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The Final Battle is the twenty-eighth and final stage in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It is the fourth stage of Purple Fortress and the seventh boss stage of the game. It succeeds Wonder Space.

General Information

Kirby enters Claycia's palace. Elline pleads to her best friend and is slapped away in disgust, prompting Kirby to challenge the sculpter. Claycia surrounds herself with Gray Zones and throws Clay Balls at Kirby. He can launch these back at her to stun her. As the battle goes on, Claycia crafts mine-shooting Cannon Cottas, laser blasters, and giant fists to use. Tap Dashes only hurt her when she is dazed; Star Dashes are effective at any time and inflict more damage.

When Claycia is defeated, her sunglasses fall off. She comes to her senses and hugs Elline. The joyous reunion is cut short, however, when the glasses release the cause of Claycia's madness: an entity called Dark Crafter. He escapes into space, but is soon pursued by Kirby Rocket. Dark Crafter releases mines from his eye and Kirby Rocket must dodge them. When the pink hero collects 100 Point Stars, he can rush forward and hit the boss. After three hits, Dark Crafter explodes, ending the adventure.