.


Kirby falls into the cave - Kirby Super Star Ultra

As Kirby, the player walks through an environment that resembles a cave. There are a total of sixty treasures strewn throughout the cave. There are Save Cottages in every region which contain a pad to Kirby's progress, and special rooms before a boss fights which contain Copy Essences and a Maxim Tomato. The player traverses the regions in sequence; a forested area (Sub-Tree Area), a lake (Crystal Area), a castle (Old Tower Area), and a garden (Garden Area). Most are guarded by a boss - the bosses are unique to this game (including the Active-Battle System-based computer boss called Computer Virus).

The four areas are:


The treasures in Kirby Super Star Ultra

Gathering treasure is the main objective and the source of difficulty in The Great Cave Offensive. In general, more treasures are hidden in obscure places and are more difficult to obtain in later regions, while the hidden treasures are worth more in Gold. Many of the treasures make references to other notable franchises through their appearance or names.

KSS item KSSU item KSS value KSSU value Details
GoldmedalKSS.pngGoldmedalKSSU.pngGold Medal 10000G The Gold Medal is taken from Kirby's Dream Course.
GoldcoinKSS.pngGoldcoinKSSU.pngGold Coin 1000G The oval coin seen on the item screen is a Koban, an ancient Japanese gold coin and bears resemblance to the coin on the head of a Meowth. These coins also feature prominently in the Goemon game series by Konami.
WhipKSS.pngWhipKSSU.pngWhip (En) WhipKSS.pngWhipKSSU.pngIndy Whip (Jp) 6800G Commonly misinterpreted as a reference to Konami's Castlevania video game series, the Japanese name of this treasure is more revealing: It is in fact the whip of the movie character Indiana Jones, identified as "Indy Whip."
CrystalballKSS.pngCrystalballKSSU.pngCrystal Ball 200000G A reference to various RPGs of the Famicom and Super Famicom era, but most closely resembles the Crystal Ball in the Famicom version of Ys: Vanished - Omen.
LuckycatKSS.pngLuckycatKSSU.pngLucky Cat 5000G The white cat seen on the item screen is a common Japanese luck charm, the Maneki Neko.
SeiryuswordKSS.pngSeiryuswordKSSU.pngSeiryu Sword 142000G Seiryu is an azure dragon from Chinese mythology who represents the season of spring and the eastern direction.
ScrewballKSS.pngScrew Ball ScrewattackKSSU.pngScrew Attack 80000G The Screw Attack (incorrectly labeled as Screw Ball in Kirby Super Star) is a power-up item in the Metroid video game series that allows the player to perform a jumping attack.
EchigocandyKSS.pngEchigocandyKSSU.pngEchigo Candy 8000G Echigo (越後国) is the name of a place in old Japan currently part of the Niigata Prefecture. Because of the close pronunciation to ichigo (苺), meaning strawberry, this item is sometimes misinterpreted as strawberry candy.
ZebramaskKSS.png Zebra Mask (En) ZebramaskKSS.png White & Black Mask (Jp) PhantomaskKSSU.png Phanto Mask (En)
PhantomaskKSSU.png Phantom Mask (Jp)
278000G Resembles the nose of a zebra. Phantos are enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2.
StarstoneKSS.pngStarstoneKSSU.png Star Stone 82100G "Star Drip" in Japanese.
Beast'sfangKSS.pngBeast'sfangKSSU.png Beast's Fang 7300G
BandannaKSS.pngBandannaKSSU.pngBandana 1990G The Bandana looks similar to the one Kirby wears when he gains the Fighter ability. Known as the "Commando Bandana" in Japanese, in a possible reference to the Rambo film series.
SpringtimeKSS.pngSpringtime SeasonsheartKSSU.pngSeasons Heart 250000G Seasons Heart is a combination of Springtime, Summertime, Autumntime and Wintertime.
DimeKSS.pngDimeKSSU.pngDime 10G
GlassslipperKSS.pngGlass Slippers GlassslipperKSSU.pngGlass Slipper 120000G Refers to the famous footwear of Cinderella.
GobletKSS.pngGobletKSSU.pngGoblet 800G
SaucepanKSS.pngSaucepanKSSU.pngSaucepan 10G
BrassknucklesKSS.pngBrassknuckleKSSU.pngBrass Knuckle 20000G
AmberroseKSS.pngAmberroseKSSU.pngAmber Rose 22100G
FishfossilKSS.pngFishfossilKSSU.pngFish Fossil 8250G
BeastfossilKSS.pngBeastfossilKSSU.pngBeast Fossil 24220G
NunchuksKSS.pngNunchuks MachinepartsKSSU.pngMachine Parts 55480G 121300G Nunchuks are known as "Lee's Nunchaku" in the Japanese version, likely referencing the late martial artist/actor Bruce Lee. Machine Parts are parts of the Hydra in Kirby Air Ride.
BucketKSS.pngBucketKSSU.pngBucket 200G The bucket is actually the same one from the Super Famicom game Mario & Wario.
SummertimeKSS.pngSummertime PowerpaintbrushKSSU.pngPower Paintbrush 250000G 222000G Power Paintbrush refers to Drawcia's Magical Paintbrush from Kirby: Canvas Curse.
100dollarcoinKSS.png100 dollar coin 100dollarcoinKSSU.png100-Dollar Coin 10000G
AncientgemKSS.pngAncientgemKSSU.pngAncient Gem 68000G In Japanese, this mythical gem is referred to as a magatama. Specificially, it is known as the "Honoo no Magatama" (Magatama of Flame) in the Japanese version of the game.
FalconhelmetKSS.pngFalconhelmetKSSU.pngFalcon Helmet 41000G The helmet of Captain Falcon, one of the main characters in the F-Zero video game series.
DudKSS.pngDud CellphoneKSSU.pngCell Phone 30G 40210G Kirby's Cell Phone from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. The Dud looks like a generic bomb.
TruthmirrorKSS.pngTruthmirrorKSSU.pngTruth Mirror 500000G
StartiaraKSS.pngStartiaraKSSU.pngStar Tiara 408200G
TurtleshellKSS.pngTurtle Shell KoopashellKSSU.pngKoopa Shell 800G Resembles the shell of a green Koopa Troopa, a common enemy from the Mario video game series.
SwordtreasureKSS.pngSword FalchionKSSU.pngFalchion 325000G Marth's Falchion from the Fire Emblem series. The English translation of the original Kirby Super Star did not pick up on that.
WarriorshieldKSS.pngWarriorshieldKSSU.pngWarrior Shield 50000G
Unicorn'shornKSS.pngUnicorn'shornKSSU.pngUnicorn's Horn 80300G
AutumntimeKSS.pngAutumntime ThreestarcaneKSSU.pngThree-Star Cane 250000G 222000G Three-Star Cane refers to Daroach's Triple Star cane from Kirby: Squeak Squad.
RicebowlKSS.pngRice Bowl BrokenbowlKSSU.pngBroken Bowl 50G
Tut'smaskKSS.pngTut'smaskKSSU.pngTut's Mask 160000G Refers to the gilded mask of Tutankhamun, the ancient Egyptian pharaoh.
MrsaturnKSS.pngMrsaturnKSSU.pngMr. Saturn 120000G A member of a friendly species of beings - all known as Mr. Saturn - from the EarthBound video game series.
ArmorKSS.pngArmorKSSU.pngArmor 212000G
TreasureboxKSS.pngTreasureboxKSSU.pngTreasure Box 100000G Known as a Senryobako in Japanese, this is specifically a type of box that was used to transport Tokugawa coinage in feudal-era Japan, and was designed to hold an amount of Koban totaling 1000 ryo. This sum is reflected in the box's in-game score value.
MannequinKSS.pngMannequinKSSU.pngMannequin 3000G
GoldcrownKSS.pngGoldcrownKSSU.pngGold Crown 528000G Known as "Queen Crown" in Japanese.
King'scapeKSS.pngKing'scapeKSSU.pngKing's Cape 508000G Appears to be King Dedede's own cape.
ModelshipKSS.pngModelshipKSSU.pngModel Ship 800000G Called "Tsuki no Ukifune" (Floating Moon Boat) in Japanese. It clearly has a moon for a sail.
SunringKSS.pngSunringKSSU.pngSun Ring 800000G
WintertimeKSS.pngWintertime GoldwateringcanKSSU.pngGold Watering Can 250000G 200000G The Gold Watering Can is a hidden item in the Animal Crossing series.
KatanaKSS.pngKatanaKSSU.pngKatana 990000G The most valuable of all 60 Treasures.
CharmKSS.pngCharmKSSU.pngCharm 8000G The necklace seen on the item screen holds an Ankh. Known as "Amulet" in Japanese.
ChristmastreeKSS.pngChristmastreeKSSU.pngXmas Tree 40000G
Kong'sbarrelKSS.pngKong'sbarrelKSSU.pngKong's Barrel 1500G A "DK Barrel", from the Donkey Kong Country games. Originally a normal barrel from the same series.
Ramia'sscaleKSS.pngRamia'sscaleKSSU.pngRamia's Scale 12800G The scale of a mythical creature, Lamia.
ShinybambooKSS.pngShinybambooKSSU.pngShiny Bamboo 600000G Known as Taketori no Musume (The Bamboo Cutter's Daughter) in the Japanese version, this treasure is a clear reference to The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, a folk tale well-known by Japanese children. In the story, the baby Princess Kaguya is discovered inside a glowing bamboo stalk.
TireKSS.pngTireKSSU.pngTire 1100G "Kart Tire" in Japanese. A probable reference to the game Super Mario Kart.
SpiritcharmKSS.pngSpiritcharmKSSU.pngSpirit Charm 78500G
PegasuswingKSS.pngPegasuswingKSSU.pngPegasus Wing 42800G One of three Sacred Treasures in Kid Icarus.
RaccoondollKSS.pngRaccoondollKSSU.pngRaccoon Doll 8150G Looks similar to many depictions of a tanuki, a mythical shape-shifting raccoon from Japanese folklore. It also resembles Pon, though this character would not appear until Kirby's Dream Land 3.
ShellwhistleKSS.pngShellwhistleKSSU.pngShell Whistle 82000G
OrihalconKSS.pngOrihalcon OrichalcumKSSU.pngOrichalcum 512000G Orihalcon is the most powerful forageable material from Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Orichalcum is a mythical stone of Atlantis that is incredibly hard, and quite valuable in most RPGs.

PlatinumringKSS.pngPlatinumringKSSU.pngPlatinum Ring 40000G
TriforceKSS.pngTriforceKSSU.pngTriforce 800000G The powerful Triforce artifact in The Legend of Zelda series.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

The Great Cave Offensive appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. All four sections of the cave form a stage. The Sub-Tree Area is at the top, the Crystal Area is to the right, the Old Tower Area is in the bottom middle, and the Garden Area is in the bottom left. This stage features Treasure Chests, mine carts, cannons, and Danger Zones, which can instantly KO players with more than 100% damage. Treasure Chests can be broken and will drop items. Players can ride and dismount from mine carts, using them to attack other players. The cannons act as they do in Kirby Super Star/Kirby Super Star Ultra: they continuously rotate in eight directions, and players who enter can be shot out by pressing a button. However, not every angle is preferable, as firing straight down will result in a self-destruct.

The Great Cave Offensive and its Ω and battlefield forms can be played in 8-Player Smash.

Related Quotes

While on a picnic, Kirby fell into a huge cave. Rumor has it that this cave is full of treasures! Can Kirby find all of the treasures and make it out of the dangerous cave alive? We shall see.
— Great Cave Offensive Story • Kirby Super Star Instruction Booklet
Kirby finds himself lost in a deep cave full of peril... and treasure!
— The Great Cave Offensive • Kirby Super Star Ultra
Find all 60 treasures and get out safely!
— Game Mode Explanation • Kirby Super Star Ultra
Hunt treasure as you explore this huge cave! How cool! This place is ripe for adventure. To win, you'll have to look for treasure and make it out safely.
— Tutorial • Kirby Super Star Ultra
When treasure chests appear on this stage, break them to get items! Some chests explode, though, so it might be safer to use projectiles.
— Treasure Chests • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
The burning red Danger Zones are as dangerous as their name implies. Touch them with more than 100% damage, and you'll be instantly KO'd.
— Danger Zones • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
On this stage, mine carts will sometimes appear. They start moving when someone gets inside or on their own after a while. Try not to get run over!
— Mine Carts • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


  • The Old Tower Area is fully optional. The player does not need to fight Chameleo Arm, even if he/she chooses to enter the Old Tower Area. As such, the location is skipped entirely in Meta Knightmare Ultra with the gates being shut.
  • The song that plays in the Save Rooms is a remix of part of Float Islands's theme from Kirby's Dream Land. This remix was also re-recorded as the All-Star Mode Rest Area music in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, the song is also used for the rest areas in The Arena and The True Arena, as well as the file select screen. A remixed version of the music can also be heard in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, where it plays in the room with all the Copy Abilities in The Arena. A remix of the music was also used for the main menu of Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby: Planet Robobot. There's also an unlockable remix of the theme in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse which can only be listened to in the Music Room.
  • The music that plays at the mine cart sections is a remix of the music from Stage 2 of Vegetable Valley from Kirby's Adventure.
  • Commas were added to the gold values in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  • In Kirby Super Star Ultra, the new treasures have different values, but the total value of all the treasures is still 9999990G.
  • If the player completes the game without collecting a single treasure, during the ending sequence, "You didn't find even one treasure..." will appear instead.
  • According to the original Japanese manual, the name of the great cave is マジルテ (Majirute).
  • Before Nintendo formally announced the inclusion of The Great Cave Offensive stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the company's Facebook page leaked an image and teaser description of it. On October 5, 2014, Nintendo posted a weekly wrap-up highlighting the biggest updates announced in the last seven days—among these was an image of Kirby and Pikachu riding in a Mine Cart. This image was never revealed prior to the post.
  • One of the tracks heard in The Great Cave Offensive (in the Sub-Tree Area and the Old Tower Area) was reused in Kirby Star Allies as the music for Duplex Dream, one of the extra stages of World of Miracles - Planet Popstar.