This template gives a Youtube player wrapped in a simple table with an optional title and/or caption that describes it. Mainly used in isolation e.g. on the main page featured videos section.

For the more general template that gives only the Youtube object itself, see {{YoutubePlayer}}.

 |<<<video code>>>
 |<<<width>>> (optional - default 300px)
 |<<<height>>> (optional - default 250px)
 |title = <<<title>>> (optional)
 |caption=<<<caption>>> (optional)
 |captionalign=<<<alignment>>>, takes left, right, center. (optional - default left)


To locate your video code, look at the Youtube url. For instance, for Kirby Mass Attack's trailer, the url is The video code is the v argument, MLYXss2U39Y. To embed a Youtube playlist, use Template:YoutubePlaylistPlayer instead.


Renders as

Basic throbberMLYXss2U39Y300250px010iframe
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