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The Empty Nest Mess is an episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


Escargoon mixes a monster making potion and King Dedede decides to use it on Dyna Chick.

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
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DynaBlade swoops over back into Dreamland and the Cappies think she's restless. Dedede masterminds a plan to turn the chick into a monster.


Dedede and Escargoon attempt to capture Dyna chick in Dedede's limo, but accidentally drop him down a cliff. There he bumps into Kirby and have a happy reunion. Tokkori, however, demands the chick return to his nest, and the chick refuses, running away, It enters Cappytown and wants to look around, causing great trouble. After a long chase, Dedede catches the chick, while DynaBlade pursues Kirby, beliving him to the culprit in the disappearance of her chick. Dedede uses a gigantic mechanical hand with a syringe of monster-creating fluid in preparation to inject the chick. Kirby lures DynaBlade, after a high-speed chase, into Dedede's palace, just in time to stop the King. Tokkori tells DynaBlade all about Dedede's plans. Dedede and Escargoon try to flee but are seized by DynaBlade's claws, before she flies off with her baby. In mid-air, Dedede demands DynaBlade release them, "or else" and the bird literally drops them into the forest below. Ded
Episode23 - 001

Meta Knight telling Kirby where DynaBlade's chick is.

ede blames Escargoon, just before the two plummet into the forest river.

Dyna Chick in danger

End of spoilers
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